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14:31:01 <bookwar> #topic Init
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14:32:21 <bookwar> ok, let's get started
14:32:32 <bookwar> #topic Zuul update
14:32:44 <bookwar> fbo: it is yours :)
14:33:14 <fbo> bookwar: thanks
14:33:29 <fbo> So the system is ready to be beta tested
14:34:00 <fbo> For sure it will need a lot of improvements but we need to receive user feedback
14:34:06 <bookwar> if i have a package I want to onboard, how do I apply?
14:34:25 <fbo> The wiki page has been updated to give the process
14:34:43 <fbo> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Zuul-based-ci
14:34:59 <fbo> Section 1.3 explains the process
14:35:07 <bookwar> #info Zuul test on pull-request is ready for early adopters
14:35:10 <bookwar> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Zuul-based-ci#Configure_the_repository_for_Zuul
14:35:16 <bookwar> awesome
14:35:28 <fbo> For instace this project is using the system. See this PR https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/python-zuul-sphinx/pull-request/2
14:36:01 <bookwar> I see you already run dist-git tests?
14:36:28 <fbo> bookwar: yes
14:36:56 <bookwar> do you plan to write an announcement to ci and fedora-devel? I think it is worth it
14:37:38 <fbo> there is multiple templates available (explained in the wiki page) for instance we run test for that package https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/python-gear/pull-request/8#comment-32598
14:38:01 <fbo> bookwar: well I would like to get some beta tester first from the CI team
14:38:25 <fbo> bookwar: but also I'm not confident due to https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/8320
14:38:44 <fbo> sometime src.f.o does not call configured web hooks
14:39:17 <bookwar> #info sometimes the hook is not called https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/8320
14:39:19 <fbo> for instance last Friday and Monday, Zuul did not received any call from src.f.o
14:39:28 <bookwar> is there a way to retry it?
14:39:29 <fbo> and it started to work yesterday.
14:40:21 <fbo> bookwar: no if src.f.o does not call the configured callback when a PR is open/commented/updated/merged then that's an issue
14:40:46 <bookwar> i think it is worth to add a note about it in the doc, so that early adopters are aware of known issue, and have some strategy what to do once they see it
14:40:55 <fbo> I cannot do something zuul side. Zuul is waiting to receive call hook from src.f.o
14:41:47 <fbo> but there no stragegy to adopt ... sometime it just like the call hook processor of src.f.o is stuck
14:41:58 <fbo> and it does not happen with pagure.io or stg.pagure.io
14:42:14 <bookwar> once it works again - should i post another comment or recreate a PR?
14:42:35 <fbo> you can add "recheck" in the comment of the PR ...
14:42:58 <bookwar> pingou: maybe you can check if there is a recommened workaround, which we can document
14:43:00 <bookwar> ok
14:43:01 <fbo> Well I can add a note in the wiki page
14:43:09 <bookwar> yes, thank you
14:43:51 <bookwar> so in short we should just start using it :)
14:43:51 <fbo> who whould be happy to try with its own packages ?
14:44:07 <bookwar> i'll try to get mine
14:44:09 <fbo> yes we need feedback
14:44:45 <fbo> that's all from my side.
14:44:46 <bookwar> mine is called minetest, it is a game, so I will try with that :)
14:44:49 <bookwar> thank you
14:44:56 <bookwar> any other questions?
14:45:07 <bookwar> next topic
14:45:17 <bookwar> #topic Fedora messaging
14:45:26 <bookwar> bgoncalv: so, the update from your side?
14:45:52 <bgoncalv> the PR for resultsdb to process the new message got merged and deployed on staging
14:45:58 <bgoncalv> thanks pingou
14:46:08 <bgoncalv> but I don't know when it can be deployed to production
14:46:47 <bookwar> we talked with pingou yesterday if we can have a freeze exception for this task
14:47:00 <bookwar> he is going to talk about it with the team
14:47:07 <bgoncalv> nice
14:47:15 <bookwar> #info messaging 2.1.0 support is on staging
14:47:39 <tflink> is that for the pipelines or just on the resultsdb side?
14:47:46 <tflink> for the messaging 2.1.0 bit
14:47:54 <bookwar> tflink: only the resultsdb part
14:48:02 <bgoncalv> fedora CI already sends the message using the new format
14:48:19 <bookwar> ah, yes, what bruno said
14:48:21 <tflink> oh, I thought we were talking about fedora-messaging
14:48:31 <tflink> my bad
14:49:00 <bookwar> there are two topics: messaging format and new fedora-messaging bus
14:49:07 <bookwar> so this was regarding format only
14:49:19 <tflink> yeah, that was my misunderstanding - I thought it was about the bus
14:49:51 <bookwar> for fedora-messaging support in jenkins, we have a pending conversation with bstinson to install new jenkins plugin
14:50:14 <bookwar> #info new jenkins plugin for fedora-messaging is ready to be installed, we need to figure out the process
14:50:41 <bookwar> #action bookwar to have a conversation about it
14:50:50 <bookwar> any questions?
14:51:24 <bookwar> next topic
14:51:25 <bookwar> #topic Devconf 2020 CfP
14:51:45 <bookwar> the CfP ends in a week
14:51:59 <bookwar> any plans?
14:52:15 <bookwar> fbo: would you submit Zuul-related workshop?
14:53:35 <bookwar> let's think about it, which topics make sense and what we can cover, new gating pipelines maybe, multi-package gate could be an interesting one
14:53:52 <bookwar> #action Everyone, submit your talks!
14:54:46 <bookwar> i am ran out of topics, so anything from the audience?
14:55:13 <bookwar> #topic Open floor
14:55:35 <bookwar> if not, closing in 2 minutes
14:55:36 <tflink> nothing from me
14:56:43 <abompard> Quick question on my side: I've had very weird file attributes-related errors in a container in CentOS CI that I can't reproduce locally, has anybody seen it too? It this the right place to ask about it?
14:57:06 <abompard> doing a simple "ls /" results in a "Operation not permitted" error
14:57:19 <bookwar> abompard: the channel is the right place indeed, can you provide a link?
14:57:22 <abompard> and "ls -l /" gives me question marks instead of file attributes
14:57:33 <bookwar> i will close the meeting and we can look into your case
14:57:34 <abompard> yes, let me find the logs
14:57:37 <bookwar> #endmeeting