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16:30:32 <decause> #chair JacobCZ
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16:30:39 <decause> #chair mattdm
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16:30:45 <decause> #chair sesivany
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16:31:44 <decause> #topic State of Fedora - mattdm
16:31:57 <decause> #chair decause
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16:32:00 <decause> #topic State of Fedora - mattdm
16:32:05 <decause> #topic State of Fedor
16:32:15 <decause> this zodbot is old :/
16:32:30 * decause mattdm is talking
16:32:33 <decause> it is hard to get press
16:32:41 <decause> I did an interview tih italian press
16:32:45 <decause> but it is harder these days
16:32:58 <decause> this dinosaur is here because numbers are hard
16:33:18 <decause> they are more like trends, rather than hard numbers
16:33:34 <decause> when Fedora 15 came out, we had a downward slide, which concerned many people
16:33:44 <decause> we didn't lose all our users or anything, but it wasn't good
16:33:53 <decause> in Fedora 20, we worked for a year to change things
16:33:56 <decause> Fedora.next happened
16:34:04 <decause> and now 21-23, we're back up to where we should be
16:34:30 * decause mattdm shows the spins download slide
16:34:45 <decause> the grey band is the net install of Fedora server, which is a significant block
16:35:04 <decause> KDE is the most popular spin
16:35:20 <decause> the security spin got an uptick at the end, probably because a classroom decided to use it
16:35:37 <decause> architecture slide: 32bit is going down, but steady around 20%
16:35:45 <decause> EPEL slide: it's going up and up
16:36:12 <decause> fedmsg: we looked at bodhi, package updates, and wiki
16:36:15 <decause> there were 2000 active users
16:36:28 <decause> how many edited the wiki int he past year?
16:36:34 * decause about half raise hands
16:36:50 <decause> there is a bubble for ambassadors, and translations, but there is more happening that we have yet to capture
16:36:58 <decause> the top 10% does about 66% of the work
16:37:03 <decause> that is a pretty good number
16:37:18 <decause> if it were 3 people, I'd be concerned, but its 300
16:37:47 <decause> piechart slide: this shows that the top 10%, only 1/3 of them are redhat people
16:37:56 <decause> which is signficant, but we are a community project
16:38:00 <decause> this is not just a red hat project
16:38:09 <decause> this is a healthy mix
16:38:24 <decause> it's not the kernel, or openstack, but we're still healthy
16:38:49 <decause> I am one of the 9% of the people using my non-RHT email to contribute
16:38:59 <decause> Q: how did you find the "sneaky" ones?
16:39:18 <decause> A: I spent plenty of time looking up nicks, and fas accounts of the top 10%
16:39:35 <decause> it would be higher for the top 1%, but it is hard to be at the top top top unless you are doing Fedora Full-time
16:39:39 * decause 2016
16:39:48 <decause> What are we going to do in the future
16:39:57 <decause> 24/25: it is a challenge for the marketing
16:40:09 <decause> becuase we have newer versions of everything
16:40:13 <decause> and squashed bugs
16:40:39 <decause> but the press made a really sarcastic article about it being just  apoint release
16:40:43 <decause> we're working on polish
16:40:46 <decause> and in th eworkstation install
16:40:58 <decause> the wayland graphics stack may be there by default
16:41:07 <decause> we'll decide if we want it ot be default
16:41:17 <decause> once we do some decisionmaking next month
16:41:20 <decause> if we think it is ready
16:41:27 <decause> who went to a talk about containers?
16:41:41 <decause> containers are a huge thing
16:41:46 <decause> layered image build service is huge
16:41:48 <decause> we make a docker image
16:41:59 <decause> but we need a service where contributors can build docker images just like rpms
16:42:08 <decause> docker images are just a delivery format for software
16:42:23 <decause> making iteasy to contribute should be vailable in 24, shippped in 25
16:42:40 <decause> in workstation, it will tell you in the software center that the new version of the OS is available!
16:43:08 <decause> if people keep talking about the rolling-release of arch, you can say you get to decide when to hit the upgrade button in a 6 month window
16:43:20 * JacobCZ shows photo from the Brno market with a crate of chilli peppers
16:43:27 <decause> one of the htings we're never done well is making marketing a cycle
16:43:34 <decause> it is more than just a press release and swa distribution
16:43:52 <decause> it is about going out and finding users, and people with problems w'ere not solving, and brinign their feedback to the project
16:44:07 <decause> "popele are struggling with X when trying to migrate form Mac"
16:44:24 <decause> getting messaging out to the amabassadors
16:44:32 <decause> when people say things to you, we want to listen
16:44:37 <decause> in particular this year
16:44:46 <decause> Fedora workstation is targeting developers
16:44:59 <decause> the marketing idea is "if you target everyone, you can't sovle all the problems"
16:45:08 <decause> devs will only solve their favorite problems, rather than user problems
16:45:13 <decause> we've seen that in GNOME, is fair to say
16:45:25 <decause> we picked developers, because we're trying to get specific feedback
16:45:29 <decause> and solve specific problems
16:45:35 <decause> we need to talk more to workstation
16:45:41 <decause> but we want to target python devs specifically
16:45:47 <decause> going to python conferences
16:45:48 <decause> and meetups
16:46:07 <decause> and getting specific "moving the needle" on a metric
16:46:11 <decause> we can show progress
16:46:18 <decause> then we go to Red hat and say "look what we did"
16:46:27 <decause> imagine what we could do with a bigger mandate
16:46:40 <decause> once Python devs start talking about Fedora, then we can make case for other devs
16:46:57 <rsc> decause is talking about the university outreach
16:47:12 <rsc> There are 3 people working full-time at university outreach
16:48:07 <rsc> We figured out that Nicaragua is not in Europe ;-)
16:48:48 <Caterpillar> ?
16:49:10 <decause> :P
16:49:10 <JacobCZ> "We are american but we still know that Nicarague is not in Europe"
16:49:20 <rsc> decause: sorry, you are talking to fast for me to transcript...
16:49:24 <decause> rsc: no worries
16:49:25 <decause> :)
16:49:32 <decause> we plan from right to left
16:49:42 <Caterpillar> is there a streaming?
