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00:01:04 <nitzmahone> #chair yuwei jborean93
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00:01:56 <jborean93> #chair zikalino
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00:02:53 <zikalino> good morning!
00:02:59 <jborean93> Morning to you all
00:03:05 <nitzmahone> Good $time_in_your_region!
00:03:36 <jborean93> you're outnumbered here nitzmahone
00:03:43 <nitzmahone> :P
00:03:46 <yuwei> hhh
00:04:09 <zikalino> @jborean thanks for merging mysql & postgresql!
00:04:13 <nitzmahone> Are we waiting for Kylie or shall we proceed?
00:05:00 <jborean93> Sounds like we should just proceed
00:05:08 <jborean93> There we are :)
00:05:10 <nitzmahone> Ah there she is
00:05:13 <Kylie_> hi
00:05:16 <nitzmahone> Hey Kylie!
00:05:23 <jborean93> Hey
00:05:25 <Kylie_> Hi everybody.
00:05:45 <Kylie_> Thank you for pushing fixes into 2.4.3.
00:05:50 <Kylie_> Is zim online?
00:05:58 <nitzmahone> #info agenda: https://github.com/ansible/community/issues/281
00:06:02 <zikalino> yes, yes, i am just joined
00:06:08 <zikalino> a few mins ago
00:06:39 <nitzmahone> Yeah, the 2.4.3 cherry-pick turned into a much bigger hassle than I expected, but I think everything you guys have fixed is over there now
00:06:40 <Kylie_> Hi Zim, I will let you drive today conversation. What PRs are ready for review?
00:07:48 <zikalino> ok, yes, so maybe instead of sending list of prs, pls check list here:
00:07:49 <zikalino> https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pulls/zikalino
00:08:08 <Kylie_> Hi Matt, it is ok to hold on the fixes for Azure stack since we also don't have test env. Let us ask it. Not urgent for 2.5.
00:08:15 <zikalino> some of them have dependencies, so tests are failing, but in general priority for today are following modules
00:08:19 <jborean93> I was planning on looking at the db ones and then the facts ones something this afternoon and tomorrow
00:08:25 <nitzmahone> Hm, TIL "PRs by author" is its own resource (w/o needing search query)
00:08:57 <zikalino> yes exactly:
00:08:59 <zikalino> azure_rm_mysqlserver_facts
00:09:00 <zikalino> azure_rm_postgresqlserver_facts
00:09:00 <zikalino> azure_rm_sqldatabase
00:09:01 <zikalino> azure_rm_mysqldatabase
00:09:01 <zikalino> azure_rm_postgresqldatabase
00:09:27 <nitzmahone> @Kylie: yep, that's fine- I have some hardware laying around that I *think* barely meets the reqs for dev Azure Stack, so I could probably fix stuff, but without CI it's just going to rot
00:09:28 <jborean93> So you want the facts ones looked at before the database ones?
00:09:48 <zikalino> well, actyally databases are more important
00:10:13 <zikalino> and then facts
00:10:38 <zikalino> after that i will have some updates to:
00:10:39 <jborean93> ok, will look at the db ones first
00:10:46 <zikalino> azure_rm_containerinstance
00:11:34 <zikalino> about container instance i have one question. regarding idempotence. its' actually quite hard to handle it in case of container instance.
00:11:53 <nitzmahone> Similar problems to virtualmachine I'd assume
00:12:08 <nitzmahone> (eg, many of the "startup properties" are ignored for idempotence)
00:12:09 <zikalino> firstly, update is not really possible, calling create_or_update just causes container to be recreated
00:12:54 <zikalino> and also even if we try to detect whether something has changed or not, it can't be done with password
00:13:13 <nitzmahone> Yeah, I'm totally fine with that- people kind of expect that and it's similar across most resources like that
00:13:24 <jborean93> I think the docker module is the same as well
00:13:27 <nitzmahone> yep
00:13:50 <nitzmahone> VM module is similar- "is there a VM with the right name? Done"
00:14:02 <zikalino> so i am thinking about adding a flag "force_update" and then when it's set to true
00:14:28 <nitzmahone> Yep
00:14:42 <jborean93> Sounds good to me
00:14:51 <zikalino> ok, so i will do:
00:14:56 <zikalino> - force update
00:15:04 <zikalino> - cut down return value
00:15:12 <zikalino> - add more tests
00:15:22 <zikalino> and resubmit for review in a few hours
00:15:32 <nitzmahone> 👍
00:17:55 <zikalino> tomorrow morning i will have keyvault ready for review, and database facts, container registry and container instance facts modules as well
00:18:33 <Kylie_> Key Vault is important. And Harold is asking for a bug fix for load balancer. He will submit one issue.
00:18:51 <Kylie_> Once these two parts ready, openshift can run on Azure through Ansible deployments.
00:19:25 <Kylie_> Meanwhile Zim and Yuwei are reviewing other PRs submitted by other contributors.
00:19:26 <jborean93> Ok. so once we have some passing tests and the key vault PRs are ready for review I put it at the top of the list
00:19:54 <Kylie_> Wonderful. Thank you Jordan.
00:19:56 <Kylie_> and Matt.
00:20:46 <Kylie_> Any other PR you would like to discuss? Zim?
00:21:16 <Kylie_> Matt, any detailed date for 2.5?
00:21:27 <zikalino> well, i think that is roughly everything for today regarding my prs. Maybe Yuwei has sth to discuss as well?
00:21:47 <jborean93> No set date for 2.5 but it is looking like March would be the release
00:21:54 <jborean93> The freeze dates are set though
00:22:33 <jborean93> https://github.com/ansible/ansible/blob/devel/docs/docsite/rst/roadmap/ROADMAP_2_5.rst
00:24:27 <Kylie_> Then Community Module Freeze: 7 February 2018 for us
00:24:38 <jborean93> for features yes
00:24:49 <jborean93> From there we still take in bug fixes before the final release
00:25:40 <Kylie_> Understand.
00:25:54 <Kylie_> Then no topic from me today. We will focus on above PRs.
00:25:56 <Kylie_> Thanks.
00:26:35 <jborean93> sure thing, anything else to discuss?
00:26:53 <Kylie_> no from me. Anyone else?
00:27:10 <zikalino> no, not from my side. my focus is just on prs at the moment.
00:27:26 <Kylie_> Thank you all. keep in touch.
00:27:30 <Kylie_> #endmeeting
00:27:32 <jborean93> thanks
00:27:39 <jborean93> #endmeeting