16:00:45 <akasurde> #startmeeting Ansible VMware Working Group Meeting
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16:00:55 <akasurde> Hello Everyone
16:01:08 <dericcrago> hi akasurde
16:01:09 <pdellaert> hi
16:01:18 <pdellaert> i will have to jump off at any time
16:01:18 <akasurde> #chair dericcrago pdellaert
16:01:18 <zodbot> Current chairs: akasurde dericcrago pdellaert
16:01:23 <akasurde> Sure
16:01:31 <akasurde> Happy  to see you two
16:01:32 <pdellaert> i'm in a meeting where i have to present ;)
16:02:08 <dericcrago> that's real multitasking
16:02:32 <pdellaert> yeah, i'm going to spend some times on my reviews... I was hoping we could use the 'review request' system. but apparently, you can only request a review from people that are registered in the repo as contributors
16:02:42 <pdellaert> so i guess that won't work :)
16:03:50 <akasurde> Member rather than contributor, I guess
16:03:51 <dericcrago> I believe you *can* use the review functionality though
16:04:03 <dericcrago> and mark approved etc
16:04:08 <pdellaert> of course
16:04:17 <pdellaert> i have been reviewing the whole year ;)
16:04:30 <dericcrago> better than me
16:05:13 <pdellaert> but when you do a PR, you can request a review from users
16:05:15 <akasurde> dericcrago, pdellaert you bother are consistent throught the year
16:05:31 <akasurde> I would like to thank you both
16:05:32 <pdellaert> but, these users you 'request' it from, need to be a member of the repo
16:05:45 <akasurde> yes
16:06:13 <pdellaert> and i'm not, so you can't request it from me... (if it is requested, that is easier to track, because there is a tab in github that shows all the PRs you have been asked for to do a review)
16:06:37 <akasurde> ah
16:06:46 <pdellaert> which works better than looking at all my mentions (i have over 200 tickets/PRs in my PR list :D)
16:06:53 <pdellaert> but no worries
16:07:32 <pdellaert> i'm just going to write a github script that looks at all my mentions and those that mention 'review' and my name in the same comment and gives me the links :)
16:08:02 <dericcrago> that's smart
16:09:51 <pdellaert> well, lazyness is always the best reason to try something smart
16:09:53 <pdellaert> ;)
16:10:06 <pdellaert> anyway, anything we need to discuss on VMware?
16:10:44 <akasurde> yes
16:11:37 <akasurde> #link https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/33338
16:11:45 <akasurde> I would like to have this in 2.6
16:12:03 <akasurde> As 2.6 freeze date is coming close
16:12:24 <pdellaert> when is the freeze?
16:13:51 <pdellaert> so looks good to me, maybe i'll try a test later this week (i actually have a use case, i think)
16:14:10 <pdellaert> is the goal this work during creation, clone and update?
16:14:37 <akasurde> All
16:14:55 <pdellaert> ok, good to know
16:16:57 <akasurde> I don't have anything else to discuss
16:17:09 <akasurde> dericcrago, Do you have anything ?
16:17:14 <dericcrago> https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/40131
16:18:41 <pdellaert> Ugh, python soft typing sucks
16:18:46 <akasurde> LGTM
16:19:03 <pdellaert> (weak, soft, whatever)
16:19:21 <dericcrago> it's a duck! ;)
16:19:39 <pdellaert> So, dericcrago, vlanId from pyvmomi does return a nic?
16:19:40 <pdellaert> int
16:20:19 <pdellaert> (sitting in a meeting about DPDK/SRIOV and nics and i start typing words i'm hearing :p)
16:20:32 <akasurde> hehehe
16:20:41 <dericcrago> it did for me, please feel free to test before / after the PR
16:21:47 <akasurde> I will test it again 2mrrow
16:22:37 <pdellaert> ok, think it is good as well
16:23:42 <akasurde> Cool
16:25:25 <dericcrago> https://code.vmware.com/apis/358/vsphere#/doc/vim.dvs.VmwareDistributedVirtualSwitch.VlanIdSpec.html
16:26:42 <pdellaert> ok, cool :)
16:33:12 <pdellaert> question: Do we want a separate module to manage nic connetivity (the vlan thing made me think about this), or do we want it part of guest?
16:33:43 <akasurde> imo a separate module
16:33:46 <pdellaert> connectivity = portgroup and state connected/disconnected
16:33:53 <pdellaert> yeah, i was thinking the same
16:34:03 <pdellaert> i have a use case for connecting/disconnecting nics
16:34:26 <pdellaert> i'll look into a separate module
16:35:02 <pdellaert> (was already working on it, but was wondering if it is worth pushing it upstream :))
16:35:27 <akasurde> Ok
16:38:24 <akasurde> btw, there is new dynamic inventory plugin for VMware - https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/37456
16:45:12 <pdellaert> nice :)
16:46:38 <pdellaert> Question, should this be vmware_vm_inventory?
16:46:45 <pdellaert> so we can do a vmware_host_inventory as well?
16:47:49 <akasurde> vm or host seems redundant to me and I didn't want to name it as vmware.py so vmware_inventory
16:47:55 <akasurde> concise and simple
16:48:17 <pdellaert> this inventory only gets vms, right?
16:48:49 <akasurde> yes
16:49:18 <pdellaert> is there no use case to build a dynamic inventory for hosts? when you want to update all hosts across an environment?
16:49:43 <akasurde> host as in esxi hostsystem, right ?
16:50:02 <pdellaert> yes
16:50:21 <pdellaert> which you also might want to manage through Ansible
16:50:32 <akasurde> primary use case is guest, which are managed by Ansible
16:50:34 <akasurde> exactly
16:51:26 <pdellaert> so, you keep vmware_inventory as vms (as default) and add vmware_host_invenstory later?
16:51:44 <pdellaert> anyway, i got to drop :)
16:51:48 <akasurde> sure
16:53:19 <akasurde> vmware_inventory is priority for now.
16:54:19 <pdellaert> ok
16:54:40 <pdellaert> i'm still more in favor of vmware_vm_inventory, but sure, whatever works :)
16:57:43 <akasurde> pdellaert, sure
16:59:38 <akasurde> anything else we would like to discuss ?
17:00:44 <dericcrago> nope, I think I agree with pdellaert about throwing "vm" in the inventory plugin
17:01:23 <akasurde> OK
17:07:40 <akasurde> If we don't have anything else to discuss then we can close this meeting.
17:08:12 <dericcrago> sounds good, thanks akasurde
17:08:26 <akasurde> thanks dericcrago pdellaert for joining
17:08:29 <akasurde> #endmeeting