20:10:07 <meskarune> #startmeeting Testing
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20:10:15 <meskarune> #chair NetSysFire
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20:11:03 <meskarune> #topic Test the bot
20:11:22 <meskarune> #topic
20:11:32 <meskarune> zodbot: help
20:11:32 <zodbot> Please see https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Zodbot for general help and information about this Supybot - If you want information about a specific command, type .misc help <command>
20:11:34 <phrik> Title: Zodbot - Fedora Project Wiki (at fedoraproject.org)
20:11:43 <meskarune> #topic testbot
20:12:00 <meskarune> I cannot tell if its doing something
20:12:11 <meskarune> #idea test stuff more
20:12:25 <NetSysFire> #agreed
20:12:26 <meskarune> #link example.com
20:12:45 <NetSysFire> #topic needs more testing
20:12:57 <NetSysFire> #action we have to check the log to see if it did anything
20:13:02 <NetSysFire> random message to see if its recording it
20:13:13 <meskarune> testing testing 1 2 3
20:13:30 <meskarune> ok I will end
20:13:34 <NetSysFire> lorem ipsum
20:13:39 <meskarune> #endmeeting