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16:01:14 <Goneri> Aloha!
16:03:18 <xenlo> Ola
16:04:05 <Goneri> #chair xenlo
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16:04:35 <Goneri> So, we don't have any agenda for this week. Anything to speak about?
16:09:56 <xenlo> Did yo see my reaction on issue #142?
16:10:16 <xenlo> You asked me to propose a PR to clarify the doc
16:11:35 <xenlo> but as I don't feel confortable (read by that «I don't really understand what I'm doing») with the Access Roles
16:11:41 * Goneri reads
16:12:28 <xenlo> Do you think there is anyone from VMware that we could ask input or some Dev from the PyVMomi?
16:12:44 <Goneri> pyvmomi is just a layer on top of the vsphere SOAP API
16:12:53 <Goneri> so this is where we should get the information
16:14:21 <Goneri> e.g: https://pubs.vmware.com/vi3/sdk/ReferenceGuide/vim.AuthorizationManager.html
16:15:52 <Goneri> my understanding: if you target a vcenter, the ACL are global, on all the ESXi, if you target a single ESXi, the ACL are only for the node.
16:16:09 <Goneri> this is a common pattern actually with some other modules.
16:30:07 <Goneri> #endmeeting