16:01:43 <akasurde> #startmeeting Ansible VMware Working Group Meeting
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16:01:45 <warthog9> I'll apologize for slow typing, someone decided nap time needed to be during the meeting
16:02:09 <akasurde> #chair warthog9
16:02:09 <zodbot> Current chairs: akasurde warthog9
16:02:20 <akasurde> Welcome warthog9
16:02:29 <warthog9> :-)
16:02:39 <akasurde> we will wait for others to join
16:03:35 <akasurde> I have two topics to discuss
16:03:56 <akasurde> 1. vmware_guest documentation
16:04:23 <akasurde> #info https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/38377
16:04:40 <akasurde> 2. Vmware dynamic invenetory plugin
16:04:59 <akasurde> #info https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/37456
16:06:50 <warthog9> I think rdwebster might have a topic if we have time at the end
16:06:59 <warthog9> and his client stays on
16:07:20 <akasurde> Sure
16:07:39 <rdbwebster> Bob's here now, finished messing with my client.
16:07:58 <akasurde> #chair rdbwebster
16:07:58 <zodbot> Current chairs: akasurde rdbwebster warthog9
16:08:08 <akasurde> Hi rdbwebster
16:08:40 <rdbwebster> Hello
16:11:07 <akasurde> warthog9, while wait for other, we can discuss about rdbwebster points
16:11:22 <warthog9> rdbwebster: have at
16:11:41 <rdbwebster> Shall I recap?
16:11:45 <warthog9> sure
16:12:09 <rdbwebster> The vCloud Director team within VMware is planning to create a new Ansible plugin for vCloud Director.
16:12:16 <jtanner> hello
16:12:32 <akasurde> #chair jtanner
16:12:32 <zodbot> Current chairs: akasurde jtanner rdbwebster warthog9
16:12:37 <jtanner> hi warthog9
16:12:39 <rdbwebster> It will support the latest versions of vCloud Director and leverage the pyvcloud python modules - https://github.com/vmware/ansible-module-vcloud-director
16:12:53 <warthog9> hey jtanner
16:13:10 <jtanner> rdbwebster: is that repo private or just not created yet?
16:13:21 <rdbwebster> This will enable both service providers and tenants to provision and maintain cloud infrastructure that uses vCD.
16:13:46 <rdbwebster> There are two repos, which are both private until we clear approvals with our Open Source program office.
16:13:57 <rdbwebster> Which will be in the next week or so hopefully.
16:14:06 <jtanner> what's your plan for distribution?
16:14:36 <jtanner> we're working on making galaxy work as a packaging framework for all plugin types instead of just roles
16:14:52 <rdbwebster> Open to suggestions.
16:15:02 <jtanner> galaxy would be my vote
16:15:10 <akasurde> galaxy has advantage
16:15:18 <jtanner> we just need to get our plan rolling and done
16:15:24 <warthog9> if galaxy is getting more generic, that's likely the best plan
16:15:35 <akasurde> as its fast and not tideup with ansible release
16:15:41 <jtanner> then you'd be able to keep your own repos and retain complete control instead of dealing with ansible/ansible PR process
16:15:58 <jtanner> at least that's how i'm selling it =)
16:16:12 <warthog9> :-)
16:16:28 <rdbwebster> ok that sounds good to me,  Let me explore that idea. thank you
16:16:40 <jtanner> it's cool though that you guys are doing vcd stuff. i really don't have time or hardware to go mess with vcd again
16:16:43 <warthog9> jtanner: any timeline for that? anything we can do to help?
16:16:56 <akasurde> yes
16:16:59 <jtanner> everything is ASAP from my perspective
16:17:04 <akasurde> we have hardware crunch
16:17:19 <jtanner> we gave a rundown to another group within vmware last week
16:17:25 <jtanner> not sure if i should say in public chat who
16:17:49 <bcoca> you have 11 #1 priorities!
16:17:51 <warthog9> akasurde: lets take the hardware needs offline?
16:18:03 <akasurde> yes sure
16:19:00 <akasurde> #chair bcoca
16:19:00 <zodbot> Current chairs: akasurde bcoca jtanner rdbwebster warthog9
16:19:03 <jtanner> thaumos: do you have anything you can add about timeline for galaxy?
16:19:11 <akasurde> #chair thaumos
16:19:11 <zodbot> Current chairs: akasurde bcoca jtanner rdbwebster thaumos warthog9
16:20:03 <jtanner> galaxy aside, is there anything you folks need from us on the ansible side?
16:20:44 <rdbwebster> For the new vCD provider, not right now, thank you
16:20:51 <bcoca> galaxy is WIP, so some features might come out soon (server side) but client side we are probalby playing catchup, I would not make any firm decisions until after summer
16:21:40 <bcoca> you should still be able to publish as role for now, to get 'latest and greatest' out, independantly from submitting as PR or not
16:21:41 <warthog9> bcoca: ok so galaxy isn't, potentially, useful till fall?
16:21:57 <warthog9> (for this purpose)
16:22:03 <bcoca> ^ no, i would say ' dont commit to single strategy' till fall
16:22:10 <warthog9> got it
16:22:11 <bcoca> its useful NOW
16:22:45 <bcoca> we hope to make it more useful
16:22:57 <bcoca> and in the end 'the best way'
16:23:04 <bcoca> just not there yet
16:24:16 <warthog9> cool, anything else on that front rdbwebster for now?
16:24:46 <akasurde> nothing from my side
16:24:53 <rdbwebster> Thats all for now thx
16:25:13 <jtanner> you folks coming to pycon?
16:25:26 <warthog9> I'll sneak in in my typical fashion
16:25:36 <rdbwebster> no plans.
16:25:51 <jtanner> let's plan to have a sit down sometime during
16:26:14 <warthog9> that works
16:26:24 <akasurde> Wanna discuss something related open issues and open PRs
16:26:43 <jtanner> inv plugin maybe?
16:27:37 <akasurde> Sure
16:28:38 <akasurde> #link https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/37456
16:31:07 <jtanner> iirc you were curious about performance on large vcenters?
16:39:40 <jtanner> warthog9: is there a group inside vmware that can perf test our inventory scripts?
16:42:55 <warthog9> jtanner: like me go fishing
16:43:14 <warthog9> rdbwebster might have access to something big
16:43:39 <warthog9> if he doesn't, I know someone on the performance group who seems to like me, and I need to talk to him about some storage for a project anyway
16:43:52 <jtanner> k
16:44:17 <jtanner> we know our scripts do well on vcsim, but that's not really reflective of vcenter's api response times
16:45:22 <rdbwebster> warthog9: lets talk offline about this, I might have something.  Need to understand the performance monitoring tools needed.
16:49:03 <akasurde> I would like to bring to everyone's notice that there are lot of PRs pending due to lack of review
16:56:47 <warthog9> anything else?
16:58:28 <jtanner> not from me
16:58:36 <rdbwebster> not for me
17:00:24 <warthog9> akasurde: anything else or should we call it for today, and pick up next week?
17:00:56 <akasurde> not for me as well
17:01:06 <akasurde> Thanks everyone for join-in
17:01:09 <akasurde> #endmeeting