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15:34:40 <bookwar> .hello2
15:34:41 <zodbot> bookwar: bookwar 'Aleksandra Fedorova' <alpha@bookwar.info>
15:34:48 <msrb> .hello2
15:34:49 <zodbot> msrb: msrb 'Michal Srb' <msrb@redhat.com>
15:35:08 <bookwar> #link https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/fedora-ci
15:35:48 <bookwar> i don't have that much of agenda today, it is mostly about devconf, feel free to add your items
15:35:49 <fbo> .hello2
15:35:50 <zodbot> fbo: fbo 'Fabien Boucher' <fboucher@redhat.com>
15:36:18 <bookwar> #topic Fedora CI Workshop at Devconf.cz 2020
15:37:12 <bookwar> we've got a 2 hours slot for Fedora CI discussions
15:37:18 <bookwar> #link https://devconfcz2020a.sched.com/event/YS7m/fedora-ci-workshop
15:38:03 <bookwar> i plan to have it as an open floor where people can just come to ask their questions, but also as a place which we can use to discuss our ongoing work and future plans
15:38:30 <bookwar> if you have any specific topics in mind - please add them there in etherpad, so we can plan ahead
15:39:12 <bookwar> we can review them at the beginning of the workshop and decide on the exact agenda
15:40:01 <bookwar> pingou: are you going to join the CI workshop at Devconf on Sunday?
15:40:30 <bookwar> any questions on the topic of workshop?
15:40:40 <pingou> bookwar: I don't know my agenda for DevConf yet
15:41:13 <bookwar> pingou: ok, but know - you are invited :)
15:41:59 <bookwar> and there is also an action item pending on me to post the rest of CI related talks to Fedora CI mailing list, i will do it today
15:42:13 <bookwar> #topic Zuul update
15:42:25 <bookwar> fbo: something new from your side?
15:42:38 <fbo> yes, I'll tell about it
15:42:46 <pingou> bookwar: thanks :)
15:43:34 <bookwar> fbo: go on
15:43:45 <fbo> One of the blocker I guess we had was the need to add the zuul user on src.fedoraproject.org as admin collaborator for projects that want zuul ci
15:44:13 <fbo> this has been solved since a recent update of the driver
15:44:31 <fbo> so the new config instruction has been added to the wiki page
15:44:53 <fbo> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Zuul-based-ci#Configure_the_repository_for_Zuul
15:45:12 <fbo> the helper tool has been also updated https://pagure.io/fedora-project-config/blob/master/f/tools/project-settings-helper
15:45:55 <fbo> So this solve a concern that have been raised on the fedora-ci mailing list
15:46:19 <fbo> that's it :)
15:46:20 <bookwar> #info Zuul setup doesn't require admin access to the repo anymore
15:46:25 <bookwar> thank you
15:46:40 <bookwar> how many projects use Zuul pipelines so far?
15:47:14 <fbo> only 3 distgits repo
15:47:34 <fbo> we'll need to search and convince some early adpoters :)
15:47:54 <fbo> I hope devconf will be a good place for that
15:47:54 <bookwar> fbo: i think mboddu was looking into adding zuul pipeline for anaconda repository, have you had a chance to talk yet?
15:48:04 <fbo> nope
15:49:10 <bookwar> fbo: if there will be people asking for help after the talk, you can use the Fedora CI workshop place to have a hands on session on Zuul onboarding
15:49:14 <fbo> mboddu: then do not hesitate to ping me
15:49:44 <bookwar> if there will be too many topics i think we can even split a room and have two different discussions happening in two different corners
15:49:59 <fbo> alright, I might need to leave early (it is sunday right ?) -> plane
15:50:18 <bookwar> it is sunday afternoon, yes
15:50:52 <bookwar> #topic Open floor
15:51:00 <bookwar> any other questions or comments?
15:51:38 <bookwar> Actually i forgot one announcement: it is 2020! Happy new year and so on.. :)
15:52:03 <bookwar> we have big plans for the year, let's see how it all works out
15:52:14 <bookwar> anything else? :)
15:52:25 <bookwar> closing in 2 minutes if not
15:55:04 <bookwar> #endmeeting