16:49:55 <decause> we start with outcomes, and then do acitivities that reatch outcomes, and then what resources we have that feed into activities
16:50:09 <decause> if we can prove we are "moving the needle" then we can make the case for more support for universities
16:50:15 * decause Fedora Hubs
16:50:36 <decause> Fedora hubs is basically--i've been ehre for awhile, and if you go to the Fedora website, ti looks like nothing is happening
16:50:42 <decause> you go the wiki, and it looks kinda dead too
16:50:53 <decause> but relaly, there are like 2000 people doing crazy amounts of work
16:50:57 <decause> 3 IRC meetings a day
16:51:00 <decause> thousands of emails
16:51:05 <decause> but that is buried from the modern internet
16:51:24 <decause> so, bringing more light to that activity
16:51:32 <decause> this is the design hub
16:51:39 <decause> you can see the mockup
16:53:16 <decause> #help anyone who can write a plug-in for mediawiki that visually degrades a page as the time goes by when no one writes
16:53:25 <JacobCZ> http://projectatomic.io
16:53:26 * decause project atomic
16:53:30 <decause> JacobCZ: #link
16:53:42 <decause> #link http://projectatomic.io
16:53:42 <JacobCZ> #link http://projectatomic.io
16:53:46 <decause> JacobCZ++
16:53:47 <decause> :)
16:53:49 <JacobCZ> :)
16:53:57 <decause> this is about running applications in containers
16:54:13 <decause> Fedora is cool, it was the ideal OS, but hte design is dated
16:54:29 <decause> all the "cool kids" are using things like RancherOS, where docker is part of the init system
16:54:41 <decause> we don't want to break fedora, but we want to realign to the container based OS
16:54:53 <decause> we need to make sure that Fedora can be like this, in the next 3 years
16:55:11 <decause> we'll still need the "legacy" approach, of putting together the OS from rpms
16:55:26 * JacobCZ shows a bunch of lego bricks
16:55:27 * decause lego slide
16:55:39 <decause> the problem: There was all this software, but it was raw
16:55:41 <decause> like raw plastic
16:55:51 <decause> and we started making a distro, which is like making th epellets into bricks
16:55:59 <decause> and then people can put the bricks toether to build things
16:56:00 <decause> now
16:56:07 <decause> we need to give poeple fully-assembled lego sets
16:56:15 <decause> rather than just giving updates
16:56:17 <decause> like security
16:56:29 <decause> we've tested the update, but we didn't test it with all the other combination bricks
16:56:47 <decause> if we have modules, we can make sure the set will still work, even if we change the one brick
16:56:50 <JacobCZ> "lego is awesome"
16:56:55 <decause> we need to be able to delvier fedora in a assembled form
16:57:01 <decause> this is the year when people start to demo these things
16:57:13 <decause> we want to show this type of stuff for Fedora25
16:57:17 <JacobCZ> Any questions?
16:57:18 * decause Fedora25
16:57:51 <decause> Q: Where did you get the "Fedora loves Python" image?
16:57:59 <decause> A: From you churchyard!
16:58:06 <decause> A: I will go back and give you credit :P
16:58:10 <decause> any other questions?
16:58:28 <decause> Q: do we still want to do the tradtional linux events?
16:58:59 <decause> A: You would know better than me. If we're able to convert people, then yes. I go to LinuxCOn, and it is cool for me in NA, and it is nice that we let people know we still exist
16:59:22 <decause> but people who go to conferences, they have a favorite distro, or they are distro-hoppers, and not going to commit anyways
16:59:31 <decause> when I was at LISA, I thought it was valuable
16:59:42 <decause> I had a webbrowser with cockpit, and that was very effective
17:00:14 <decause> it may be valuable for us to go to the places that don't cost lots of money, then yeah
17:00:24 <decause> sesivany: going to events where we can meet new people
17:00:31 <decause> I've been pushing that for 2 years
17:00:34 <decause> makerfairs, stuff like that
17:01:02 * JacobCZ Any questions from you IRC folks?
17:01:25 <rsc> decause mentions that Linux events are still popular depending on the region, eg latin america.
17:01:58 <decause> in the end, we didn't have lots of people who were comfortable going to non-traditional linux events
17:02:16 <decause> sesivany: we don't want to dissappear from traditional events, but they are not as successful
17:02:42 <decause> sesivany: the bottleneck is th people. if we have a list of events, that helps, but we need the people too
17:03:15 <decause> Q: we're not talking about not just getting new users/contributors, but also, we give a lot of support for existing users, who struggle with things like anaconda installer
17:03:21 <decause> it was hard for users to understand
17:03:37 <decause> at one event, we did anaconda support pretty much the whole time
17:03:51 <decause> A: was it thousands of people? or 30?
17:04:14 <decause> Q: it was thousands at the evnet, but we were helping over 30 people. Users are still wondering how to connect to fedora.
17:04:43 <decause> if they are experiencing bugs, it is not clear how to talk to Fedora. We ahve to point them towards the bug trackers, or mailing lists
17:05:05 <decause> mattdm: it'd be good to know how much of your time/mresources you spend doing that kind of support
17:05:20 <decause> mattdm: I wasn't having that experience much in NA, unless it was a pet bug.
17:05:29 <decause> churchyard: yeah, I can back that up
17:05:37 * JacobCZ Any questions from you IRC folks?
17:05:46 <decause> mattdm: as long as it doesn't cost $5K to help 30 people.
17:06:20 <decause> Q: i've sent mail to ambassador list, but it is mostly targeting "startup" people. In Dubai, Dublin, Tel Aviv.
17:06:40 <decause> I'm not so sure it would be helpful for this kind of event, at least not for the organizations there
17:06:48 <decause> I didn't recieve any responses
17:06:58 <decause> the deadline for the first 4 vents in 2016, was the first of this month
17:07:08 <decause> but, the deadlines have shifted
17:07:22 <decause> we have some time before the deadline closes
17:07:49 <decause> I asked on the mailing list, and I'm avialable to go to those events, but I'm not sure which points to high-light
17:07:54 <decause> what should we focus on?
17:08:11 <decause> ambassadors are told to go to places, but not given Agenda
17:08:29 <decause> that is where marketing needs to step in
17:08:45 * JacobCZ "Startup people are crazy" ;)
17:09:41 <decause> if we're going to focus on python, then we need talking points specific to python
17:10:01 <decause> mattdm is about to leave
17:10:15 <decause> mattdm: thank you all for all you do. I hope to see you folks in Krakow
17:10:26 <decause> The audio is ok, the video is not so good
17:11:41 <decause> sesivany: I propose we go through the list of events we've done this year, and get high-level plans
17:11:57 <decause> sesivany: finding things like python events, and getting value?
