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16:03:40 <akasurde> is everyone around ?
16:04:55 <dag> o/
16:04:58 <dag> sorry
16:05:38 <akasurde> #chair dag
16:05:38 <zodbot> Current chairs: akasurde dag
16:05:44 <akasurde> dag, hi
16:06:13 <dag> if it's only the two of us, we can do what we like ;-)
16:06:27 <akasurde> yes sure
16:07:39 <akasurde> dag, what are you upto ?
16:07:39 <dag> We could look at organizing the Sprint
16:07:54 <dag> but I noticed the surge of open issues since they were migrated from core/extras
16:08:03 <akasurde> yes
16:08:53 <dag> So I would draw a line somewhere, ask for feedback from everything that was migrated, and in 2 weeks close them if there was no feedback
16:09:37 <dag> especially for the modules we know have had a lot of changes since
16:09:38 <akasurde> sounds like a plan
16:13:24 <dag> For the sprint, I noticed that the list I made is no longer valid
16:13:33 <dag> so I will have to redo it
16:18:35 <akasurde> where can I see the list ?
16:22:25 <dag> In the wiki
16:22:30 <dag> https://github.com/ansible/community/wiki/VMware%3A-sprints
16:23:09 <dag> if you click the link you'll see some are already closed, and the numbers don't match up anymore
16:23:35 <dag> normally once we have defined the scope (in advance) I link each of the issues on that Wiki-page (including the OP)
16:23:52 <akasurde> ok sure
16:24:12 <dag> and we usually add a comment for each ticket informing the OP that we are going to process the issue during the Sprint, and welcome him to join the Sprint
16:24:31 <dag> during the Sprint we always start with the issues from people joining the Sprint
16:24:44 <dag> before we move the other issues
16:24:56 <akasurde> https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/24213 Can you close this ?
16:25:29 <dag> Done
16:25:41 <akasurde> Thanks. one down
16:28:46 <dag> :-)
16:38:19 <akasurde> dag, I will end meeting as I need will be away for sometime, is it ok ?
16:39:54 <akasurde> #endmeeting