16:01:26 <Goneri> #startmeeting Ansible VMware Working Group
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16:02:08 <Goneri> How wants to attend the meeting?
16:02:21 <bcoca> you mean who?
16:02:40 <Goneri> rarg :-)
16:02:44 * bcoca removes holiday brain rust
16:03:26 <Goneri> this is a mistake I've been consistently doing for years...
16:04:03 <Goneri> I guess I need some kind of electroshock therapy
16:11:22 <bcoca> i keep proposing electric dog collars .. but HR keeps blocking me
16:12:50 <Goneri> yes, I understand them. they don't want to pay the R&D to write an bluetooth driver for them.
16:13:21 <Goneri> #endsmeeting
16:13:25 <bcoca> but i already did all that work, even tied to github issues!
16:13:29 <Goneri> #endmeeting