17:12:16 <decause> giannisk: let's start with some icebreaking
17:12:30 <decause> mitzie: I'm Zacharias, and I'm treasurer for EMEA
17:12:39 <decause> jonatoni: I'm the ambassador from albania
17:12:52 <decause> noriko: I'm not an ambassador, I'm from the localization team
17:13:01 <decause> the l10n team needs help from ambassadors
17:13:17 <decause> mirslav: local CZ ambasador, trying to help as muc as possible
17:13:41 <b10n1k> can the camera show the people who introduce themselves?
17:13:43 <decause> churchyard: I'm miro, and if you don't know me, I'm from Prague, python guy, and I work remote for Red hat on Python
17:13:59 <robyduck> rather difficult to follow without looking at the stream, but I'll try to be here on IRC ;)
17:14:05 <robyduck> b10n1k: +1
17:14:06 <decause> I'm Jiri, sesivany, nad I'm ambassador. I still handle swag and production for Emea. used to be FAMSCO chair
17:14:26 <decause> I'm JacobCZ, and I'm not an abmassador yet, but I'dl ike to become one.
17:14:37 <decause> I'm ambassador fro CZ, and pretty new, and thi sis my first event
17:15:55 <decause> robert: ambassador from germany
17:16:04 <decause> I'm mentoring new mabassaors
17:16:10 <decause> it hasn't been very active, but it will change
17:16:17 <decause> fale: I'm Fabio, ambassador from Italy
17:16:20 <decause> packager
17:16:22 <decause> ambassador
17:16:33 <decause> admin for Fedora.it community
17:16:56 <JacobCZ> Little addition, my real name is Jakub, probably wasn't caught...
17:17:10 <decause> sesivany: perhaps we can discuss the campus strategy?
17:17:14 <rsc> Robert is rsc on IRC (just to add)
17:17:16 <decause> I was busy with other htings
17:17:42 <decause> sesivany: my idea back then was that the whole thing would be tied to ambassadors, and we had hudnreds of pople around the world, and 2/3rds are active maybe?
17:18:07 <decause> sesivany: instead of doing something completely new, we should use this network
17:18:20 <decause> 1 thing I was thinking: We have a structure based on agents
17:18:40 <decause> you are at a university, and you wanna get some help, you can get the list of ambassadors for the country, not the EDU.
17:19:02 <decause> Germany: We have a mail-list, but it is not by country too
17:19:29 <decause> sesivany: I'd like a parallel structure, where we ahve students/teachers at EDU, and staff, so we can have astructure where we have ambassadors who are associated
17:19:35 <decause> if you are here, you can add that
17:19:43 <decause> "I"m in brno, I'm here, I can help you."
17:19:49 <decause> it is one thing
17:19:52 <decause> another thing
17:20:00 <decause> 2) those people should get involved with the EDU
17:20:22 <decause> there shold be a, for example, if they want to use it in the class, with help of docuemntation, they can use it.
17:20:33 <decause> deploying  Fedora in university infrastructure
17:20:42 <decause> currently, we have nothing like that
17:21:03 <decause> if someone comes to us, and asks "i'm interested in Fedora, I'd like to use it in my classroom. How can I do it?"
17:21:09 <decause> we can start from scratch, but we don't have that.
17:21:21 <decause> mattdm mentioned a good exmaple of rht/fedora working with EDU
17:21:53 <decause> the most successful things here, is that we go to the onboarding events. we always attend "basics of programming" which is all new students in their first semester
17:22:00 <decause> we're stitching ourselves to these courses
17:22:09 <decause> we can do that
17:22:17 <decause> and the freshmen are told to do their projets on linux
17:22:36 <decause> if you leave them to their own, they would find their way to Ubuntu
17:22:50 <decause> they'd go for it for no particular reason
17:22:59 <decause> if you present Fedora, then Fedora becomes their #1 choice
17:23:08 <decause> we've done that 2-3 times in the last couple of years
17:23:13 <decause> and the turnout was amazing
17:23:23 <decause> we introduced 500-600 studnts to Fedora
17:23:36 <decause> don't know how many installed, but anecdotes, suggests it was high
17:23:57 <decause> if you have like, 150-200 students, they don't have to switch to Fedora completely, they can use a VM, and tha tis a huge success.
17:24:01 <decause> this hsould be on the agenda
17:24:06 <decause> that isn't the only way
17:24:13 <decause> the teacher being linux postive
17:24:35 <decause> ideal scenario, but targeting the onboarding weeks at EDU, and new, and willing ot try new things, that is very efficient
17:25:00 <decause> cz: every student in my class tried it in my class. we had a presentation talking about linux, and it was in the top list (fedora)
17:25:04 <decause> alot of them are still using it
17:25:17 <decause> ideally, they should see this
17:25:24 <decause> how many people are still students
17:25:28 <decause> *8 hands*
17:25:33 <decause> see, we should take advantage of that
17:25:41 <decause> sesivany: that is the beginning of that
17:32:22 <decause> Germany: aside from Open Source, we ahve the Fedora Electronic Lab
17:32:29 <decause> we have the astromy spin
17:32:32 <decause> and a music spin
17:32:35 <decause> used at EDU's
17:32:44 <decause> less on Open Sourc aspect, more on the Feature aspect
17:33:03 <decause> giannis: is FEL still mainatained?
17:33:41 <robyduck> FEL has not been released since 2 years, but should be built for F24 again
17:33:55 <decause> giannisk: we collect names from Fedora people who are part of EDU's, and we collect contact info for Faculty, then we can start by doing events, and Open Days on campus.
