16:01:40 <akasurde> #startmeeting Ansible VMware Working Group Meeting
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16:05:17 <dericcrago> hi akasurde
16:05:29 <akasurde> #chair dericcrago
16:05:29 <zodbot> Current chairs: akasurde dericcrago
16:05:34 <akasurde> hi dericcrago how are you ?
16:06:16 <dericcrago> ok, how are you akasurde?
16:06:24 <akasurde> I am doing great
16:11:45 <dericcrago> hi pdellaert
16:12:37 <akasurde> #chair pdellaert
16:12:37 <zodbot> Current chairs: akasurde dericcrago pdellaert
16:13:12 <ckotte> hello guys
16:13:17 <ckotte> so quiet today..
16:13:19 <dericcrago> hi ckotte
16:13:47 <dericcrago> did you get your inventory issues from last week straightened out?
16:13:57 <akasurde> I have added project to priorities Vmware work - https://github.com/orgs/ansible/projects/4
16:14:03 <akasurde> #chair ckotte
16:14:03 <zodbot> Current chairs: akasurde ckotte dericcrago pdellaert
16:14:57 <ckotte> I get page not found
16:15:07 <akasurde> is it ?
16:15:28 <ckotte> at least on my side
16:15:36 <akasurde> dericcrago, do you see 404 ?
16:16:13 <akasurde> I am part of Ansible org so I am able to see
16:18:11 <ckotte> permission issue?
16:18:21 <akasurde> I think
16:18:47 <akasurde> I will ask around, I don't have permission to grant permission
16:19:52 <akasurde> ckotte, I asked for permissions for your GH nick
16:19:53 <pdellaert> akasurde++ on the project!
16:20:03 <akasurde> pdellaert, do you see the project
16:20:11 <pdellaert> yes
16:20:22 <pdellaert> I love it :)
16:20:32 <ckotte> akasurde, thx
16:20:53 <pdellaert> i did recently got added to the ansible org
16:20:56 <sivel> I think if it was created as a project on the ansible repo iself everyone could see it.  But looks like this is an org project
16:21:06 <pdellaert> (as a contributer for the community repo)
16:21:08 <akasurde> #chair sivel
16:21:08 <zodbot> Current chairs: akasurde ckotte dericcrago pdellaert sivel
16:21:45 <akasurde> sivel, it is an org project, so ansible-community org will have access to this project
16:30:50 <pdellaert> now i have one place to look at how much stuff i have yet to review :p
16:32:02 <akasurde> pdellaert, I have added few of them only
16:32:04 <moshloop_> @akasurde could I please get access to the project as well ?
16:32:35 <akasurde> feel free to add more PRs to review list
16:32:43 <akasurde> moshloop_, what is your GH id ?
16:32:54 <moshloop_> moshloop
16:34:14 <akasurde> moshloop_, raised request
16:34:38 <moshloop_> thanks
16:37:33 <moshloop_> Could we a discuss a couple of my open PR's ? I have a whole bunch lined up once these are approved
16:43:10 <akasurde> yes sur
16:43:12 <akasurde> sure*
16:43:54 <akasurde> Code LGTM for https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/47502
16:44:02 <akasurde> need more eye to take a look
16:52:01 <pdellaert> that one needs some doc changes (basically copy/paste stuff)
16:53:53 <akasurde> btw, I have added page for module recommendations, please feel free to add new recommendations and discuss them here - https://github.com/ansible/community/wiki/VMware%3A-Best-Practices
16:53:59 <akasurde> #info https://github.com/ansible/community/wiki/VMware%3A-Best-Practices
16:54:27 <akasurde> this was discussed in last meeting
16:55:44 <ckotte> there's also a list from dag
16:55:53 <ckotte> shouldn't we use one page instead of two>
16:55:54 <ckotte> ?
16:56:04 <dag> hey ckotte !
