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15:55:55 <akasurde> Hello everyone
15:55:59 * alongchamps waves
15:56:20 <akasurde> #chair alongchamps
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15:56:22 <dericcrago> hi
15:56:27 <akasurde> alongchamps, hi
15:56:33 <akasurde> #chair dericcrago
15:56:33 <zodbot> Current chairs: akasurde alongchamps dericcrago
15:56:36 <akasurde> dericcrago, hi
15:57:49 <akasurde> I wanted to discuss VMware Ansible community roadmap
15:58:14 <akasurde> need more people though
15:58:48 <alongchamps> so how much can we manage with the quantity of people we have actively contributing
15:59:27 <akasurde> 2-3 features
16:02:07 <akasurde> I have couple of topics if you ok we can discuss them
16:02:31 <alongchamps> sounds good to me
16:03:00 <akasurde> First,
16:03:33 <akasurde> guest customization is a major part of vmware_guest
16:04:14 <alongchamps> just brought that up - it is a lot of properties
16:05:23 <akasurde> One of the roadmap point is - VMware Guest Customization
16:06:03 <akasurde> I have gathered some of the issues which seems important and can be tackled in 2.9 release cycles - https://github.com/ansible/community/wiki/VMware%3A-Guest-Customisation-related-issues
16:06:08 <akasurde> #info https://github.com/ansible/community/wiki/VMware%3A-Guest-Customisation-related-issues
16:06:38 <akasurde> I am also managing a VMware guest customization support matrix - https://github.com/ansible/community/wiki/VMware%3Acustomisation
16:11:33 <alongchamps> looks like a lot of networking stuff
16:11:38 <alongchamps> relating to config on the VMs
16:12:40 <akasurde> yup
16:12:57 <akasurde> basically lacks testing in this part of area
16:13:44 <alongchamps> can some of the real environment testing that is being explored (I forget the issue number) help with this?
16:14:04 <alongchamps> for being able to test on real VMs
16:15:11 <akasurde> alongchamps, yes, we are exploring this option but it is in nascent stage
16:15:16 <alongchamps> ok
16:16:44 <akasurde> Second point
16:17:03 <akasurde> vmware dynamic inventory plugin in very new right now and lacks lot of features
16:17:35 <akasurde> I am planning to have the features to VMware dynamic inventory plugins in 2.9 release cycle
16:17:36 <alongchamps> I saw recent discussions about having ESXi hosts in there and that gets a +1 from me
16:18:00 <akasurde> yup, you are correct
16:19:12 <akasurde> Third point, is related to VMC and SDDC which are newest features from VMware cloud offerings
16:19:41 <akasurde> Developing APIs and modules related to VMC and SDDC can be tackled in this release cycle
16:21:14 <alongchamps> any links on the plans for that?
16:22:09 <alongchamps> because I'm especially interested in that
16:25:41 <akasurde> alongchamps, no plan link as such but you can take a lead and create one in VMware wiki pages - https://github.com/ansible/community/wiki/VMware
16:25:59 <alongchamps> so this would be VMware on AWS, right?
16:26:11 <alongchamps> just making sure I'm not getting my acronyms all mixed up
16:26:31 <akasurde> one of the VMware team member also stated that he is interested in working on this, so I can patch you both
16:26:45 <akasurde> alongchamps, yes, VMware on AWS it is
16:27:12 <alongchamps> ok
16:30:17 <akasurde> These are some of major areas I think we should target for 2.9
16:35:27 <alongchamps> these sound good to me
16:36:23 <alongchamps> I have a couple of things I've been working on lately, if now's a good time to talk about them
16:38:25 <akasurde> sure
16:38:39 <akasurde> alongchamps, go ahead
16:39:32 <alongchamps> ok, first up is 51240, for vmware_host_firewall_manager, I'm going to get a PR going hopefully this afternoon
16:39:58 <alongchamps> it works as expected on the ticket there, with adding/removing/modifying firewall configurations
16:40:28 <alongchamps> secondly, I wrote a quick module for waiting for an ESXi host to connect or disconnect (e.g. when rebooting, this would be used to wait for it to disconnect and then wait for the host to reconnect)
16:40:58 <alongchamps> I was thinking of using vmware_host_facts for this but it didn't track connection state and also that module doesn't work if the host is disconnected (which makes sense, vCenter can't read the info)
16:47:42 <akasurde> Ok
16:47:51 <akasurde> Cool thanks for the information.
16:48:04 <alongchamps> so that module would be something like vmware_host_wait_connection_status
16:48:41 <alongchamps> which seems to follow similar naming for 'wait' modules
16:49:59 <akasurde> we can drop status
16:50:08 <akasurde> or make
16:50:18 <akasurde> vmware_host_wait_conn_status or something
16:51:41 <alongchamps> ok vmware_host_wait_connection works for me
16:52:07 <alongchamps> it only exists on my local machine (I don't even have an issue made yet) so it's easy to rename
16:57:35 <akasurde> be sure to add test case as well
16:59:28 <akasurde> alongchamps, We are little over the time for this meeting.
16:59:38 <alongchamps> oh yeah, good catch
16:59:41 <akasurde> Thanks for joining
16:59:46 <akasurde> #endmeeting