17:35:08 <robyduck> Jam also has not been buit for F23
17:42:51 <decause> noriko: I'm not sure, but for the xample, a couple years ago, I ran a sprint, and 20-30 translators, and we had 6 people in the Osaka office. The topic was to increase number of translators
17:42:58 <decause> they tended to work at small companies
17:43:14 <decause> we wanted to figure out how to get more univeristy contirbutors, and get young people to translate
17:43:30 <decause> they have time, and they have the chance to grab those poeple
17:43:39 <decause> you can join and contribute, not just be a user
17:43:53 <decause> you can contribute with the localization team even if you are not technical
17:44:07 <decause> I talked to the japan ambassador, and we started to connect the teams, but it didn't happen yet
17:44:20 <decause> the ambassador was working by himself, and the localization worked separately
17:44:34 <decause> I'd like to connect to the local area, and the ambassadors can help us
17:45:00 <decause> when i talk to poeple in Osaka, who is a GNOME translator
17:45:16 <decause> 1 tshirt will be able to get people to join
17:45:28 <decause> #info we need more tshirts in APAC (noriko)
17:45:39 <decause> #info we need more marketing materials (sesivany)
17:46:15 <decause> sesivany: it is done regionally
17:46:33 <decause> translation coordinators cannot run the sprint
17:46:57 <fale> decause: What I think we need is to create a template to create a translation sprint
17:47:33 <decause> #info we need a template for a translation sprint (noriko)
17:47:43 <fale> decause: translation is very good because it has a very low ingress barrier and can be a good place to start to collaborate with the community
17:47:48 <decause> fale++
17:47:49 <zodbot> decause: Karma for fale changed to 5 (for the f23 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
17:48:03 <fale> decause++ :)
17:48:03 <zodbot> fale: Karma for decause changed to 19 (for the f23 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
17:48:29 <decause> #info we need basic info for translation coordinators for Hubs (decause)
17:49:02 <decause> #info we need template for a "lightning talk" to give in a classroom (called "class rap" in NA)
17:49:10 <decause> #topic Events
17:49:25 <decause> mitzie is going to show the events list now
17:49:43 <decause> sesivany: events are still the core of our regional activity
17:49:58 <decause> some of the events don't happen in the end, sometimes we pick up new ones as they come
17:50:06 <decause> ti changes, but we need to have a structure and plan
17:50:09 <decause> esp for swag
17:50:41 <decause> let's go through all the events, and decide to organize for them or not
17:51:17 * decause sesivany shows the list of events
17:52:13 <decause> 3Dexpo
17:52:48 <decause> python events should be a priority, but the maker events are still good
17:53:06 <decause> makers want to make
17:53:25 <decause> #info we need Fedora on the raspberry pi
17:56:12 <decause> sesivany: call to order, makers are a good audience, and we need to support it better
17:56:26 <decause> PyCon italy didn' happen
17:56:43 <decause> fale: we had a problem in mabassador groups, we had too few to go to the event
17:56:50 <decause> we had organizational issue
17:57:39 <decause> PyCon.cz is about a month from now
17:57:50 <decause> if there is a PyCon in your country, we need to def support it
17:57:59 <JacobCZ> #link https://cz.pycon.org/2015/
17:58:27 <decause> sesivany: we need to close the gap on python
17:58:33 <decause> not all ambassadors know about python
17:58:37 * JacobCZ (there is no info about 2016 on the site yet)
17:58:41 <decause> we have IDe's, but I don't think there is enough
17:58:54 <decause> #info we need python-specific talking points
17:59:22 <fale> decause: really fast, we can mention the python3 porting that Fedora is doing and the vFAD about this
17:59:44 <JacobCZ> #link https://pycon.sk/en/
17:59:50 * JacobCZ PyCon.sk comming soon as well
17:59:56 <fale> decause: Fedora is good to write python code, but also Fedora is very good with the upstream Python community
18:00:17 <fale> decause: this is a good story, but we need a template, and talking points
18:01:56 <fale> decause: getting the list of all python events in the region is very important
18:02:25 <decause> #info we need to get a list of all the python conferences and events (decause)
18:03:19 <cprofitt> some comments -- sorry if I am intruding in the middle
18:03:32 <decause> cprofitt: yo're good. Are you watching the feed?
18:03:33 <JacobCZ> #link http://oscal.openlabs.cc/
18:04:11 <cprofitt> decause: do not forget about K-12 while focusing on EDU. It is not only about University level students.
18:04:22 <decause> cprofitt: nod nod nod
18:04:23 <cprofitt> I am not on the feed, just reading backlog
18:04:49 * danofsatx is reading backlog, opening feed now
18:04:58 <cprofitt> If you get kids on Linux (Fedora) before college/university they will use it and put pressure on the post-secondary education environent to use it.
18:04:58 <decause> #info we need speakers for OSCAL (jonatoni)
18:05:05 * JacobCZ OSCAL May 14-15, 2016 @ Tirana, Albania
18:05:42 <cprofitt> Also, in the US the state of computer science education is poor. The K-12 space needs help developing curriculum and I would prefer it not be dominate by Apple or Microsoft.
18:05:52 <decause> cprofitt: there is a video/audio link
18:05:54 <cprofitt> excelent opportunity to get in on the ground floor.
18:05:57 <decause> we should try to send it to you
18:06:28 <cprofitt> anyone have a link to the feed?
18:06:39 <danofsatx> https://plus.google.com/events/cdhkl7ebk17l8ihk5poi1ndr0as
18:07:13 <cprofitt> danke
18:07:17 * danofsatx can't hear it though. Stupid laptop.
18:08:01 <decause> #info find a security speaker for OSCAL (decause)
18:08:17 <decause> #info find a security speaker for OSCAL - cfp deadline march 1st (decause)
18:09:34 <JacobCZ> #link http://playit.hu/
18:09:49 * JacobCZ A gaming event in Budapest, the Ambassadors showed Steam on Fedora
18:10:31 <cprofitt> I like his T-shirt -- have to get one of those. :-)
18:10:38 <danofsatx> me too ;)
18:11:14 <cprofitt> depends on the type of games you are making.
18:11:39 <danofsatx> I am attempting to teach my (7 y.o.) son game development on Fedora.
18:12:07 <cprofitt> HumbleBundle - Fedora Edition?
18:12:22 <JacobCZ> now that sound like an interesting idea
18:12:28 <fale> danofsatx: Rgeri77
18:12:36 <fale> decause: Rgeri77
18:12:46 <decause> #info gregary (hungarian ambassador) is the person to talk to about gaming in Fedora (rgeri77)
18:13:25 <decause> cprofitt: :)
18:14:23 <danofsatx> I say "attempting" because I'm not a developer myself.
18:14:31 <decause> danofsatx: :)
18:14:49 <danofsatx> but, we're starting with Python.
18:14:56 <cprofitt> decause: ask anyone there if they would like to be intereviewed for How Do You Fedora.... I will send them the questions. It would be good to get some focus on the ambassadors in the area.
18:15:15 <decause> cprofitt: good idea
18:16:41 <JacobCZ> #link http://barcampblackpool.com/
18:16:44 <decause> cprofitt: link to articles?
