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16:00:52 <akasurde> Hi everyone !!!
16:01:00 * alongchamps waves
16:01:07 <akasurde> #chair alongchamps
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16:01:12 <akasurde> hi alongchamps
16:04:00 <alongchamps> doesn't look like there's much on the agenda today
16:04:32 <akasurde> Yes,
16:04:58 <alongchamps> I think PR 56733 for my updated host firewall manager is still pending
16:05:10 <akasurde> Yes, it is on my to-do list
16:05:32 <alongchamps> also I want to open an issue to refactor (or discuss replacing) vmware_dns_config since it only works against one ESXi host and doesn't really fit into a vCenter environment
16:05:36 <alongchamps> all right, thanks
16:06:06 <alongchamps> vmware_dns_config also doesn't do DNS search domains or work across clusters
16:06:15 <akasurde> OK
16:06:34 <alongchamps> so I'm not sure if replacing it would be better than refactoring/adding to what's there
16:06:37 <akasurde> Sorry for keeping you waiting but I am packed with lot of things
16:06:48 <alongchamps> I totally understand, no worries
16:06:53 <alongchamps> just want to make sure it doesn't slip is all
16:07:23 <akasurde> It won't
16:07:42 <akasurde> alongchamps, there is another PR for dns - https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/47271 you might want to check otu
16:07:44 <akasurde> out
16:08:54 <alongchamps> ah that's good to know
16:10:12 <akasurde> alongchamps, are you working on anything apart from dns_config ?
16:10:44 <alongchamps> I don't have anything else in the near future for now
16:11:07 <akasurde> ok
16:35:09 <akasurde> I will close meeting since we don;t have anything else to discuss
16:35:11 <akasurde> #endmeeting