16:00:34 <akasurde> #startmeeting Ansible VMware Working Group Meeting
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16:04:05 <akasurde> Anyone around ?
16:09:18 <tchernomax> akasurde I am here if you want to talk about https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/33315
16:09:26 <akasurde> #chair tchernomax
16:09:26 <zodbot> Current chairs: akasurde tchernomax
16:09:29 <akasurde> Cool
16:09:54 <No1_> akasurde: same here ... https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/33602
16:10:03 <akasurde> I am Ok this PR but wanted to make sure it does not break anything else
16:10:08 <akasurde> #chair No1_
16:10:08 <zodbot> Current chairs: No1_ akasurde tchernomax
16:10:56 <akasurde> No1_, will discuss 33315 and then 33602, is it ok ?
16:11:04 <No1_> yeah sure
16:11:06 <No1_> no problem
16:12:42 <tchernomax> (what does # chair mean ? do you want me to explain the PR ? )
16:13:08 <tchernomax> (oups… didn't saw the other messages)
16:13:40 <akasurde> nope it is just attendance stuff
16:14:01 <akasurde> yes you can explain your problem statement and how this PR solves it
16:14:22 <akasurde> so other people can also get problem statement
16:16:26 <tchernomax> well, when I want to create a VM on a standalone ESX ; with the current code ; the vmdk is named in a weard way
16:16:40 <tchernomax> the end of the vm name is truncated
16:17:33 <tchernomax> vm.subdomain.domain lead to "[datastore] vm.subdomain.vmdk" instead of "[datastore] vm.subdomain.domain.vmdk"
16:17:49 <akasurde> ok
16:17:49 <akasurde> this is on which vcenter ?
16:18:04 <akasurde> oh my bad on which ESXi version
16:18:16 <tchernomax> 2s, I check
16:18:30 <akasurde> sure
16:19:02 <No1_> akasurde: how long you gonna be here? [gotta step into a meeting !]
16:19:03 <tchernomax> ESXi version: 6.5.0; ESXi build number: 5224529
16:19:46 <akasurde> Meeting will last for next half hour, maybe till that time
16:19:50 <akasurde> tchernomax, Ok
16:26:42 <akasurde> tchernomax, Ok I will mark shipit but you will need one more shipit
16:28:15 <akasurde> to get it merged.
16:31:19 <No1_> Since I've looking everywhere for the answer...How can I add Virtual Adapters (VMkernel ports) to VDS using ansible vmware moduels?
16:31:39 <No1_> I don't see an option, is it possible?
16:32:05 <akasurde> I am not sure. Need to check
16:32:24 <akasurde> No1_, Are you able to resolve your SSL version issue ?
16:32:25 <tchernomax> akasurde I juste retried with the current devel (without my patch) : http://picpaste.com/Capture_d_____cran_de_2017-12-11_17-29-40-QjqEhvCj.png
16:33:10 <akasurde> tchernomax, Got it
16:36:57 <tchernomax> akasurde do you want to talk about https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/30582 ? (you said this morning it was good for you)
16:37:25 <tchernomax> also, who should I ask for another "shipit" ?
16:37:53 <akasurde> jctanner pdellart dag
16:38:48 <tchernomax> pdellart dag as you are connected, can you take a look at https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/33315 ?
16:40:42 <akasurde> anything else we would like to discuss
16:42:36 <tchernomax> for my part it's OK (I just saw the shipit on 30582)
16:52:20 <jtanner> so reconnect works in vcsim?
16:59:17 <akasurde> tchernomax, no I think
17:00:40 <akasurde> sorry jtanner no I think as it requires Entermaintenance task and ReconnectHost which is not in current VCSIM
17:00:59 <jtanner> how does the integration test work then?
17:01:13 <jtanner> oh, it's all commented out ... nevermind
17:04:00 <tchernomax> that's right, vcsim doesn't support ReconnectHost_Task and EnterMaintenanceMode_Task ; which I needed to implement the integration test for 30582
17:08:28 <akasurde> #endmeeting