18:16:49 <decause> that will help
18:16:54 * JacobCZ barcamp Blackpool should happen. The website is outdated
18:17:12 * JacobCZ in 2nd Quarter
18:17:13 <danofsatx> tangent question - Is OSCON a big enough conference that we could do something like this for FAmNA?
18:17:20 <cprofitt> link: https://fedoramagazine.org/sylvia-sanchez-fedora/
18:17:29 <decause> danofsatx: OSCON is one of the ones that we are going to focus less on
18:17:35 <cprofitt> danofsatx: yes, OSCON is huge.
18:17:37 <danofsatx> roger
18:17:39 <decause> danofsatx: it is *extremely* expensive
18:17:50 <cprofitt> I submitted a paper, but did not get any response... and yes, it is expensive.
18:17:53 <danofsatx> I meant hold a planning meeting, not neccessarily support
18:17:55 <decause> cprofitt: it is the biggest, but the return for the amount of dollars is very small
18:18:15 <cprofitt> might be possible to do an unconference nearby, but the cost to be at the conference is prohibitive.
18:18:15 <decause> doing a "BoF" or something that doesn't require us to pay for a table would be great
18:18:36 <decause> cprofitt: the Community Leadership Summit is a free one the day before
18:18:41 <decause> def worth going to if we can
18:18:50 <decause> but I am not sure if even i will be goin to OSCON this time around
18:19:08 <decause> I only went last year because I was on the EDU Track selection committee, and I don't hink I'm on it this time around
18:19:10 <danofsatx> heh...and I am - it's right up I-35 ;)
18:19:59 <decause> danofsatx: I'm not saying dont' attend--absolutely do--but I don't think we (OSAS) are going to pay the tens-of-thousands of dollars to get a community table there again this year
18:20:09 <danofsatx> understood
18:20:16 <decause> we'd rather reroute that budget into local meetups, hackathons, or other events
18:21:03 <JacobCZ> #link https://fedoramagazine.org/flock-2016-krakow-poland/
18:21:24 * JacobCZ Flock August 2-5 2016 @ Kraków, Poland
18:21:37 <cprofitt> decause: want to affirm the need for Fedora to have an up-to-date Rasp PI image.
18:21:37 <danofsatx> but, with the geographical dispersion and the cost of travel, it might be better to do a FAmNA planning session through a hangout, complete with screen/slide sharing (by decause, of course ;) )
18:22:05 <JacobCZ> #note we need sponsors for Flock
18:22:30 <danofsatx> The Linux Foundation?
18:23:25 <JacobCZ> #note we could use some media sponsors like technology magazines
18:24:15 <danofsatx> heh. how 'bout Canonical?
18:24:18 <JacobCZ> We could get someone from Microsoft to have a talk about Azure, .NET etc.
18:24:56 * JacobCZ "We could say we are sucking money from Microsoft to make Fedora" ;)
18:25:29 <JacobCZ> Microsoft might be interested in having a talk about Fedora in Azure
18:26:30 <JacobCZ> Book a bus, go from one end of the state/country to the other and pick up people on the way...
18:26:51 <danofsatx> https://twitter.com/OpenAtMicrosoft
18:28:05 <danofsatx> how many NA ambassadors do we have, 20?
18:28:13 <JacobCZ> There should absolutely be a bus from Brno to Kraków, because noone is going to fly there...
18:28:36 <decause> #info more info on getting ground travel to Krakow for ambassadors (decause)
18:29:09 <JacobCZ> #note Tourbus goes from Brno to Kraków
18:29:18 <danofsatx> link to trac you're displaying?
18:30:13 <JacobCZ> link: http://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/463
18:30:55 <JacobCZ> (requires FAS login)
18:32:22 <JacobCZ> If you need larger budget, you should announce it in advance
18:32:44 <JacobCZ> Do not approve your own tickets
18:33:00 <danofsatx> got it, thanks JacobCZ
18:33:07 <JacobCZ> danofsatx: NP
18:33:43 <decause> #info we should file a ticket in FAmSco to require peer-review for budget tickets (cannot approve your own tickets)
18:34:15 <JacobCZ> The PyCon.cz was really cheap
18:34:44 <JacobCZ> PyCon.sk will be more than $300
18:35:40 <JacobCZ> (changed to $400)
18:36:31 <decause> cprofitt: yes, affirmed, high-priority for Rpi image (v2 compatible)
18:37:02 <decause> cprofitt: secondary architecture folks did some work during FOSDEM/DevConf (probinson is the upstream dev at RHT)
18:37:20 <JacobCZ> The LinuxCon Europe was relatively expensive, but the audience is really important
18:37:55 <JacobCZ> This year will be cheaper. It's in Berlin.
18:38:22 <JacobCZ> #link http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/linuxcon-europe
18:38:38 <JacobCZ> We should spend a bit more money to make a separate Fedora Day there
18:39:43 <decause> JacobCZ: if it is a meetup, there /could/ be some OSAS funding I can propose to send with enough notice
18:39:59 <decause> OSAS wants to support BoF/meetups that go on before/after the big expensive events
18:40:14 <decause> (*before is better too, because people are usually burnt out after)
18:40:29 <danofsatx> tanslation for BoF, please? I've not seen that one yet
18:40:55 <decause> #info BoF = Birds of a Feather session. usually an informal meetup for a special interest group
18:40:59 * danofsatx is stuck on BofH
18:41:09 <danofsatx> oh, ok...makes sense
18:41:17 <decause> danofsatx: I proposed a BoF for Fedora Friends at Red Hat Summit, for example
18:41:21 <JacobCZ> #link http://www.t-dose.org/
18:41:29 <decause> danofsatx++
18:41:32 <decause> good question though
18:41:32 * JacobCZ (confirmed Dutch)
18:42:37 <JacobCZ> There is probably a fake Ambassador who claims to go to every event but never shows up
18:43:51 <danofsatx> I still have sound on the stream
18:43:56 <danofsatx> I can hear it fine
18:44:28 <JacobCZ> it is probably an issue on the user's side...
18:44:29 <danofsatx> live stream is fine, maybe the hangout itself is wonky
18:44:42 * danofsatx assumed it was a hangout being streamed
18:45:04 <JacobCZ> Will FSCON have the same budget ($1300)? Probably yes.
