16:05:53 <akasurde> #startmeeting Ansible VMware Working Group Meeting
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16:06:07 <akasurde> Hello everyone again, zodbot was not working
16:06:17 <akasurde> but now it is working.
16:10:54 <jtanner> hi
16:12:39 <akasurde> #chair jtanner
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16:12:44 <akasurde> #chair gundalow
16:12:44 <zodbot> Current chairs: akasurde gundalow jtanner
16:16:14 <akasurde> we have a bunch of PRs pending - https://github.com/ansible/community/issues/233#issuecomment-401724653
16:16:21 <akasurde> #link https://github.com/ansible/community/issues/233#issuecomment-401724653
16:17:52 <dericcrago> hi akasurde
16:18:14 <akasurde> #chair dericcrago
16:18:14 <zodbot> Current chairs: akasurde dericcrago gundalow jtanner
16:21:48 <akasurde> dericcrago, we need to visit above list PRs for code review
16:22:56 <dericcrago> ok, quick question, what stage are we in for the next ansible release?
16:23:19 <dericcrago> is it freeze / bugfixes only right now?
16:24:07 <akasurde> 2.6 is released and 2.7 is going on
16:24:19 <dericcrago> oh, silly me! ok
16:24:30 <akasurde> there is no feature / community freeze as such
16:25:04 <akasurde> right now
16:25:12 <dericcrago> got it, somehow I missed that
16:25:14 <dericcrago> sorry
16:25:44 <akasurde> np
16:27:15 <dericcrago> are the PRs to discuss prioritized in any particular order?
16:28:07 <akasurde> not really, there is no order as such
16:28:41 <akasurde> I skimmed through pending PRs and found and added them to list
16:29:56 <dericcrago> ok
16:31:29 <akasurde> some of them are pretty straight forward and just waiting for second shipit
16:39:42 <akasurde> dericcrago, want to discuss PR one by one from that list
16:40:24 <dericcrago> sure
16:41:13 <akasurde> #link https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/36877
16:45:59 <dericcrago> to be honest, I haven't done much with the vmware dynamic inventories, so I'm not sure if I'm the best one to review that
16:46:23 <akasurde> OK, looks like we have second OK on that PR
16:46:34 <dericcrago> I *try* to stick to stuff I feel like I know ;)
16:46:54 <akasurde> #link https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/39957
16:47:01 <akasurde> next
16:47:04 <akasurde> yes sure
16:55:17 <dericcrago> I approved it
16:56:30 <dericcrago> side note though, in terms of reviewability, it might be easier to review if it was broken up into some commits of "move this code block into the class" and then "added this new code", vs 1 commit of "done" cuz it's hard to tell what got moved and what got added
16:56:30 <akasurde> dericcrago, thanks
16:56:57 <akasurde> Make sense
16:57:10 <akasurde> I will make sure, will do it from next time
16:58:03 <dericcrago> cool
17:04:06 <akasurde> dericcrago, will continue to review in this week and next meeting
17:04:11 <akasurde> thanks all
17:04:36 <akasurde> if we don't have anything then we can close this meeting
17:06:30 <akasurde> #endmeeting