19:00:07 <gundalow> #startmeeting Ansible Contributor Experience Working Group
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19:01:13 <gundalow> Who's around?
19:01:23 <ChrisShort> me
19:01:26 <thedoubl3j> whats up
19:02:29 <thedoubl3j> think bizonk might be joining, not sure
19:02:34 <gundalow> cool
19:03:22 <gundalow> #chair ChrisShort thedoubl3j bizonk
19:03:22 <zodbot> Current chairs: ChrisShort bizonk gundalow thedoubl3j
19:03:29 <gundalow> Afternoon* :)
19:03:39 <bizonk> Hello!
19:04:09 <gundalow> #info Agenda https://github.com/ansible/community/issues/390
19:04:22 <gundalow> #chair JohnLieske
19:04:22 <zodbot> Current chairs: ChrisShort JohnLieske bizonk gundalow thedoubl3j
19:04:28 * gundalow just has some status update stuff
19:04:36 <gundalow> #topics Community Updates
19:04:40 <gundalow> #topic Community Updates
19:05:07 <gundalow> #info First Molecule Working Group Meeting took place yesterday (Wednesdays 1900 UTC in #ansible-molecule) really well attended
19:05:17 <ChrisShort> woohoo!
19:05:58 <gundalow> #info Currently focusing on improving CI and getting the next release done, see details at https://github.com/ansible/community/wiki/Molecule
19:06:05 <gundalow> Using GitHub Milestones to track work
19:06:52 <gundalow> ChrisShort: apparently I directed you to the wrong place earlier in the week, feel free to add something to https://github.com/ansible/community/issues/427 and we can discuss the Molecule verifiers next meeting
19:07:35 <thedoubl3j> nice!
19:07:37 <ChrisShort> on it
19:09:44 <gundalow> #info next "Monthly* Big PR review" is Thursday 21st Feb, from 1200UTC https://github.com/ansible/community/issues/407
19:10:25 <gundalow> ChrisShort: previously I've been advertising that on Twitter & Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/ansible/comments/a56jod/december_19th_big_pr_review/ Any ideas where else we can mention it?
19:10:54 <ChrisShort> hmm...
19:11:06 <ChrisShort> did you want to do blog posts for these in the future?
19:11:51 <gundalow> It's on my list to do a "5 things you can do to help the community that take under 30 minutes" type blog post
19:12:07 <gundalow> bizonk: thedoubl3j JohnLieske Have you ever done blog posts after webinars?
19:12:21 <thedoubl3j> I think those are both great places. have you been hitting the community mailing list as well.
19:12:40 <bizonk> We've done webinars based on blog posts
19:12:40 <thedoubl3j> and yeah we have.
19:12:49 <gundalow> Yup, just picked the date, so not announced it widely yet
19:13:25 <ChrisShort> cool
19:13:39 <gundalow> If you think of other places let me know
19:13:53 <ChrisShort> will do, ask robyn if you haven't yet
19:13:59 <bizonk> I think a blog post about community contributions/big PR review days etc.  would be good
19:14:07 <ChrisShort> Agreed.
19:14:17 <ChrisShort> Happy to write them for you too if you feed me data
19:16:57 <gundalow> Ace, thanks. I'm got a few ideas for topics, I'll start a doc
19:17:30 <gundalow> #info Webinar https://www.ansible.com/resources/webinars-training/ansible-community-contributions
19:17:49 <gundalow> #info Working Group list has been updated/reorder https://github.com/ansible/community/wiki
19:17:57 <gundalow> Massive thanks to dag for sorting that out
19:20:11 <gundalow> That's all I have
19:20:38 <gundalow> oh, webinar is https://gundalow-lightbulb.netlify.com/decks/contributing-to-ansible.html#/3
19:24:11 <thedoubl3j> will take another pass later today, finishing some testing on modules and I will have a cycle
19:24:50 <gundalow> bizonk: Thanks for your review, I've addressed your comments.
19:25:08 <gundalow> Maytake a minute for it to rebuild
19:27:05 <gundalow> Anyone got anything else?
19:30:00 <gundalow> thedoubl3j: Thanks :)
19:30:09 <gundalow> Cool thanks y'all
19:30:23 <gundalow> #info NO MEETING 31st JAN
19:30:27 <gundalow> #endmeeting