00:00:03 <nitzmahone> #startmeeting Ansible Azure Working Group
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00:00:14 <nitzmahone> #chair jborean93
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00:00:48 <jborean93> ahoy hoy
00:00:52 <MyronFanQiu> Hi!
00:01:31 <nitzmahone> Should we give it a couple minutes for others to join?
00:01:37 <zikalino826544> hello
00:02:05 <nitzmahone> Hey Zim
00:03:11 <zikalino826544> Catherine won't join today. some other meeting
00:03:15 <nitzmahone> OK
00:03:23 <nitzmahone> Well, let's get started then
00:03:28 <nitzmahone> #topic open floor
00:04:15 <nitzmahone> Ah, we did have one thing on the agenda: https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/57395#pullrequestreview-246913075
00:04:21 <nitzmahone> #topic module renames
00:05:20 <zikalino826544> yeah, this will be done very soon
00:05:24 <zikalino826544> i hope
00:05:50 <nitzmahone> OK cool- nothing else you need from us on it then?
00:05:54 <jborean93> will need to make sure we still keep the alias
00:06:11 <jborean93> that PR renamed but didn't create the symlink so existing user's playbooks would break when referencing the older name
00:06:40 <zikalino826544> yes, i know
00:06:57 <jborean93> cool
00:07:24 <nitzmahone> OK then, just saw it had been added to the agenda since last meeting, so wanted to make sure we brought it up in case there was anything else needed there
00:07:32 <nitzmahone> In that case...
00:07:35 <nitzmahone> #topic open floor
00:09:21 <zikalino826544> i just have one pr to review: https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/57386
00:09:47 * nitzmahone adds to review queue
00:10:30 <MyronFanQiu> I don't have pr today :)
00:10:54 <nitzmahone> OK, well looks like maybe a short meeting then. :) Nothing else from me...
00:11:48 <zikalino826544> yes :-)
00:12:04 <nitzmahone> Alrighty then- until next week! Thanks all...
00:12:07 <nitzmahone> #endmeeting