18:45:22 <JacobCZ> OSOL was cancelled this year
18:45:54 <JacobCZ> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/OSOL_Conference_Szeged
18:46:40 <JacobCZ> Fosscomm had booth with about 8 greek fedorians. Should happen again this year
18:47:00 <JacobCZ> Budget should be kept at $500
18:47:29 <JacobCZ> PyCON.cz will not have free blue lemonade this year
18:47:37 <danofsatx> :(
18:47:45 <JacobCZ> the idea might be repeated sometimes, but won't be put in the budget this year
18:48:48 <danofsatx> I'm assuming what's displayed now is a Google Sheet. Can we get a view access link to that?
18:49:01 <decause> danofsatx: yeah, it's google, don't have the link though
18:49:05 <decause> someone else?
18:49:52 <JacobCZ> FAD Singapore. Not sure why it's covered by EMEA
18:49:58 <jflory7> Caterpillar: https://plus.google.com/events/cdhkl7ebk17l8ihk5poi1ndr0as
18:50:17 <jflory7> danofsatx: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IAt2udlv-gwTjUYfhqvNOnwL_1FH_NC4AhobdFH1tNU/edit?usp=sharing
18:50:20 <JacobCZ> http://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/656
18:50:30 <decause> didn't realize you were here to jflory7 :)
18:50:57 <jflory7> decause: Kind of sort of, was listening in stream since you guys started but audio started to degrade for me, so I'm just watching IRC for now :)
18:51:05 <decause> jflory7: nod nod nod
18:51:07 * jflory7 is still reading scrollback, about halfway down page
18:51:23 <JacobCZ> The FUDcon request is not very transparent. Ticket approved by self
18:51:36 <Caterpillar> I want that shirt
18:51:42 <Caterpillar> thx jflory7
18:51:51 <decause> we have an #info item to file a ticket on famsco
18:51:52 <jflory7> Caterpillar++ no problem :)
18:53:04 <JacobCZ> Visa requests should be made more in advance, because the visa request takes some time to process
18:53:32 <JacobCZ> Someone from kosovo could not arrive because of the visa
18:54:27 <JacobCZ> #note peer-ticket-approval ticket should be filed
18:54:43 <decause> JacobCZ: the command is #info
18:54:49 <JacobCZ> oh, okay
18:54:52 <decause> JacobCZ++
18:55:00 <JacobCZ> #info peer-ticket-approval ticket should be filed
18:55:13 * danofsatx really sat down to do homework, not eavesdrop on an EMEA planning meeting
18:55:18 <decause> :P
18:55:25 <jacobcz> decause: seems not to work with uppercase username
18:55:49 <decause> jacobcz++
18:56:01 <decause> jacobcz: the reason it doesn't work may be because you are not registered in FAS?
18:56:14 <jacobcz> decause: I am, with jacobcz username
18:56:20 <decause> jacobcz++
18:56:26 <decause> maybe you already got a cookie from me?
18:56:35 <decause> .fasinfo jacobcz
18:56:36 <zodbot> decause: User: jacobcz, Name: Jakub Sycha, email: jakubsycha@gmail.com, Creation: 2016-02-07, IRC Nick: None, Timezone: UTC, Locale: C, GPG key ID: None, Status: active
18:56:39 <zodbot> decause: Approved Groups: cla_done cla_fpca
18:56:50 <jacobcz> oh, I don't have IRC nick set
18:56:53 <decause> jacobcz: you don't have an IRC nick
18:56:54 <decause> yeah
18:57:32 <JacobCZ> .fasinfo jacobcz
18:57:33 <zodbot> JacobCZ: User: jacobcz, Name: Jakub Sycha, email: jakubsycha@gmail.com, Creation: 2016-02-07, IRC Nick: JacobCZ, Timezone: UTC, Locale: en, GPG key ID: None, Status: active
18:57:36 <zodbot> JacobCZ: Approved Groups: cla_done cla_fpca
18:57:40 <JacobCZ> decause: should work now
18:57:56 <jflory7> JacobCZ++ Best of luck in becoming an Ambassador :)
18:58:09 <JacobCZ> jflory7: thanks :)
18:59:12 <JacobCZ> "The fedora badge should be more general, like getting a badge for starting fedroa for the first time"
18:59:17 <JacobCZ> *badges
18:59:56 <decause> JacobCZ++
19:00:03 <decause> jacobcz++
19:00:12 <decause> probabaly takes an hour to proc
19:00:18 <JacobCZ> oh, okay
19:00:27 <danofsatx> 15 mins '_
19:00:40 <danofsatx> er, ;) even - it's a 15 minute cron job
19:01:34 <JacobCZ> "Marketing is extremely expensive"
19:01:41 <danofsatx> no shit
19:01:49 <decause> :P
19:01:50 * danofsatx shuts up
19:01:54 <JacobCZ> lol
19:03:29 <JacobCZ> cz needs more PyCon stickers ;)
19:04:49 <JacobCZ> DevConf budget being discussed
19:05:12 <JacobCZ> We do not need to invest in DevConf. This meetup might have cost some money though
19:06:10 <JacobCZ> We should make a list of pycons in europe
19:06:24 <netSys_phone> Good afternoon from Spain
19:06:27 <decause> #info make a list of python conferences
19:06:30 <decause> netSys_phone: welcome!
19:06:40 <netSys_phone> !fas netSys
19:06:42 <decause> someone have link for hangout?
19:07:08 <JacobCZ> https://plus.google.com/events/cdhkl7ebk17l8ihk5poi1ndr0as
19:09:42 <netSys_phone> Im phone
19:09:44 <JacobCZ> There should be an event in October in (romania?) with approx. >100 attendees
19:09:45 <danofsatx> decause: do you have op priveleges for this chan? can you put hangout link in topic?
19:09:52 <decause> danofsatx: I don't
19:10:05 <decause> :/
19:10:06 <danofsatx> wait, this is a meeting - set the meeting topic ;)
19:10:14 <jflory7> .fas netSys
19:10:14 <zodbot> jflory7: drnetsys 'Donnie Roberson' <droberson@drnetworksystems.com> - netsysdeb 'Debashis' <debashis@mail.org> - netsys 'Alvaro Castillo' <midgoon@gmail.com>
19:10:23 <decause> danofsatx: zodbot is too old
19:10:28 <netSys_phone> I'm third
19:10:33 <decause> #topic Change me plz
19:10:37 <decause> see?
19:10:39 <jflory7> netsys++ welcome!
