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16:05:17 <mariolenz> hi goneri
16:05:22 <Goneri> aloha!
16:06:55 <xenlo> ouuuh there is PPL!
16:07:09 <xenlo> \°/
16:07:12 <xenlo> :-)
16:07:17 <mariolenz> anything to discuss today?
16:07:28 <Goneri> #chair xenlo
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16:07:32 <Goneri> #chair mariolenz
16:07:32 <zodbot> Current chairs: Goneri mariolenz xenlo
16:07:53 <Goneri> regarding the CI, I would say it's rather stable now
16:08:02 <mariolenz> great
16:08:16 <Goneri> the last problematic job is this one: https://dashboard.zuul.ansible.com/t/ansible/builds?job_name=ansible-test-cloud-integration-vcenter_1esxi_with_nested-python36
16:08:31 <Goneri> like 30% of success, that pretty low. I'm working on that.
16:09:06 <Goneri> It looks like the jobs fail more often with one of our 2 cloud providers.
16:09:27 <Goneri> that's all for me, anything to speak about people?
16:11:11 <xenlo> I only have use question… wich is maybe not the meeting topic
16:11:17 <xenlo> :'(
16:11:37 <Goneri> xenlo, well take your chance :-)
16:11:56 <xenlo> yeah
16:12:34 <xenlo> Is it something that works to create roles(vmware) on vCenter?
16:13:04 <Goneri> what do you mean with "roles(vmware)"?
16:14:01 <xenlo> What manually is done via the vCenter web ui, vSphere Client —> Administration —> Access Control —> Role —> Create role action
16:15:18 <xenlo> It seems that there are "ESXi's roles" and "vCenter's roles" (sorry I'm not an vmware expert at all)
16:16:02 <Goneri> I'm not a VMware guru neith, for the ESXi we've got: vmware_local_role_manager
16:16:08 <xenlo> for ESXi's role I get that vmware_local_role_manager should do the job
16:16:31 <xenlo> but what about the vCenter's role?
16:16:32 <Goneri> I don't think we've got anything similar for vCenter.
16:16:48 <xenlo> Damn,… :'/
16:17:22 <xenlo> And any idea if you could do it via ssh command?
16:18:14 <mariolenz> i'm not sure, but probably not.
16:19:12 <Goneri> vmware_local_role_manager uses authorizationManager underneath, and it seems to be available for vCenter too https://www.vmware.com/support/orchestrator/doc/vro-vsphere65-api/html/VcAuthorizationManager.html
16:19:37 <Goneri> so it "may" just work with vCenter. Did you give it a try?
16:20:24 <xenlo> No, not yet
16:21:51 <mariolenz> i, too, have something to discuss. but let's first finish this one. give me a couple of minutes to read some documentation.
16:24:06 <xenlo> I will test, but first I have to understand how to define autorisations in `local_privilege_ids`
16:27:32 <xenlo> So up to you mariolenz
16:28:02 <xenlo> BTW I created a issue that I faced with vmware_vmotion module
16:28:30 <xenlo> https://github.com/ansible-collections/vmware/issues/125
16:29:11 <xenlo> I don't know if it's eayi to perform a check like "does the vm exist?" before running the job?
16:29:31 <xenlo> if yes, this one would be an easy to fix
16:30:17 <Goneri> xenlo, https://github.com/ansible-collections/vmware/blob/master/tests/integration/targets/vmware_local_role_manager/tasks/main.yml
16:30:29 <Goneri> xenlo, the function test may be useful
16:36:53 <xenlo> Ho great so at least address the request to the vCenter as host in place of the ESXi works
16:37:44 <xenlo> and it seams even with some "vCenter's role's privileges"!
16:39:01 <xenlo> I have to double check in the doc if "VirtualMachine.State.RenameSnapshot" is vCenter only or not.
16:45:59 <Goneri> is there anything else? Or can I close the meeting?
16:47:04 <mariolenz> wait a second
16:48:41 <mariolenz> vmware_local_role_manager seems to be written for esxi hosts, but it looks to me that https://code.vmware.com/apis/704/vsphere/vim.AuthorizationManager.html is also responsible for vcenter. so yes, it's worth a try. if it doesn't work, xenlo, i think you should open an issue.
16:49:10 <xenlo> Ok thanks
16:49:30 <xenlo> in any case I will open an issue
16:49:55 <xenlo> either a feature request (if it does not work)
16:50:17 <xenlo> either a Doc improvement to document the working feature!
16:50:19 <mariolenz> and now for something completely different. i've tried to look into https://github.com/ansible-collections/vmware/issues/77 but can't reproduce the problem. does anyone else has performance issues with vmware_guest_find? looks ok to me...
16:52:22 <Goneri> personally, I've never used this module. So I cannot say.
16:52:25 <mariolenz> i'm not sure if we should discuss this here, but maybe someone can have a look at it and report his or her findings in the issue. i can't troubleshoot performance issues i don't have ;-)
16:52:42 <mariolenz> aport from this, i don't have anything else.
16:52:49 <Goneri> but I would like to improve our functional test coverage of the vmware_vm_inventory plugin
16:52:57 <Goneri> we can cover this module at the same time
16:53:34 <Goneri> https://trello.com/c/VZJiMlYv/85-set-up-a-job-to-test-the-inventory-plugin
16:53:52 <mariolenz> are there performance tests yet? maybe something to consider...
16:54:18 <xenlo> Here we use it in few playbook but we don't have that much of VMs
16:54:26 <Goneri> yes, I would like to spawn enough test VM to be able to collect some performance metrics
16:55:22 <xenlo> And I didn't notice slow answers…
16:56:23 <mariolenz> xenlo: thx
16:56:48 <xenlo> but 30~40 VMs is not comparable of ~4k
16:57:05 <mariolenz> goner: i think it might be difficult to tell whether the performance problems are caused by ansible or ci.
16:57:49 <xenlo> My wife need helps with kids, so I leaving
16:58:00 <xenlo> thanks for your help!
16:58:34 <xenlo> and I keep you posted with my roles's tests
16:58:35 <Goneri> xenlo, good luck with that.
16:59:20 <Goneri> mariolenz, yup, it can also come from the pyvmomi version...
16:59:22 <mariolenz> with the tests or with the kids? scnr
16:59:46 <Goneri> mariolenz, well both I guest :-)
17:00:20 <Goneri> #endmeeting