16:02:24 <akasurde> #startmeeting Ansible VMware Working group meeting
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16:02:35 <akasurde> #chair jtyr
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16:02:40 <akasurde> Hi jtyr
16:03:19 <jtyr> Hi
16:03:33 <jtyr> Just created this: https://github.com/ansible/community/issues/423#issuecomment-560460206
16:06:19 <akasurde> jtyr, in PR 63741, Any reason why we are removing find_vmdk ?
16:06:23 <akasurde> function*
16:07:01 <jtyr> because it's not used after anywhere else after I implemented the changes discussed on the last meeting ...
16:07:57 <akasurde> Oh I missed the last meeting
16:08:31 <jtyr> I know ;o)
16:08:36 <akasurde> So If I understand correctly you are directly assigning user input for vmdk files to device
16:08:52 <jtyr> Correct
16:08:55 <akasurde> don't you think we should validate first before proceeding
16:09:04 <akasurde> Like the function does ?
16:09:37 <jtyr> Ideally yes, but the validation as currently implemented can take hours to complete ... at least that was my experience as described in the PR description ...
16:10:09 <akasurde> Oh I seriously miss last meeting
16:10:21 <jtyr> I know ;o)
16:12:21 <akasurde> jtyr, do you think we can add a flag to override current beha
16:12:40 <jtyr> This is what I did originally
16:12:53 <jtyr> but we agreed to remove the flag on the last meeting ... ;o)
16:13:11 <akasurde> facepalm
16:13:15 <akasurde> OK
16:13:23 <akasurde> I will go ahead and merge this
16:13:29 <jtyr> Cool
16:14:38 <akasurde> #action akasurde merge 63741
16:15:49 <akasurde> For PR 63740, I need to review, is that OK with you ?
16:16:02 <jtyr> sure
16:16:05 <akasurde> #action akasurde review 63740
16:18:54 <akasurde> #chair Enphuego
16:18:54 <zodbot> Current chairs: Enphuego akasurde jtyr
16:19:20 <Enphuego> thanks?
16:20:37 <akasurde> jtyr, 43435 I am OK with change, just needs heads from Goneri for Test part
16:22:23 <jtyr> Sure. He has advised me how to solve testing issue I had - to skip the test for govmomi ...
16:22:38 <akasurde> jtyr, Cool
16:23:17 <akasurde> #chair mariolenz
16:23:17 <zodbot> Current chairs: Enphuego akasurde jtyr mariolenz
16:23:25 <akasurde> mariolenz, Enphuego Welcome
16:23:36 <mariolenz> hi
16:24:11 <akasurde> mariolenz, we are discussing PRs in https://github.com/ansible/community/issues/423#issuecomment-560460206
16:27:51 <akasurde> jtyr, number of CPUs at line 44 is not right since we have an option like hotadd_cpu which can add CPU when VM is poweredon
16:28:06 <akasurde> jtyr I am talking about https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/65429
16:30:26 <Enphuego> 43435 looks pretty good to me, does it break when there is local host storage or does it ignore that?
16:34:39 <Enphuego> akasurde are you sure that the vmware_guest module actually hot adds CPUs?  I thought that just set the option on the VM
16:34:41 <akasurde> Enphuego, how does storage shown in case if it is local host storage ?
16:35:10 <Enphuego> same as shared storage, it's just only visible to one host
16:35:34 <akasurde> https://github.com/ansible/ansible/blob/a8ef5d5034c89dfe35b641ce6309c4ef9812254b/lib/ansible/modules/cloud/vmware/vmware_guest.py#L131
16:35:44 <akasurde> Enphuego, ^^
16:36:07 <akasurde> Enphuego, I will check how does it show where it attached as local host storage
16:36:08 <akasurde> ?
16:36:34 <Enphuego> it doesn't... it's just not available to all hosts on the cluster
16:37:54 <akasurde> Ok
16:38:07 <Enphuego> in my environment at least it's a LUN on a SAN or similar storage, but only made available to one host.  I don't know how you'd detect that in code, I just set group vars in my cluster vars
16:38:47 <akasurde> Jtyr what do you think about Enphuego opinion ?
16:39:35 <Enphuego> sorry I can't be more helpful, I've just seen real life examples where people have a physical server with a bunch of disks attached to the host that's not really meant to be used.  Deploying there would be not what I expect
16:41:08 <akasurde> Enphuego point noted, we need to explore more combinations
16:41:23 <jtyr> sorry, been busy for a minute ...
16:42:29 <mariolenz> i think that vmware_guests hot-adding cpus https://github.com/ansible/ansible/blob/devel/lib/ansible/modules/cloud/vmware/vmware_guest.py#L1033
16:43:16 <akasurde> mariolenz, yes, it is possible to add CPU when VM is on with hotcpu add enabled
16:43:19 <jtyr> What's the concern?
16:43:43 <jtyr> regarding 43435?
16:44:30 <akasurde> Concern is that line https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/65429/files#diff-ed147163551d1eaa084b21f6bab29f96R44 is not true when it says number of CPUs
16:44:44 <jtyr> regarding 65429, I can add: unless hotcpu is enabled ... or something like that
16:44:49 <akasurde> jtyr, we will come back to 43435
16:44:55 <Enphuego> The concern for 43435 is what happens when I have a big local LUN attached to one host in the cluster
16:45:27 <Enphuego> on 65429 the module will actually hot add CPUs?