19:10:39 <zodbot> jflory7: Karma for netsys changed to 1 (for the f23 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
19:10:49 * jflory7 is caught up now
19:10:49 <netSys_phone> Thanks! :-D
19:10:51 <JacobCZ> We should not allocate budget to event we don't have really planned out
19:11:21 <jflory7> +1 to the entire earlier discussion of Campus Ambassadors... this is actually a very hot topic in FAmNA recently too. /me is sad he missed that part of the discussion
19:11:37 <jflory7> I think there is a major urgency for cross-region collaboration on this
19:12:03 <jflory7> FAmNA is looking to try to make an impact as early as March 4 - 5 at a university hackathon event
19:12:52 <JacobCZ> OSCon is extremely expensive. We should instead allocate the budget to meetups in that area
19:13:29 <JacobCZ> It is a commercial event
19:13:30 <jflory7> ^ this is info that should definitely be relayed to FAmNA too -- I think there is a miscommunication going on about OSCON and how much Fedora will be participating
19:13:45 <danofsatx> Ruth's ticket said table price had increased to $7,500 for OSCON Austin.
19:13:49 <jflory7> FAmNA just set an event owner and is beginning planning for this now
19:14:00 <JacobCZ> #info OSCON should be relayed to FAmNA
19:14:10 <jflory7> danofsatx: Yeah -- my concern is maybe the status on OSCON could have changed since Ruth filed the ticket
19:14:33 <jflory7> She filed it in December and was hoping to get an answer then, but we only just came to a decisive conclusion at our last meeting
19:14:47 <jflory7> I can foresee a lot of frustration if that info is not communicated ASAP
19:14:51 <JacobCZ> God, even the ticket is over $1000
19:15:11 <decause> JacobCZ: yes, very expensive
19:15:14 <cprofitt> jflory7: I will be attedning that... univeristy event.
19:15:22 <jflory7> cprofitt++ :)
19:15:25 <danofsatx> #info https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/119
19:15:30 <netSys_phone> 7,5k of money wtf
19:15:40 <jflory7> Maybe if we're lucky, we might even be able to gain decause... ;)
19:16:19 <netSys_phone> Maybe ... If all goes to The Vegas. Maybe win 7,5k
19:16:33 <decause> jflory7: I /think/ I'm judging brickhack
19:16:37 <decause> I was invited to
19:16:40 <decause> last I remember ;)
19:16:43 <jflory7> decause++ decause++
19:16:54 <JacobCZ> shipping budget was underspent
19:17:11 <decause> #action jflory7 confrim with wilfriedE decause is still invited to judge brickhack
19:17:12 <jflory7> decause: I should get some time to talk to you about that later -- we could use you as a mentor for BrickHack, we got a pretty *sweet* deal on that. Fedora is sponsoring the entire open source category
19:17:23 <JacobCZ> there's $5k still available for swag
19:17:27 <netSys_phone> Can Fedora not get crowfounding for its events more than 1k USD?
19:17:28 <decause> jflory7: way solid
19:17:30 <jflory7> Could use some higher-level strategic planning too
19:17:40 <JacobCZ> and can't be transferred to the next quarter
19:17:43 <jflory7> Good opportunity for Fedora to have increased outreach with 500+ uni studenyts
19:17:46 <jflory7> * students
19:17:49 <cprofitt> decause: I will be willing to travel to events as a speaker, but worry about funding (kids are like locusts and eat lots of money via groceries)
19:17:51 <decause> jflory7: if there are org meetings, lemme know when, and I'll do a video conf with you
19:18:00 <decause> make them later int he evening and I'll be more likely to attend
19:18:09 * kk4ewt is doing a installfest with a uni lug next sunday
19:18:21 <decause> kk4ewt: nice!
19:18:21 <JacobCZ> kk4ewt++
19:18:37 <cprofitt> kk4ewt: cool... let me know how that goes -- install fests around here have had low turnout because it has become so easy to install Linux.
19:18:42 <kk4ewt> we do one every fall and winter semesters
19:19:15 <JacobCZ> we might get some free stickers
19:19:22 <kk4ewt> cprofitt,  get fujisu, hp and dell and lenovo each has its own issues
19:20:29 <decause> #action decause update the commblog stickers article and include the trademark approval process
19:21:01 <cprofitt> kk4ewt: I am running on Dell XPS13, Lenovo T530, X1 Carbon 2015 and others.
19:21:11 <jflory7> decause: Solid, trying to iron out details on budgeting with spot / award3535 for BrickHack. Hopefully we can get to some strategic planning on that soon, hoping to do that next FAmNA meeting, or at least finding people to help with that planning
19:21:47 <JacobCZ> "You should make a trademark request if you want to get a Fedora tattoo" ;)
19:22:17 <cprofitt> I just want that blue Fedora t-shirt... I have an old white one, but the blue looks nice.
19:22:30 <kk4ewt> cprofitt,  ask nb for one
19:22:59 <kk4ewt> myself i like the splash one better
19:23:08 <JacobCZ> #info we need a ticket for swag artwork
19:23:18 <cprofitt> ooh, splash on... got a picture?
19:23:29 <cprofitt> nb: how do I get a sweet Fedora t-shirt?
19:23:50 <kk4ewt> @saylucky cprofitt fedoraproject.org "splash tshirt"
19:23:57 <JacobCZ> cprofitt: you can always print it yourself :P
19:23:57 <decause> cprofitt: coolstuff store?
19:24:36 <decause> #link https://redhat.corpmerchandise.com//ProductList.aspx?did=20588
19:24:40 <danofsatx> I can get one, give me a few minutes
19:24:59 <cprofitt> cool, thanks for the link decause
19:25:03 <kk4ewt> splatter
19:25:04 <kk4ewt> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/T-Shirt#Fedora_Splatter
19:25:11 <decause> cprofitt: the shirt is not as cool there though ;)
19:25:13 <JacobCZ> decause: does that #link thing actually do something, like log the link or something?
19:25:18 <jflory7> JacobCZ: Indeed
19:25:23 <decause> JacobCZ: yes
19:25:25 <jflory7> It will highlight the URL in the meetbot logs later
19:25:32 <jflory7> s/logs/minutes
19:25:39 <JacobCZ> OK
19:26:28 <cprofitt> I like this shirt design... https://redhat.corpmerchandise.com/ProductDetail.aspx?did=17200&pid=163848
19:26:37 <cprofitt> would be cool to see that in a Fedora branded item
19:27:38 * jflory7 would love to get something Fedora-branded that could keep him warm this winter...
