15:59:23 <Goneri> #startmeeting VMware Working Group meeting
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15:59:36 <Goneri> #chair jtyr
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16:02:39 <akasurde> #chair akasurde
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16:04:17 <Goneri> #chair akasurde
16:04:17 <zodbot> Current chairs: Goneri akasurde jtyr
16:04:19 <Goneri> :-)
16:04:32 <Goneri> #topic https://github.com/ansible/community/issues/423#issuecomment-560460206
16:05:11 <Goneri> #topic https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/63741
16:05:26 <Goneri> first one is Don't search for VMDK if filename is defined #63741
16:05:31 <akasurde> I am OK merging
16:05:45 <Goneri> that was fast :-)
16:06:39 <Goneri> Merged, thank you jtyr for the PR!
16:06:50 <Goneri> #topic https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/63740
16:06:53 <akasurde> next
16:07:21 <Goneri> Adding filename and destroy options to vmware_guest_disk #63740
16:08:40 <Goneri> I was not really convinced by the 'destroy' key name
16:08:47 <akasurde> same here
16:09:07 <Goneri> I would prefer something like 'detach'
16:10:35 <akasurde> also, can this be parted by two PRS ?
16:10:49 <akasurde> easy to revert ;)
16:10:53 <Goneri> yes, agreed.
16:11:33 <Goneri> jtyr, does this work for you?
16:12:18 <jtyr> what's PRS?
16:12:43 <akasurde> pull requests == PRS
16:12:54 <jtyr> otherwise 'detach' key is not capturing what that option is doing.
16:12:54 <akasurde> sorry for short form
16:13:05 <Goneri> jtyr, oh sorry, yes it's Github standard jargon
16:13:31 <jtyr> PRs would be better to use...
16:13:48 <jtyr> I thought that PRS is some VMware functionality ... ;o)
16:13:53 <Goneri> jtyr, 'destroy' sounds like (to me) we will clean up the file on the filesystem.
16:14:15 <jtyr> this is exactly what it does ...
16:14:20 <akasurde> Goneri, yes
16:14:25 <akasurde> it is destroying the File
16:14:26 <Goneri> :palmface:
16:14:34 <Goneri> I understood the opposite
16:14:46 <jtyr> it does what it says ...
16:14:49 <Goneri> ok, so then, please ignore all the things I said during the last 5 minutes
16:15:40 <Goneri> then, the PR needs a more formal review, but I'm fine with the idea.
16:17:02 <akasurde> jtyr, are you ok with create a separate PR for each change ? or those changes are interlinked ?
16:17:15 <akasurde> pardon me, if I am missing something here
16:17:53 <jtyr> they are interlinked ...
16:18:03 <jtyr> you need filename to remove the file ...
16:21:11 <Goneri> "The first option (destroy) allows to remove a disk without deleting the VMDK file."
16:21:19 <Goneri> I'm actually still confused by the sentence
16:21:44 <Goneri> it removes the disk from the VM, but the disk remains in datastore?
16:23:25 <jtyr> destroy=yes ... remove disk from the datastore; destroy=no ... keep in in the datastore
16:24:55 <Goneri> thanks for the clarification
16:25:03 <Goneri> can we continue to the next PR?
16:25:55 <jtyr> I'm trying to test the last PR with hot add options enabled ...
16:26:21 <Goneri> #topic https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/65429
16:28:47 <Goneri> jtyr, is there anything to clarify on this PR?
16:29:01 <jtyr> I'm getting: "msg": "Invalid virtual machine configuration.", "op": "reconfig"
16:29:15 <jtyr> CPU and MEM hot adding enabled ... when VM is powered on ...
16:29:34 <jtyr> trying to increase memory only ...
16:30:17 <jtyr> changing CPU works
16:30:58 <Goneri> sounds like a but to me, this should work seamlessly.
16:31:13 <jtyr> yeah ... it should ... ;o)
16:32:58 <jtyr> so should I change the text from: "...the VM must be powered off and the..." to: "...the VM must be powered off unless hot adding features are enabled and the..."
16:34:57 <jtyr> or even better: "...the VM must be powered off unless the hot-add support are enabled and the..."
16:35:31 <Goneri> yes, it sounds way better to me
16:35:46 <jtyr> OK, changing now ...
16:35:55 <Goneri> :-)
16:37:36 <Goneri> anything else to cover?
16:38:18 <akasurde> #topic https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/65663
16:38:56 <jtyr> change pushed for PR #65429
16:39:46 <jtyr> so what about the #63740
16:40:06 <jtyr> do you want to discuss it next week again? ;o)
16:41:17 <Goneri> akasurde, I've just approved your PR
16:41:30 <akasurde> Goneri, thank
16:41:32 <akasurde> Goneri, thanks
16:41:33 <Goneri> jtyr, for https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/63740, I need to test the PR and do a proper review
16:41:49 <Goneri> jtyr, this is not something I want to do during a meeting, since it takes a bit of time.
16:42:19 <Goneri> jtyr, but I've assigned the PR to myself and I will take a look
16:43:13 <jtyr> I just that we are discussing it already 3 weeks ... ;o)
16:44:31 <Goneri> it will be done before xmas :-)
16:44:34 <Goneri> hi pbidkar
16:44:49 <pbidkar> Hi Goneri
16:44:51 <Goneri> #topic CI
16:45:10 <Goneri> I've enabled a new CI job last friday
16:46:02 <Goneri> https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/ansible-devel/vmware%7Csort:date/ansible-devel/-c88lDtZ3vI/-O4XD5b9AgAJ
16:46:17 <Goneri> this post explains all the details of the new job
16:46:41 <Goneri> basically, we now test some of the modules against a REAL vmware environment, Vs govcsim.
16:46:57 <Goneri> this will help us to spot regression/problem before we merge PR.
16:47:19 <Goneri> and the next step is to integrate an additional job to cover the remaining modules :-)
16:48:09 <Goneri> Can I close the meeting, or do with have anything else to cover?
16:48:38 <jtyr> I'm waiting for the CI to finish for PR #65429
16:48:44 <jtyr> so you can merge it ;oP
16:49:05 <Goneri> #endmeeting