16:08:35 <akasurde> #startmeeting Ansible VMware Working Group meeting
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16:08:50 <akasurde> hello everyone
16:16:56 <Goneri> hey!
16:18:28 <akasurde> #chair Goneri
16:18:28 <zodbot> Current chairs: Goneri akasurde
16:18:31 <akasurde> Goneri, hi
16:19:07 <Goneri> I want to do a little update of the CI situation
16:20:26 <Goneri> Since this morning, we have a new Zuul job to validate our PR. The new job run the integration tests that depend on a vcenter+1esxi
16:21:04 <Goneri> so this complete the existing job, which only run the jobs that depend on a single vcenter instance.
16:21:43 <Goneri> a last job is coming to cover the few tests that depend on vcenter+2esxi.
16:22:46 <Goneri> All these jobs are non-voting. the results won't be taken into consideration by Github, when it computes the "All checks have passed" label.
16:22:47 <akasurde> Nice
16:23:31 <Goneri> This will change once all the tests will be stabilize.
16:23:48 <akasurde> Goneri, OK
16:24:21 <Goneri> and the situation is actually already rather good
16:24:30 <Goneri> one of the blockers is: https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/66300
16:25:30 <Goneri> I would really appreciate if you ping me (@goneri) when you find something odd with the test results.
16:27:17 <Goneri> that's all :-)
16:28:35 <akasurde> Goneri, Can you please review https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/66150 ?
16:28:43 <akasurde> I have 2 shipits
16:28:50 <akasurde> just needs one more
16:31:47 <Goneri> akasurde, ok. I did a 'recheck' to get a new CI status update.
16:31:57 <Goneri> I merge as soon as it's green
16:32:39 <akasurde> Goneri, does recheck re-triggers Shippable as well as Zuul jobs ?
16:33:15 <Goneri> oh a list thing regarding Zuul-CI. We've limited resources, and a check can take several hours. This is a problem we are aware of.
16:33:21 <Goneri> akasurde, nope, just Zuul
16:33:59 <Goneri> Actually, I don't think we will continue to run Shippable after the big collection-split.
16:36:45 <akasurde> oh thats a new news to me
16:36:52 <akasurde> finger-crossed
16:51:42 <Goneri> akasurde, well, I'm not aware of any effort to use Shippable with 3rd parties collection.
16:56:35 <Goneri> akasurde, I guess we can end the meeting
16:56:49 <akasurde> so be it
16:56:53 <akasurde> #endmeeting