19:28:27 <JacobCZ> jflory7: https://redhat.corpmerchandise.com//ProductDetail.aspx?did=20588&pid=151400 (fill with hot water) :P
19:29:11 <jflory7> JacobCZ: Heheh. Not bad idea.
19:29:14 <jflory7> Or coffee!
19:29:16 <jflory7> mmmm
19:29:25 <kk4ewt> but it gets to cool to quick
19:29:27 <JacobCZ> jflory7: it's plastic tho, so DISCLAIMER: might melt
19:29:31 <cprofitt> someday when I grow up I can work for Redhat.
19:29:49 <kk4ewt> and for your FYI
19:29:49 <jflory7> JacobCZ: It's BPA-free, might be okay. At least I won't die by drinking plastics :P
19:29:57 <kk4ewt> F23-20160202 updated live isos are available at http://tinyurl.com/Live-respins
19:29:59 <jflory7> cprofitt: :)
19:30:01 <jflory7> kk4ewt++
19:30:36 <kk4ewt> new set most likely this week as well (4.3.5 is pending push to stable)
19:31:02 <decause> kk4ewt: good to know
19:32:19 <JacobCZ> there are a few countries without ambassadors
19:32:51 <JacobCZ> We could try to use GnuCash to attract smaller businesses...
19:33:10 <JacobCZ> It's only designed for US accounting system though.
19:33:26 <danofsatx> GnuCash desparately needs a UI makeover.
19:33:46 <JacobCZ> danofsatx: absolutel
19:33:48 <decause> #info there is no GNUCash for EU nations!
19:33:50 <decause> TIL
19:35:01 <rsc> The issue with GnuCash is that the EU tax laws are not really covered, so you can not rely just on GnuCash as a business guy running your own business.
19:35:07 <JacobCZ> Static budget site will be published this year
19:35:17 <danofsatx> kmymoney supports EU contries, and looks a *lot* better than GNUCash
19:35:31 <JacobCZ> EMEAs budget should be used as a template
19:35:36 <danofsatx> http://kmymoney2.sourceforge.net/
19:35:52 <rsc> danofsatx: that's right, but unfortunately it still does not cover various situations :-(
19:36:23 <danofsatx> granted, I haven't put it through it's paces yet, so that's good to know.
19:36:25 <danofsatx> rsc++
19:36:29 <zodbot> danofsatx: Karma for robert changed to 3 (for the f23 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
19:37:37 <danofsatx> sorry for the delay, I was having technical difficulties. Here's the pic, cprofitt: http://i.imgur.com/bElQ95n.jpg
19:37:57 <JacobCZ> danofsatx++
19:38:14 <jflory7> danofsatx++ Where can I find one of these?! :P
19:38:34 <danofsatx> they shrink, though...I need to give that one to my daughter (in which case, she'll have two)
19:38:57 <jflory7> decause: [14:31:15] <nirik> likely topic doesn't work because topic lock mode (+t) is set and zodbot is not opped
19:38:57 <danofsatx> It was one of the last ~7  that masta had at TXLF 2015.
19:39:20 <jflory7> +t is set here
19:40:00 <danofsatx> well, we have a channel op present now - kk4ewt, care to fix it for us (temporarily)?
19:41:54 <JacobCZ> EMEA Community booth equipment
19:41:54 <decause> #help decause needs help building the http://budget.fedoraproject.org static website
19:42:09 <decause> #action decause file ticket with websites trac and infra trac?
19:42:16 <JacobCZ> decause: i might help with the website
19:42:23 <decause> JacobCZ: that would be great
19:42:26 <decause> JacobCZ++
19:42:48 <JacobCZ> decause: i'm actually a web designer ;)
19:42:54 <decause> JacobCZ: :) :) :)
19:42:59 <danofsatx> JacobCZ++
19:43:07 <decause> JacobCZ: you should join the websites mailing list also then :)
19:43:28 <JacobCZ> decause: I haven't joined any lists yet actually, but I will
19:43:38 * danofsatx needs to close this stream and get to work.
19:43:50 <jflory7> jacobcz++
19:43:59 <danofsatx> I expect a full recap later, jflory7, decause ;)
19:44:07 <jflory7> danofsatx: Acknowledged :)
19:44:28 <JacobCZ> decause: can i get a link to the website list please?
19:44:51 <jflory7> JacobCZ: Definitely check out the Fedora Websites team if you have some web design skills. Also, I'm a bit biased on this one, but Fedora CommOps is a fantastic sub-project of Fedora that could use some new contributors. :)
19:44:54 * jflory7 can grab the links
19:45:11 <jflory7> JacobCZ: https://lists.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/websites
19:45:36 <jflory7> JacobCZ: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Websites/Join
19:45:45 <jflory7> JacobCZ: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/CommOps
19:45:51 <jflory7> Check those out if you have a moment :)
19:45:58 * jflory7 realizes CommOps needs a join series...
19:46:16 <danofsatx> didn't we discuss that already?
19:46:19 <JacobCZ> jflory7++
19:46:20 <jflory7> #action jflory7 File a CommOps ticket for creating a Join series of pages on the wiki
19:46:35 <jflory7> danofsatx: Err, which part?
19:47:01 <JacobCZ> decause: i've just subscribed to the websites list
19:47:30 <danofsatx> the join commops
19:47:54 <jflory7> danofsatx: Not that I recall, but I may have missed the discussion
19:48:20 <danofsatx> hmmm.... k.
19:48:26 <decause> #link http://www.unixstickers.com/fedora
19:48:29 <decause> new swag vendor
19:48:57 <JacobCZ> decause: awesome
19:49:25 <JacobCZ> lol
19:49:29 <decause> excellent!
19:49:36 <kk4ewt> sorry chanserv wont let me
19:49:37 <decause> #topic Swag
19:49:39 <danofsatx> decause: can we start a thing in FAS, that when a new user registers and inputs their address they get shipped a sticker(s)?
19:49:40 <decause> nope
19:49:42 <decause> :P
19:49:46 <JacobCZ> kk4ewt: use chanserv to do it
19:49:47 <jflory7> kk4ewt: Maybe temporarily opping zodbot?
19:50:45 <danofsatx> 'twas simply an idea. carry on ;)
19:51:06 <JacobCZ> see you later....
19:51:16 <kk4ewt> now try decause
19:51:31 <decause> #topic end of meeting
19:51:32 <decause> nice
19:51:40 <decause> just in time ;)
19:51:49 <jflory7> kk4ewt++
19:51:50 <decause> #endmeeting