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16:10:08 <mariolenz> anything to discuss?
16:29:15 <mariolenz> goneri: nothing to discuss?
16:32:15 <Goneri> no nothing :-)
16:32:59 <Goneri> I'm working on enabling vcenter7 in the CI
16:33:10 <Goneri> otherwise, nothing really import.
16:33:10 <mariolenz> cool!
16:33:57 <Goneri> this thing requires 12GB or memory, it literally explodes our quota :-)
16:37:20 <mariolenz> i have one issue. can someone please have a look at https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/67087 ? i'm not sure if this is really a bug report. personally, i think it might be a feature request... and in that case, i don't see that this will be implemented in 2.9. there's a similar issue for the new collection, too.
16:39:02 * Goneri reads
16:39:18 <bcoca> that is what module is supposed to do
16:39:50 <bcoca> it has no 'aggregate' setting. so vms: should always be 'list of vms that compromise this group'
16:39:55 <Goneri> yes, agreed.
16:40:12 <bcoca> its like saying a = [1] and a = [3]
16:40:22 <bcoca> you should say a = [1,3] if that is what you want
16:41:00 <bcoca> or a = [1,2] && a = [3] in this case
16:41:26 <bcoca> comments in ticket already state this
16:42:31 <mariolenz> oh, yes... there's one more issue. i've removed the documentation link from galaxy.yml because it doesn't exist. does the collection have documentation? or will it have, in the future?
16:42:43 <bcoca> it will in future
16:43:16 <bcoca> right now, look at existing docs in docs.ansible.com, its work in progress to get docs per collection (they will display in galaxy)
16:43:23 <bcoca> but also in ansible docsite for now
16:50:00 <mariolenz> bcoca: i'm not asking for myself, i know how to figure out what a module does ;-) but i think others might want a "real" documentation. but if docs per collection is work in progress, that's fine for me. just wanted to mention it.
16:51:04 <Goneri> #endmeeting