16:00:10 <Qalthos> #startmeeting Ansible Network Working Group
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16:00:19 <Qalthos> #topic Core Updates
16:00:53 <Qalthos> #chair dagrawal ganeshrn jungleslow privateip rcarrillocruz trishnag
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16:01:02 <Qalthos> er
16:01:06 <Qalthos> #chair justjais
16:01:06 <zodbot> Current chairs: Qalthos dagrawal ganeshrn jungleslow justjais privateip rcarrillocruz trishnag
16:01:59 <Qalthos> Here are some of the things we've been working on this week:
16:02:03 <Qalthos> #info worked on tower lookup plugin removing tower_cli dependency
16:02:08 <Qalthos> #info juniper_junos 2.6.2 and 2.7.0 released
16:02:15 <Qalthos> #info cisco_nxos 2.6.2 and 2.7.0 released - updates load function to use cli_config module.
16:02:25 <Qalthos> #info work on adding network_cli, netconf, httapi connection session tracing capability
16:02:49 <Qalthos> #link https://github.com/ansible/community/labels/network is where you can find the agenda as always
16:03:27 <Qalthos> That being said, there was only one item on the agenda, and I took care of it before the meeting, so...
16:03:33 <Qalthos> #topic Open Floor
16:09:09 <Anil_Lenovo> Qalthos : Regarding PR#48154, I am still working on it.
16:10:41 <Qalthos> Anil_Lenovo: Do you have any questions about what we want from you?
16:11:22 <Anil_Lenovo> Well, The new addition of switch is the bottle neck there.
16:12:08 <Anil_Lenovo> The issue with me is that the switch will be out in market by Dec 15 and Ansible 2.8 will come out may be 2 months after that
16:13:19 <Anil_Lenovo> At the moment, for CNOS modules there is a default rule file, which will work on switch
16:14:16 <Anil_Lenovo> Few attributes like speed and number of ports are the only issues.. I hope no customers of Lenovo will try them out for the 2 months window
16:15:13 <Anil_Lenovo> This week, I will be changing cnos_vlan in similiar lines to ios_vlan , eos_vlan etc
16:15:35 <Anil_Lenovo> Qalthos : If time permits, please review them
16:16:12 <mikewiebe> Qalthos:  Thanks for merging https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/47944
16:16:25 <Qalthos> Anil_Lenovo: Will do when I see them
16:16:34 <Anil_Lenovo> Thanks.
16:17:20 <Qalthos> mikewiebe: Thanks for giving me such an easy PR to review (:
16:20:18 <mikewiebe> Qalthos: np! ( :
16:23:48 <Qalthos> #unchair jungleslow
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16:23:56 <Qalthos> #chair nilashishc
16:23:56 <zodbot> Current chairs: Qalthos dagrawal ganeshrn justjais nilashishc privateip rcarrillocruz trishnag
16:37:41 <Qalthos> Anyone else have anything?
16:41:09 <Qalthos> Right, thanks everyone for coming
16:41:19 <Qalthos> #endmeeting