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16:00:22 <akasurde> Hello Everyone
16:00:33 <dericcrago> hi akasurde
16:00:46 <akasurde> #chair dericcrago
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16:00:55 <akasurde> Hi dericcrago
16:01:42 <dericcrago> I can't stay long, I just wanted to say I'm getting ready to add the -vvvv output on PR35618 as requested
16:01:57 <akasurde> dericcrago, cool
16:02:02 <akasurde> thanks
16:04:31 <akasurde> dericcrago, I want to discuss vmware_guest and disk management
16:05:01 <kaneda-fr> Hi
16:05:10 <akasurde> #chair kaneda-fr
16:05:10 <zodbot> Current chairs: akasurde dericcrago kaneda-fr
16:05:12 <akasurde> Hi
16:05:44 <akasurde> I want to discuss vmware_guest and disk management
16:06:10 <kaneda-fr> good topic, I can add a discussion point on module for managing independant disks
16:06:43 <kaneda-fr> I would also like to discuss the position regarding support for Pyvcloud > 18.2.2 which is Python 3 only
16:07:12 <akasurde> right now only 1 scsi controller and 15 disks are managed by vmware_guest
16:07:32 <akasurde> Cool
16:08:33 <akasurde> we hve only 3 modules for vCloud
16:08:44 <kaneda-fr> where is the restriction for vmware_guest  ?
16:09:26 <akasurde> I have patch but it is not idempotent
16:09:35 <akasurde> #info https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/33338
16:10:14 <akasurde> code review and testing is most welcomed
16:10:21 <dericcrago> sorry, I need to leave for an appointment, but I'll read thru the chat when I get back
16:10:38 <akasurde> If anyone has better solution please comment
16:10:42 <akasurde> dericcrago, ok
16:16:59 <akasurde> kaneda-fr, are you still around?
16:17:10 <akasurde> kaneda-fr, what do you think ?
16:22:54 <kaneda-fr> back
16:23:27 <kaneda-fr> sorry for that
16:23:59 <kaneda-fr> don't know much about the vcenter part
16:26:45 <akasurde> Ok
16:26:46 <akasurde> np
16:26:54 <akasurde> But you can comment on code
16:27:08 <kaneda-fr> just one question, When you create a new controller, any risk to reuse an existing number, is it something that needs to be cjecked ?
16:28:20 <akasurde> yes we can do that
16:28:39 <akasurde> there are only 4 SCSI controller so check will be easy, i guess
16:30:15 <kaneda-fr> also when you disk_unit_number is 16, you assign 0, what if 0 is already assigned ? shouldn't you pick the next free (if any) ?
16:31:15 <akasurde> ok
16:32:00 <akasurde> Actually, vmware_guest follows idempotent behaviour
16:32:40 <akasurde> all disks specified will be assigned in the order they are mentioned so there is a "little" or no chance of assigning/re-assigning same unit_number
16:32:51 <kaneda-fr> what I did on my module for vCloud is that the ctrl & bus number must be passed via ansible
16:33:49 <akasurde> oh
16:33:50 <kaneda-fr> hum, when you create disk, are you able to check if that disk already exist ?
16:33:59 <akasurde> Sadly not
16:34:17 <kaneda-fr> so if you run this twice, it will create 2 disks I guest
16:34:19 <kaneda-fr> guess
16:34:33 <akasurde> I am unable to find a way to detect same disk name
16:34:43 <akasurde> Can you share code of your vCloud ?
16:34:48 <akasurde> module*
16:35:10 <kaneda-fr> https://github.com/kaneda-fr/vca_disk
16:35:43 <kaneda-fr> independant disks have a name, so easy to track if it already exists
16:36:13 <akasurde> Can you elaborate on this more ?
16:39:31 <kaneda-fr> in vCloud you can create an independant disk
16:39:40 <kaneda-fr> that you can then attach/detattach from a VM
16:40:04 <akasurde> ok
16:40:30 <kaneda-fr> as this disk is an object in vCloud it has a reference and a name
16:40:44 <kaneda-fr> so when you manage that object, it's easy to check if it already exists
16:41:38 <akasurde> ah
16:41:50 <akasurde> That liberty is not available in case of ESXi
16:42:03 <akasurde> Atleast I don't know about that
16:45:43 <kaneda-fr> the ability to specific the ctrl & bus number would be interesting, then from ansible you can ensure you know exactly which disk you manage
16:49:04 <akasurde> Ok
16:49:12 <akasurde> I will try that in this PR
16:51:05 <kaneda-fr> otherwise, looks good
16:51:08 <kaneda-fr> ;)
16:53:44 <kaneda-fr> I'd like to submit the module to manage independent disks, beside following the guidelines for modules, what else shall I do before submitting ?
16:58:33 <akasurde> Nothing as such
16:58:46 <akasurde> Integration tests are necessary
17:02:53 <kaneda-fr> moted, will need to add those.
17:03:39 <kaneda-fr> my other point was regarding the usage of latest pyvcloud version which only supports python 3.
17:04:37 <kaneda-fr> There is major progress in the API coverage in that version and that would allow addition of a lot of feature sin ansible, like supporting multiple Vms per vapp, multiple NICs, managing directly attached disks, creating new tenant, etc.
17:10:16 <akasurde> Cool
17:10:24 <akasurde> kaneda-fr, Thanks for your time
17:10:43 <akasurde> We are over time
17:10:49 <akasurde> I will end the meeting
17:11:07 <akasurde> #endmeeting