16:45:31 <akasurde> Enphuego, only attached to one host
16:45:59 <jtyr> I don't have hot adding enabled so I cannot check ...
16:46:19 <Enphuego> yes only one host.  I won't do it as a practice in my environment, but I've seen it happen plenty
16:46:38 <akasurde> jtyr, best way is to use example which is just like amount of RAM or something
16:47:00 <jtyr> ok, I will remove the node about CPUs ...
16:47:14 <akasurde> Jtyr cool
16:47:36 <akasurde> #action jtyr Change example wording in 65429
16:47:42 <Enphuego> let me give hot add a whirl in my environment
16:47:57 <akasurde> Now, PR 43435
16:47:59 <jtyr> akasurde: change done
16:48:33 <akasurde> jtyr lgtm
16:48:47 * akasurde waiting for CI to finish
16:49:07 <akasurde> jtyr for PR 43435 Enphuego has valid concern
16:49:11 <Enphuego> does this line only pull storage available to the whole cluster? 'cluster = self.find_cluster_by_name(self.params['cluster'], self.content)'
16:49:36 <akasurde> Enphuego, it will only pull cluster objects
16:49:54 <akasurde> next line gets all hosts and their mount points
16:50:01 <Enphuego> oh the next line it loops through the hosts pulling all mount points
16:50:13 <Enphuego> so yes it will definitely pick up local storage
16:50:45 <akasurde> Does Cluster has intelligence to use that exclusive storage ?
16:50:53 <jtyr> is that a bad think?
16:51:21 <akasurde> Jtyr frankly speaking never tried such setup
16:51:46 <Enphuego> the cluster doesn't have any intelligence to use the local storage, just the host.  No guarantees that the host picked for build will be the host with the storage
16:51:55 <jtyr> I had ESXis with local storage only in the past
16:52:18 <Enphuego> I've seen it especially when they repurposed hardware
16:52:38 <jtyr> and I was using the vmware_guest module to provision directly on ESXi when there was no vCenter available ...
16:52:38 <Enphuego> you could check the storage from two hosts in the cluster and only use the storage common to both
16:53:00 <jtyr> and that patch is from that time I think ...
16:54:28 <akasurde> Enphuego, Can you test if 43435 works for exclusive storage in cluster ?
16:54:50 <akasurde> Since I am not in lab I can't test now
16:54:56 <Enphuego> let me give it a try
16:55:01 <akasurde> thanks
16:56:39 <Enphuego> I don't have 2.9, will it work properly if I load the changed files into a 2.8 install?
16:56:45 <mariolenz> even if the host picked for build will be the host with the storage, that's probably not what people will want. if i deploy a vm on a cluster, i don't want it to end up on a local datastore.
16:57:33 <jtyr> if you are not using ESXi only ... ;o)
16:57:58 <jtyr> can we check somehow if the host is in a cluster?
16:58:13 <Enphuego> if you are targeting a cluster, hopefully it's in a cluster?
16:59:26 <jtyr> well ... the module works well with ESXi as well .,..
16:59:37 <jtyr> this is what I was using it for ...
16:59:41 <Enphuego> right, but there are two sets of logic there... one for a cluster, one for a host
17:00:36 <jtyr> akasurde: CI finished: https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/65429
17:03:43 <akasurde> I think for Host this logic will work, I am not too sure about cluster though
17:04:03 <mariolenz> Enphuego: if you use the module against a single host, local storage should be ok imho.
17:04:05 <akasurde> First I thought it will but with the case of exclusive storage I am confused
17:04:15 <mariolenz> but it seem to work only with vmfs datastores? some people use nfs.
17:04:45 <Enphuego> yes, if you are using it against a single host then local storage would be an expected outcome
17:05:24 <Enphuego> I'm trying to find a host in my environment that has a large local disk...
17:09:03 <Enphuego> I'm making a host that has a 200TB lun, will be just a minute
17:17:22 <akasurde> Enphuego, jtyr mariolenz what do you suggest for this situtation ?
17:22:37 <Enphuego> I'd suggest checking two hosts in the cluster and selecting only storage that's on both
17:23:49 <Enphuego> that will get rid of most edge cases
17:24:17 <mariolenz> akasurde: i'm not sure, i guess i'll have to think about this. and try one or two things ;-) maybe i can have a closer look into this pr tomorrow and comment.
17:24:42 <akasurde> OK
17:24:58 <akasurde> I feel the same, I will test in my environment too and comment again
17:24:58 <mariolenz> or maybe even today, but then without testing anything.
17:25:15 <akasurde> mariolenz, take your time
17:25:26 <Enphuego> I really wonder how many people let it auto pick the storage in the first place
17:25:43 <akasurde> Enphuego, A lot of I guess
17:26:18 <akasurde> Since we are little over time in this meeting I will end this meeting now
17:26:32 <akasurde> See you soon people, thanks for join-in
17:26:49 <akasurde> #endmeeting