15:37:28 <bookwar> #startmeeting Fedora CI SIG
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15:37:40 <bookwar> #topic Hello
15:37:45 <bookwar> .hello2
15:37:45 <dcantrell> .hello dcantrell
15:37:46 <zodbot> bookwar: bookwar 'Aleksandra Fedorova' <alpha@bookwar.info>
15:37:49 <zodbot> dcantrell: Sorry, but you don't exist
15:37:54 <dcantrell> .hello dcantrel
15:37:55 <zodbot> dcantrell: dcantrel 'David Cantrell' <dcantrell@redhat.com>
15:38:00 <dcantrell> finally
15:38:05 <bookwar> congrats )
15:38:09 <dcantrell> hehe
15:38:17 <bookwar> pingou, bgoncalv ?
15:38:42 * pingou around
15:38:51 <pingou> (but multi-tasking)
15:39:12 <bookwar> #link https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/fedora-ci# agenda
15:39:38 <bookwar> #topic Next meeting
15:40:12 <bookwar> Next meeting goes on January 1st, so i think we'd rather skip it, and have next meeting on Jan 15th
15:40:19 <bookwar> any objections? :)
15:40:21 <dcantrell> I'm fine with that
15:40:27 <dcantrell> I will not be here on Jan 1
15:41:01 <bookwar> #info skip meeting on Jan 1st. Next meeting Jan 15 2020
15:41:19 <bookwar> #topic Devconf schedule
15:41:36 <bookwar> Devconf schedule was announced, and the tickets are already sold out
15:41:56 <bookwar> I've found three talks related to Fedora CI
15:42:13 <bookwar> and i've got no info on Fedora CI workshop
15:42:40 <bookwar> so i don't know if it was rejected or just workshops are announced later
15:42:55 <bookwar> i will figure out by the next meeting
15:43:14 <bookwar> #info "Rawhide packages gating, things got real, for real" by pingou
15:43:37 <bookwar> #info "CI/CD for Fedora packaging with Zuul" by fbo
15:44:01 <bookwar> #info "Packit - safer updates for your package" by Packit team
15:44:23 <bookwar> #info Fedora CI workshop is not confirmed, still waiting
15:44:33 <bookwar> any questions on that?
15:44:52 <dcantrell> are those all devconf topics?
15:44:58 <bookwar> yes
15:44:59 <bgoncalv> bookwar: I'm here :)
15:45:12 <bgoncalv> .hello2
15:45:13 <dcantrell> ok, well I won't be at devconf so I have no opinion
15:45:13 <zodbot> bgoncalv: bgoncalv 'Bruno Goncalves' <bgoncalv@redhat.com>
15:45:32 <bookwar> #link https://devconfcz2020a.sched.com/
15:46:15 <bookwar> #topic rpminspect in Bodhi
15:46:23 <mvadkert> .hello2
15:46:24 <zodbot> mvadkert: mvadkert 'None' <mvadkert@redhat.com>
15:46:27 <bookwar> this one is more of a question
15:46:49 <bookwar> pingou: i think you showed the link to rpminspect result in the staging infra of bodhi?
15:47:06 <bookwar> what's blocking us in production?
15:47:12 <mvadkert> bookwar: our talk should be accepted
15:47:28 <bookwar> mvadkert: which was that?
15:47:51 <dcantrell> on rpminspect results in bodhi....rpmgrill should go away since rpminspect does those tests
15:48:05 <dcantrell> as I understand it, the history of rpmgrill was to expose a subset of rpmdiff for use by fedora
15:48:09 <mvadkert> bookwar: https://devconfcz2020a.sched.com/event/YOxW/testing-github-prs-on-fedoracentos-with-packit
15:48:27 <mvadkert> Testing Github PRs on Fedora/CentOS with Packit
15:48:41 <mvadkert> dcantrell: indeed, rpmgrill is a dead end
15:48:48 <mvadkert> https://devconfcz2020a.sched.com/event/YOxW/testing-github-prs-on-fedoracentos-with-packit
15:48:51 <mvadkert> bookwar: ^
15:49:04 <bookwar> #info one more for devconf "Testing Github PRs on Fedora/Centos with Packit" by mvadkert
15:49:07 <dcantrell> mvadkert: right, so the view of rpminspect results you have in the CI Dashboard...that's what I would expect in bodhi
15:49:38 <mvadkert> dcantrell: I believe next year we will get dashboard to Fedora
15:49:49 <fbo> .hello2
15:49:52 <dcantrell> nice
15:49:52 <zodbot> fbo: fbo 'Fabien Boucher' <fboucher@redhat.com>
15:51:12 <bookwar> ok, i guess pingou is no there, anyone else knows the latest status on rpminspect messages?
