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16:01:02 <akasurde> Hello All,
16:01:14 <mariolenz> hi
16:06:39 <akasurde> #chair mariolenz
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16:06:45 * akasurde waves
16:07:30 <mariolenz> https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/47271 looks abandoned. i'm thinking of working on this one. but i don't know how, it's not my pr. i thought i'd just copy the code and open a new pr, would that be ok?
16:09:01 <akasurde> mariolenz, yes, ckotte is no longer working on this
16:09:25 <akasurde> You can take it and address all review comments
16:09:48 <mariolenz> ok, great.
16:10:10 <akasurde> Ping me when done
16:10:43 <akasurde> Include ckotte (original author name) as well
16:21:43 <akasurde> #chair Nomad_
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16:22:46 <Nomad_> Quesion, appologies if I haven't found a doc yet, please feel free to point me to it.  I'm new to the forum here and have been scraping through what I can find, but i'm wondering when there would be a release for the vmware ansible modules, especially with Python3 support and the like?
16:23:09 <Nomad_> Give me a couple weeks and I'll try and be an active contributor as well.
16:26:40 <akasurde> Nomad_, what do you mean release for vmware Ansible modules ? Are you looking for something
16:26:54 <akasurde> Nomad_, Welcome to the community
16:30:37 <Nomad_> Thank you.   And I was told on a slack channel the push for python3 compatibility and some other new modules that are in PR's are waiting on the 2.9 release.  But that's 3rd party so I wanted to ask directly
16:31:16 <akasurde> 2.9 release is due today
16:31:45 <akasurde> So modules which are marked for 2.9 will be released with that
16:32:12 <akasurde> We are in process of creating VMware collection which will simplify the release cycle
16:32:13 <Nomad_> ok, perfect answer, thank you.  I didn't know if there was a "we'll release a month after then to let the dust settle" type plan.
16:33:13 <akasurde> Collection will look like this - https://github.com/ansible-collections/vmware_rest
16:33:16 <mariolenz> akasurde: you sure? current roadmap says 2019-10-31 for the final release.
16:33:31 <akasurde> mariolenz, let me check again
16:33:54 <Nomad_> yeah, just asked the ops in #ansible, they said 31st, as well as on their roadmap
16:37:34 <akasurde> mariolenz, Nomad_ sorry for wrong date, I thought it is 21st
16:37:47 <Nomad_> perfectly fine
16:37:49 <mariolenz> but to come back to the original question, as far as i know all vmware modules already are python 3 compatible. 3.5 and later it think, but i'm not sure.
16:37:56 <akasurde> Today is last date for changes to go in 2.9
16:38:15 <Nomad_> I'm on 3.6 and having issues, seems a lot are still 2.x based on print statements
16:38:38 <akasurde> I haven't tried all but seems to work for me on 3
16:38:48 <akasurde> Nomad_, can you paste some example ?
16:39:19 <Nomad_> yep, looking for them
16:44:04 <Nomad_> akasurde: I'm looking for the ones I had to edit, but one exaple is there's a PR to include: https://github.com/sarathk-vmw/nsxansible/blob/master/library/nsx_edge_firewall.py
16:44:17 <Nomad_> ( in github.com/vmware somewhere, saw it when looking for that file  )
16:46:37 <Nomad_> but if I'm on the wrong repo and https://github.com/vmware/nsxansible is deprecated, I appologize
16:47:31 <akasurde> https://github.com/vmware/nsxansible is official repo from VMware for NSX-v product line
16:48:52 <Nomad_> yeah, we're deploying a lot of those, well nsx-t now, but deploying photon containers in vSphere is being worked on also and bit me a couple times. I can't find the ones I had to edit due to what looked like py2 vs py3 ( things like "print ..." vs "print('...')"
16:52:52 <akasurde> Yes, those modules are pretty old and you may want to start with Python 3 only support (print("...")) like changes
16:53:12 <akasurde> But for that repo you may want to contact VMware because it is their Official repo
16:53:50 <akasurde> For NSX-t - This is updated repo - https://github.com/vmware/ansible-for-nsxt
17:03:56 <akasurde> Nomad_, mariolenz thanks for joining the meeting
17:04:01 <akasurde> #endmeeting