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16:06:09 <akasurde> Hello everyone
16:06:57 <enrh> Hello
16:07:03 <akasurde> #chair enrh
16:07:03 <zodbot> Current chairs: akasurde enrh
16:07:10 <akasurde> enrh, hello
16:24:17 <enrh> It's quiet today!
16:33:38 <akasurde> yup
16:33:53 <akasurde> enrh, Do you have anything to discuss in VMware Ansible Space?
16:35:33 <enrh> Not necessarily. I'm curious about the trajectory of the vsphere_ modules
16:35:45 <enrh> Specifically the vsphere_copy module
16:35:59 <enrh> Do we need someone to just simply rename it and touch it up a bit?
16:36:50 <enrh> vmware_copy  and kind of model after copy/win_copy?
16:37:04 <enrh> Except you're uploading via the API rather than SSH/WinRM
16:37:37 <enrh> I use that module a lot and could see myself contributing some in a few weeks to tackel that- if y'all would be interested. I've built some custom modules recently and see how easy it is.
16:38:03 <akasurde> PRs are always welcome
16:38:23 <akasurde> Author of vsphere_copy wanted to keep this name so never changed to vmware_copy
16:39:10 <akasurde> You can always contribute custom modules, community can take advantage of that and also contribute back
16:40:07 <enrh> Yeah I've built 11, 4 for working with Splunk KV Stores and 7 for working with AWS Glacier Vaults
16:40:26 <enrh> I do anticipate puting a PR in after we are done with our project, but that isn't related for here.
16:42:04 <akasurde> OK, even if they are not related to VMware, you can contribute back to ansible/ansible repo
16:42:12 <enrh> I see dag is in here; he authored vsphere_copy. M<aybe I misremembering that the working group wanted to deprecate all vsphere_ modules, but does that really just stand for vsphere_guest?
16:42:51 <akasurde> yes, that just stand for vsphere_guest
16:42:54 <enrh> Ah yes, I must have gotten my wires crossed.
16:43:09 <akasurde> vsphere_guest is based upon a deprecated Python bindings of VMware
16:43:12 <enrh> OK so maybe nothing to do with vsphere_copy afterall, my bad.
16:43:20 <akasurde> so we have to deprecate that module
16:43:39 <akasurde> vmware_guest is replacement and main module of VMware
16:43:41 <akasurde> right now
16:43:49 <enrh> Yeah that's what I've been using, it works great
16:44:05 <enrh> Really the VMware modules have been vastly improved in the last couple of major versions
16:44:14 <enrh> Oh one more idea/thing and I'll shut up
16:45:07 <akasurde> We have been constantly working on improving the vmware_* modules
16:45:15 <akasurde> Yes, sure go on
16:46:12 <enrh> I was poking around pysphere and didn't notice anything to simply attach the hosts version of the guest tools to a guest like you can in the UI, but if that were supported I would be interested in creating a quick PR for that sooner rather than later... but not seeing it yet
16:49:31 <enrh> I'll just be looking into that some more, maybe get somewhere with it next week and can put in a PR.
16:49:36 <enrh> That's all I have :)
16:50:37 <akasurde> pysphere is deprecated library
16:51:24 <akasurde> I afraid - we don't accept PRs for deprecated library, since there is overhead of maintaining for both modules and library
16:51:39 <enrh> Oh derp, pyVmomi
16:51:52 <akasurde> now we are talking business
16:52:19 <enrh> OK I'll look in there and see if there exists code to do what I want and can leverage for a simple module
16:52:37 <akasurde> Yes sure
16:53:21 <akasurde> you can always raise feature request PR, some one might find it useful and might submit PR
16:53:39 <akasurde> also raising an issue keeps it to the record
16:54:59 <enrh> Sounds good, I'll probably do that if I don't see anything obvious in pyVmomi
16:55:37 <enrh> For now I'm win_copy'ing an installer and using win_package to install it, would like to replace win_copy step with vmware_guest_tools_attach or something
16:57:33 <akasurde> enrh, check vmware_guest_tools_upgrade.py
16:57:48 <akasurde> I think it will have same codebase
16:59:13 <enrh> It bails if tools aren't running, then calls a UpgradeTools() method on the vm object..
16:59:27 <enrh> However yeah, I've got some research to do- thanks
17:02:39 <akasurde> yup
17:02:56 <akasurde> Sure, please raise an issue and PR as well
17:09:58 <akasurde> Closing the meeting since we are little over time
17:10:07 <akasurde> enrh, thanks for join-in
17:10:11 <akasurde> #endmeeting