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Meeting started by felixfontein at 18:00:12 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. agenda https://github.com/ansible/community/issues/539#issuecomment-693350676 (felixfontein, 18:01:37)
  2. updates (felixfontein, 18:04:43)
    1. 2.10.0rc1 has been released, and if no blocker comes up, the final 2.10.0 release will be next week (felixfontein, 18:07:30)
    2. The docs testing website has the latest version with redirects in place: http://docs.testing.ansible.com/ansible/2.10/collections/index.html test the redirects between 2.9 and 2.10 (you have to edit the URL manually) (felixfontein, 18:08:26)
    3. gwmngilfen wanted to mention that https://stats.eng.ansible.com/ has a new look and he's starting to protoype the collections dash now (felixfontein, 18:10:18)
    4. code will be in https://github.com/ansible-community/stats-collections soon (felixfontein, 18:10:21)

  3. moving content between collections after 2.10 (https://github.com/ansible/community/issues/539#issuecomment-693350676) (felixfontein, 18:15:40)
    1. Content moving out of community.general (and community.network) into dedicated collections is generally a good thing assuming there is a set of new maintainers (gundalow, 18:18:23)
    2. AGREED: 1) deprecate module/plugin once it has been added to the target collection and that has been released (as a minor release that will also get included in the next Ansible version), with removal scheduled for the next major version; 2) in next major version, remove module/plugin and add redirect with deprecation that has no removal date/version; 3) in 1-2 years, revisit these (felixfontein, 19:19:10)
    3. to discuss: what happens when the target collection is (not yet) contained in Ansible? (felixfontein, 19:23:07)
    4. discussion will be continued next time :) (felixfontein, 19:25:00)

  4. open floor (felixfontein, 19:25:04)

Meeting ended at 19:28:31 UTC (full logs).

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