21:02:52 <ctyler> #startmeeting
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21:03:03 <ctyler> #chair jonmasters jsmith
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21:05:01 <ctyler> #topic Post FUDcon Follow-up
21:06:41 <ctyler> #action Brendan to lead effort to get Wiki page for PA transition up
21:08:55 <ctyler> #topic Status of Rawhide & Builders
21:09:15 <ctyler> Peter noted a few issues with GCC etc. but no major blockers
21:14:36 <ctyler> 2 Trimslices en route to Seneca for testing as builders, more may follow
21:15:22 <ctyler> RH internal systems being added as builders, maxam to follow up with dgilmore on certificates for those builders
21:17:15 <ctyler> Some problems with Guruplugs - new console unit en route
21:19:16 <ctyler> SSDs - hold off pending RH builders joining as heavybuilders
21:19:21 <ctyler> #topic Next Steps
21:19:29 <ctyler> Dennis at Seneca next week
21:19:37 <jsmith> Focus on F17
21:19:43 <ctyler> Proposals for PA
21:22:13 <ctyler> Build as hard and as fast as possible towards Rawhide - do F15 builds at lower priority (or stop altogether)
21:24:24 <jsmith> How much difference between f15 and f17
21:24:59 <jsmith> Two choices: Pick up F15, or build-previous (which will pick up the just-before-F17 branch)
21:30:04 * orc_fedo on call
21:30:24 <jonmasters> dgilmore: we need to discuss koji-shadow setup. Do we want build-previous or everything? Is there such a library-bump issue or similar that we need to build everything?
21:32:06 <ctyler> #info daily sync-up @4 EST for current status
21:32:44 <dgilmore> there is some major soname bumps between f15 and rawhide
21:33:16 <ctyler> dgilmore: do we want to do a selective build-previous to accelerate the shadowing?
21:33:29 <jonmasters> dgilmore: ok, so that suggests we do need to recurse back through previous build roots and build previous is not sufficient?
21:34:05 <jonmasters> dgilmore: what would you feel most comfortable with? I would obviously like to accelerate builds, but not at the cost of making anyone uncomfortable with reproducicility
21:34:15 <dgilmore> jonmasters: build-previous could be ok.  but its a bit of a hammer
21:34:18 * ctyler holds off on endmeeting to include this discussion
21:34:29 <jonmasters> pbrobinson: if you're around...what's your opinion?
21:34:53 <jonmasters> dgilmore: ctyler is noting that we otherwise might end up with e.g. 10 additional builds for a given package if we let koji-shadow recurse
21:34:59 <dgilmore> ctyler: maybe we want to look at the major soname bumps and get those handled
21:35:03 <dgilmore> then koji-shadow it
21:36:51 <jonmasters> dgilmore: we mentioned you'll be working with ctyler 's group to setup certs for the RH builders
21:37:29 <dgilmore> jonmasters: ok
21:39:07 <ctyler> #endmeeting