16:00:28 <Qalthos> #startmeeting Ansible Network Working Group
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16:01:38 <Qalthos> #topic Agenda https://github.com/ansible/community/issues/542
16:01:39 <Qalthos> #link https://github.com/ansible/community/labels/network is where you can always find the latest agenda
16:01:41 <Qalthos> #topic Core Updates
16:04:08 <Qalthos> There isn't a lot super exciting coming down featurewise this month, but there is something else I'd like to talk about
16:04:41 <Qalthos> #info We're considering making some changes to when and how frequently this meeting is run
16:05:27 <Qalthos> Right now, with the meeting at this time, I am basically the only person who can reliably run this meeting
16:06:30 <Qalthos> So the theory is to move it a few hours earlier to allow more of the team to actively participate
16:07:05 <bcoca> fyi, community team is also looking for a more 'async' method of discussion, to help with the timezone issue that 'live' meetings have
16:08:03 <Landrash[m]> Sounda like a plan to move the meeting
16:08:11 <Qalthos> That is also something that should be improved, yeah
16:08:52 <Qalthos> #info So the question for @room is, is 1200 UTC too early for this meeting?
16:09:26 <Landrash[m]> Fine by me
16:10:05 <Landrash[m]> Qalthos: How about you?
16:10:37 <bcoca> 7am EST/4 am PST ... USA users might drop, but good for apac/eu/africa
16:11:54 <Qalthos> Oh it is way too early for me, but if it means there's more people to run the meetings I'll take it
16:13:07 <Landrash[m]> How about something in between then?
16:13:47 <bcoca> core used to do 'rotating time meetings'  so one was friendly to at least one timezone
16:13:56 <bcoca> but still has issues with 'quorum'
16:14:31 <bcoca> i.e this week 12 UTC, next week 5pm UTC, repeat cycle
16:14:48 <Qalthos> Going any later gets into fighting with existing meetings unless we change the day as well
16:15:25 <bcoca> why i ignore 80% of meetings ... they are all same time ...
16:16:18 <gwmngilfen-work> thanks for mentioning the async stuff bcoca 🙂
16:17:54 <gwmngilfen-work> i can quickly go into some of the detail if it helps with planning future "stuff" but I don't want to derail you Qalthos
16:18:41 <Qalthos> We can do that too, but I do want to just get through the short-term options for now
16:19:02 <gwmngilfen-work> i'll add a todo to chat with you later then, and shut up for now 😉
16:19:28 <Qalthos> #info Thursday at 1300 or 1400 UTC would be my personal preference
16:19:45 <SeanSullivan[m]> If Bcoca wants 7am meetings, I nominate him to run the meeting and someone elses if they want it that much :P
16:20:02 <bcoca> 7am is when i go to sleep, i'll take th 4am one though ...
16:20:16 <Qalthos> But ultimately the goals are to get more engagement from the team by being at a time when they are more available while keeping the people who already come to participate in these meetings, ie you all
16:20:29 <SeanSullivan[m]> We are already running a infra one at that time because 1300 UTC works well for europeans and East coasters
16:21:59 <Qalthos> Then there is the other question
16:22:17 <Qalthos> #info Does this meeting need to be run every week?
16:22:35 <Landrash[m]> I dont belive it does
16:22:55 <Landrash[m]> And if that changes it can be changed back
16:23:24 <bcoca> i'ts hard to balance timezones, we'll end up like the cory doctrow book 'Eastern Standard Tribe'
16:23:26 <SeanSullivan[m]> As updates are slowing down make it every other week?
16:23:28 <Landrash[m]> i would suggest bi-weekly
16:24:26 <SeanSullivan[m]> the most loaded part of that is does landrash want it "done, produced, or occurring every two weeks or twice a week."
16:25:27 <Qalthos> Biweekly is the idea
16:25:41 <Landrash[m]> Haha. To clarify, half as often as now
16:25:57 <bcoca> use fortnight .. biweekly is ambigous in english (both x2 a week as ever 2 weeks)
16:25:58 <Qalthos> Though I do see that AWS is monthly, so there's a precedent for that as well
16:26:07 <SeanSullivan[m]> yep
16:26:08 * SeanSullivan[m] uploaded an image: (45KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/cbEsiiaZdrXgVlWOeoAnliGG/image.png >
16:27:42 <SeanSullivan[m]> What is the current cadence for updates on collections, as needed, fortnight, or monthly, should probably revolve around that
16:29:48 <Qalthos> Collection cadence is monthly. I'd like to have first-and-third week versus fortnightly to account for that but I don't know if that will just get confusing with the occasional skipped weeks
16:30:26 <SeanSullivan[m]> ICS file + dates in the issue for meetings, should help with that
16:30:54 <Qalthos> Yeah, though I'm not sure I can get remindbot to do it right
16:31:17 <Qalthos> That said
16:31:53 <Qalthos> #agreed When we change the meeting time, it will also be reduced in frequency to at most fortnightly
16:33:09 <Qalthos> I don't think I've seen anyone here against the idea of moving to Thursdays at 1300 UTC
16:33:27 <Qalthos> So I guess this is your chance to make noise about it if you are
16:34:45 <SeanSullivan[m]> My only issue is overlapping with the controller configuration just moved to that time, on thursdays so we'd have two collection group meetings at the same time, but it starts This thursday, and only happens every 14 days
16:35:11 <SeanSullivan[m]> how much overlap probably not a lot, but that would be the only conflict I know of
16:36:17 <SeanSullivan[m]> so 1400 ? or based off cadence of next week as week 0?
16:37:53 <Qalthos> 1400 might be a little late for some of the team, but I can check. We can also run opposite that meeting if they are also fortnightly
16:41:57 <Qalthos> Okay, I think that's enough to go on for now. The meeting will continue to be held at this time until we make a decision, and the community meeting calendar will update when that changes
16:43:11 <Qalthos> I'll also make announcements here and on the bullhorn and wherever else I can think of
16:43:48 <SeanSullivan[m]> and I'd say my argument against it is weak, just you asked for input :)
16:44:10 <SeanSullivan[m]> where is the community meeting calendar
16:44:41 <Qalthos> The calendar is at https://github.com/ansible/community/raw/main/ansible_community_meetings.ics
16:45:06 <Qalthos> Which is maintained by the yaml files here: https://github.com/ansible/community/tree/main/meetings
16:45:39 <SeanSullivan[m]> THanks
16:46:28 <Qalthos> Moving on
16:46:30 <Qalthos> #topic Open Floor
16:46:46 <Qalthos> Let me know if there's anything else you want to discuss
16:48:11 <SeanSullivan[m]> was going through the popace, Is there any interest in a submission of a module that would reorg an ACL list based on increments, Tried to do it with popace, and it turned ugly
16:52:21 <Qalthos> I'm not sure if we would take it, but that might be good for community.network if not
16:54:26 <SeanSullivan[m]> Don't want to put that work on you guys, we have something that works in python, but was emphasizing customer for something generic with inputs to submit upstream as it could be useful for other teams
16:57:21 <bcoca> https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/80638 <= @Qalthos not sure you are right person for this, but could you test for speed improvement when using set_fact and simlar?
16:57:57 <Qalthos> bcoca: I can give it a look, sure
16:59:00 <bcoca> https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/75813 <= relates to this
16:59:21 <Qalthos> 👍️
16:59:38 <Qalthos> Thanks for your time, everyone!
16:59:56 <Qalthos> #endmeeting