16:56:15 <ckotte> https://github.com/ansible/community/wiki/VMware:-standardization
16:56:39 <ckotte> hi dag
16:57:24 <pdellaert> right, one page would indeed be better
16:58:11 <dag> this Wiki is just to discuss how the connection plugins would share information
16:58:24 <dag> and to make a list of known module parameters to converge to
16:58:54 <pdellaert> yeah, was looking at it, there's some difference between standardization of parameters and best practices
16:59:04 <dag> once we discussed this, we can go and move the final copy to the standardization (and eventually to the docs)
17:00:03 <dag> I evaluated a lot of modules, and I have to say that there's not that much stuff inconsistent as I expected, so that's good
17:00:34 <pdellaert> we did an exercise a while ago to clean some stuff up, 2.5, i think?
17:00:57 <dag> the connection plugin variables are a design decision, so with the same inventory you can access the VM guest (in-band) and access the vCenter or ESXi
17:01:40 <dag> my preference was to name the connection plugin "vcenter", even though it could also be used to connect to ESXi in some cases
17:01:53 <dag> but dericcrago did not agree
17:01:58 <dericcrago> :)
17:02:06 <dag> so maybe "vsphere" is more neutral
17:02:26 <dag> calling it "vmware" will be quite confusing IMO
17:02:47 <dericcrago> here's how both options looked - https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ansible-summit-october-2018-vmware
17:02:57 <dericcrago> that's the unofficial version
17:03:36 <ckotte> vsphere sounds goot as it includes ESXi and vCenter
17:03:39 <ckotte> good
17:04:06 <dag> in theory we could have both ansible_vcenter_user and ansible_esxi_user (and fall back if not defined)
17:04:13 <dag> but the connection plugin can only have one name
17:04:21 <akasurde> #chair dag
17:04:21 <zodbot> Current chairs: akasurde ckotte dag dericcrago pdellaert sivel
17:04:24 <pdellaert> vsphere makes more sense in that case
17:04:27 <dag> so I'd rather stick to one naming-convention and keep things simple
17:04:57 <dag> dericcrago: I think there's something wrong with the vsphere examples
17:05:40 <dag> ok, I fixed it
17:05:55 <dericcrago> no, I had relinquished the vmware tools part
17:06:07 <dericcrago> just call it the vsphere connection plugin
17:06:21 <dag> ah, sorry
17:06:22 <ckotte> we should rename the modules as well in the future...:) vsphere_host_*, vsphere_guest_*, vsphere_vcenter_* ?
17:06:28 <dag> undone :)
17:07:01 <dag> dericcrago: but that's more confusing now
17:07:05 <pdellaert> Is there a way to alias module names? because if not, renaming modules in a 2.x release is going to cause some friction, i think
17:07:15 <dag> dericcrago: naming the vmware_tools the vsphere connection plugin
17:07:53 <dag> we can't have one connection plugin accessing both the vcenter/ESXi *and* the VM
17:07:59 <ckotte> symlink them with _<name> I guess
17:08:01 <dag> there will have to be two
17:08:23 <dag> pdellaert: yes, you can rename modules and make the old name still work
17:09:02 <dag> but I would wait with any renaming operations until we have a better view on what will happen
17:09:31 <dag> because if we introduce a vsphere connection plugin, we may want to start off with a new set of modules, rather than rework the existing ones
17:09:49 <dag> that's really something we have to figure out/design
17:09:59 <ckotte> that makes sense
17:11:15 <ckotte> looks like I found my performance issue. I have to use more CPUs on my delegate_to host. The CPU usage is 100% for a few minutes if I execute the playbook on 50+ hosts
17:11:54 <ckotte> looks like the authentication time is not an issue
17:13:30 <akasurde> ckotte, do you know what is taking 100% CPU ?
17:13:41 <akasurde> VMware modules or Ansible as whole ?
17:13:44 <ckotte> the python processes
17:13:52 <ckotte> the modules
17:14:13 <akasurde> ok
17:14:35 <ckotte> The run is slowed down if I use all facts modules, for example
17:14:40 <akasurde> did you try any specific module or overall VMware module eats CPU ?
17:15:04 <ckotte> the host facts module uses most CPU
17:15:23 <akasurde> ohk
17:15:49 <ckotte> if you have a lot of hosts and a big playbook, then you should have 4 vCPUs at a minimum
17:16:09 <akasurde> ok
17:16:30 <akasurde> I don't have big environment so can't test
17:17:16 <akasurde> We can continue to discuss this after meeting.
17:17:20 <akasurde> #endmeeting