15:51:27 <pingou> I saw the ping, I do not know
15:51:35 <pingou> sorry, multi-tasking :(
15:51:40 <bookwar> ok, then moving on
15:51:52 <pingou> dcantrell: we should catch up on that :)
15:52:03 <dcantrell> pingou: yes, I have it in my notes
15:52:09 <dcantrell> honestly, it would be better for me after the RH shutdown
15:52:19 <pingou> dcantrell: it's also in mine!, maybe we should compare notes ;-)
15:52:25 <pingou> dcantrell: wfm
15:52:49 <dcantrell> pingou: sounds good, I'll send you a calendar invite for january
15:53:13 <bookwar> ok, i don't have anything in the agenda https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/fedora-ci# so i am going to switch to open floor, and see if you have other topics to talk about
15:53:45 <bookwar> #info dcantrell discuss rpminspect results with pingou
15:53:50 <bookwar> #topic Open floor
15:54:25 <bookwar> questions, topics? things we need to do on New Year night? :)
15:54:53 <mvadkert> Testing Farm is working on 2 features for Packit until new year
15:54:56 <bgoncalv> pingou: https://pagure.io/fedora-ci/general/issue/84
15:55:01 <bgoncalv> is this blocking you?
15:55:06 <mvadkert> 1. installation of atifacts will be done by default
15:55:23 <mvadkert> 2. there will be possiblity to define and execute testing without fmf
15:55:33 <mvadkert> by providing an executable script directly in packit.yml
15:55:43 <bookwar> mvadkert: i have concern on the 1st one
15:55:52 <mvadkert> bookwar: listening
15:56:04 <pingou> bgoncalv: not technically atm
15:56:09 <mvadkert> bookwar: maybe I wrote it badly :)
15:56:19 <bookwar> we hit this issue with revdeps pipeline, that the "artifact"  for the distgit test and for the revdeps pipeline are different
15:56:37 <bookwar> and if we install it in the test environment we get different environment
15:57:10 <bookwar> test env on change in the component is not aligned with test running in the revdeps scenario
15:57:27 <mvadkert> this is just about the packit scenariou
15:57:32 <mvadkert> scenario and the copr builds
15:57:43 <mvadkert> we try to install the copr build always, even if no tests defined
15:57:54 <bookwar> yes, but once you set this scenario your test configuration will not include required packages
15:58:20 <bookwar> then if later we are going to reuse this test configuration elsewhere, in downstream it is not going to work
15:58:47 <mvadkert> bookwar: not sure I get it :) we can leave it as a test scenario only for Packit
15:58:56 <mvadkert> does not need to be by default anywhere else
15:59:13 <bookwar> do you have a tracking issue for this feature where i can comment?
16:00:09 <mvadkert> bookwar: I can try to find an issue, not sure if there is some and we have this google document https://docs.google.com/document/d/13BAvoMoXUL5bBXgZdiIGrEKmyIyilHGDFMSSAVbLmz0/edi
16:00:23 <bookwar> if there are no other topics, i'd be closing meeting in a minute
16:00:38 <bookwar> mvadkert: thanks, i'll look into it and comment offline
16:00:51 <mvadkert> bookwar: https://github.com/packit-service/packit-service/issues/281
16:00:54 <mvadkert> bookwar: yeah
16:00:57 <mvadkert> bookwar: please do :)
16:01:14 <bookwar> ok
16:01:33 <bookwar> #endmeeting