16:02:09 <akasurde> #startmeeting Ansible VMware Working Group
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16:07:44 * alongchamps waves
16:08:15 <akasurde> #chair alongchamps
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16:08:22 * akasurde waves back
16:09:34 <alongchamps> I can't wait for the module_defaults group/vmware: stuff to be added in to 2.10
16:09:56 <alongchamps> just found that today and it will be way better than having host/user/pw/esxi_hostname on every play
16:10:07 <akasurde> alongchamps, yes
16:10:20 <akasurde> Even I was excited to see for the first time
16:10:45 <alongchamps> I think 2.10 is quite a ways out though, do you know if there are any plans to backport that? I'm not sure what's involved with setting that up
16:11:36 <akasurde> Let me check
16:12:01 <akasurde> Sorry, since this is a new feature we can't back port it
16:12:10 <akasurde> But with collection we can use it :)
16:12:16 <alongchamps> ok no worries
16:12:32 <alongchamps> I will look for the 2.10 RC when it becomes available
16:15:25 <akasurde> alongchamps, we will have collection before that so finger crossed
16:26:02 <alongchamps> sounds good
16:26:12 <alongchamps> I am on a support call now and didn't have anything else to discuss
16:26:16 <alongchamps> not sure if there was anything on the agenda
16:27:12 <akasurde> Ok no problem
16:27:20 <akasurde> Even I don't anything to discuss
16:27:27 <akasurde> I will close the meeting then
16:27:31 <akasurde> #endmeeting