16:00:01 <Qalthos> #startmeeting Ansible Network Working Group
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16:00:24 <Qalthos> #topic Agenda https://github.com/ansible/community/issues/542
16:00:28 <Qalthos> #link https://github.com/ansible/community/labels/network is where you can always find the latest agenda
16:00:31 <Qalthos> #topic Core Updates
16:00:49 <Qalthos> This is gonna be a short one from me this week
16:01:46 <Qalthos> #info AnsibleFest is coming up in four (4) weeks. https://www.ansible.com/ansiblefest
16:02:39 <Qalthos> #info The day prior, we will be having a Contributor Summit both in person and on Matrix, https://hackmd.io/@ansible-community/cs202210-planning for details
16:05:47 <Qalthos> #info Not the upcoming release, but the following release at the end of October will be a major release for ansible.netcommon and the various platform collections. This will remove any content currently marked for removal in the "after 2022-06-01" timeframe.
16:08:06 <Qalthos> I think that's everything I have for this week
16:08:13 <Qalthos> #topic Open Floor
16:08:32 <Qalthos> Let me know if you want to talk about anything else
16:22:20 <wayt> nothing from me thx qalthos
16:23:07 <Qalthos> 👍️
16:25:54 <Qalthos> #endmeeting