16:05:13 <akasurde> #startmeeting Ansible VMware Working Group Meeting
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16:05:19 <akasurde> #chair alongchamps
16:05:19 <zodbot> Current chairs: akasurde alongchamps
16:06:24 <alongchamps> I don't see anything new on the agenda
16:06:44 <akasurde> sorry was in another meeting
16:06:53 <alongchamps> No problem
16:07:19 <alongchamps> work on 51240 is actually going to resume this week, I just need to fully test it and check my return values
16:07:23 <akasurde> There is no agenda meeting as such
16:07:26 <alongchamps> If it goes well, then I should have a PR next week
16:07:34 <akasurde> alongchamps, sure
16:08:35 <akasurde> As you know, devel is moved to 2.9, we should plan for VMware roadmap as well
16:09:17 <alongchamps> yep I saw that the code freezes are starting to happen
16:09:29 <alongchamps> what's usually on the roadmap for releases like that?
16:09:35 <alongchamps> as far as VMware goes
16:14:05 <akasurde> mostly focusing on pressing issues
16:14:51 <akasurde> and future development
16:15:28 <alongchamps> any specifics on this?
16:17:40 <akasurde> I am thinking about targetting Guest Customization issues - https://github.com/ansible/community/wiki/VMware%3A-Guest-Customisation-related-issues
16:18:07 <alongchamps> ok
16:18:37 <akasurde> also, we can decide any other things
16:18:45 <alongchamps> I'm thinking of going after some of the permission related items because we could use that internally
16:19:41 <akasurde> yes, definitely.
16:20:45 <dericcrago> akasurde - did the connection plugin make 2.8? I'm seeing it here https://github.com/ansible/ansible/blob/stable-2.8/lib/ansible/plugins/connection/vmware_tools.py but not here https://github.com/ansible/ansible/tree/v2.8.0a1/lib/ansible/plugins/connection
16:24:42 <akasurde> #chair dericcrago
16:24:42 <zodbot> Current chairs: akasurde alongchamps dericcrago
16:24:55 <akasurde> yes it did
16:25:03 <akasurde> 2.8.0a1 is alpha
16:25:43 <dericcrago> is there something that needs to happen to trigger the docs? It's not listed here yet - https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/2.8/plugins/connection.html#plugin-list
16:32:45 <alongchamps> I need to get some lunch, back in a bit
16:58:05 <alongchamps> I'm back, looks like there's nothing else to discuss
16:58:26 <alongchamps> dericcrago: I think the docs get generated on a schedule but I may be wrong on that
16:58:48 <alongchamps> I know after I added a module and it got merged, it appears in the devel branch of the docs
16:59:12 <dericcrago> yeah, I don't see it in https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/devel/plugins/connection.html#plugin-list either
16:59:28 <dericcrago> just thought I'd bring it up in case something was either missing or needed bumped
16:59:30 <alongchamps> have all the relevant files been committed ?
16:59:41 * dericcrago shrugs.
16:59:43 <alongchamps> ok
16:59:54 <alongchamps> it may be a good question for #ansible-devel
17:01:46 <alongchamps> I need to go to another meeting
17:04:23 <akasurde> dericcrago, I will dig into that issue now. Thanks for pointing it out
17:05:01 <akasurde> I will end the meeting since we don't have anything else for the agenda
17:05:05 <akasurde> #endmeeting