15:35:00 <bookwar> #startmeeting Fedora CI SIG
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15:35:07 <bookwar> #topic Init
15:35:12 <bookwar> .hello2
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15:35:18 <jimbair> .hello2
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15:35:31 <zodbot> tflink: tflink 'Tim Flink' <tflink@redhat.com>
15:36:07 <bookwar> thanks everyone for coming
15:36:11 <bookwar> let's get started
15:36:43 <bookwar> #link https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/fedora-ci
15:36:55 <dcantrell> .hello2
15:36:56 <zodbot> dcantrell: dcantrell 'David Cantrell' <dcantrell@redhat.com>
15:36:58 <bookwar> add your talking points if you want to get the floor time
15:37:07 <bookwar> #topic Fedora CI work
15:37:24 <bookwar> So i've send a mail today summarizing some of the work items
15:37:37 <bookwar> and i ralized it is hard to track them
15:38:19 <bookwar> so i identified some people and docs and sources, but basically we have a proper landing page only for the Zuul effort and a bit of it for CI
15:38:40 <bookwar> what do you think we should do about this?
15:39:19 <bookwar> the one option is to have each effort tracked by taiga, the other is to have me writing the digest mails like today
15:39:36 <bookwar> has anyone used Taiga before? any reason not to use it?
15:40:05 <tflink> the potential duplication of tickets is the only thing I can think of
15:40:26 <bookwar> between taiga and Pagure?
15:41:24 <tflink> between taiga and wherever the work is being tracked
15:41:33 <tflink> but that may already be figured out
15:41:51 <tflink> ie, no duplication. I don't pretend to know a whole lot about what's going on
15:42:35 <bookwar> ok, so i think we don't have that much of alternative tracking yet anyway, so I would suggest to everyone to take a look at Taiga and create a high level Epic for the task you do, or update the one you already have
15:42:45 <bookwar> so that we use it as a communication channel
15:43:27 <bookwar> let's try it and discuss next meeting if it works
15:43:49 <jimbair> I've never used it, but I'm on board to try it
15:43:59 <msrb> taiga is teams.fp.org?
15:44:02 <bookwar> yes
15:44:03 <jimbair> https://teams.fedoraproject.org/discover yeah
15:44:12 <jimbair> I googled "Fedora Taiga" and found it :)
15:44:23 <bookwar> there is CI project, if you don't have invite, i can send it to you
15:45:00 <bookwar> #link https://teams.fedoraproject.org/project/ci/
15:45:17 <jimbair> bookwar, I think I need added
15:45:34 <bookwar> #action Everyone, ask bookwar for the invite and edit rights to the project
15:45:44 <bookwar> will do it after the meeting
15:45:52 <bookwar> so moving on
15:46:17 <bookwar> #topic Taskotron Going EOL on 2020-04-30
15:46:57 <bookwar> So we have a dead for the Taskotron tests which we would like to replace with new Jenkins master and piepline setup
15:47:10 <tflink> a dead?
15:47:13 <bookwar> have a deadline*
15:47:24 <bookwar> sorry, don't know how i missed that part )
15:47:37 <bookwar> typing is hard
15:47:50 <tflink> eh, I've been having more typos than usual today, I can't complain :)
15:48:22 <bookwar> tflink: we talked about it briefly but i forgot the outcome, do we have a full list of tests we need to migrate?
15:48:36 <bookwar> we have rpmdeplint, rpminspect and installability on the radar
15:48:38 <tflink> just rpmdeplint and python-versions
15:49:13 <bookwar> python-versions - is it a static analysis of sorts?
15:49:37 <tflink> yeah, it looks at whether python packages are correctly referring to python2 and python3
15:49:58 <bookwar> msrb: i guess it is coming your way
15:50:04 <msrb> ack
15:50:21 <bookwar> #action msrb Look into python-version test implementation and add it to the generic tests setup
15:50:24 <tflink> mhroncok talked about it on devel@ yesterday, I think he may want to make changes if/when it's ported
15:50:59 <bookwar> ok
15:51:20 <tflink> I'd like to be a bit more clear on who's doing that work so I'm not duplicating what seems to be already in progress
15:51:40 * tflink has another meeting at the top of the hour, not sure if we're going to get that far by then
15:52:01 <bookwar> tflink: msrb is working on the pipeline setup - trigger, run something, get result, publish
15:52:15 <bookwar> the "something" part is a black-box (kind of)
15:52:36 <bookwar> so is there a need to change this part?
15:52:45 <tflink> ok, does that mean I shouldn't be working on any of that?
15:53:02 <msrb> tflink, I think we should sync :)
15:53:14 <bookwar> maybe you can take the task of writing a TMT definition for the test?
15:53:25 <tflink> yeah, that would be helpful. I'm wondering why I even bothered working on the rpminspect or generic stuff
15:53:57 <bookwar> because now we have the rpminspect up and running and getting feedback )
15:54:02 <bookwar> which is thanks to you
15:54:16 <dcantrell> yes, thanks tflink!
15:54:17 <bookwar> otherwise we would be delayed for half a year more
15:54:17 <tflink> only to be duplicated while I'm pestering folks about getting a testing instance
15:54:56 * tflink will sync with msrb later and hopefully get some of this figured out
15:55:10 <msrb> I haven't touched rpminspect yet, so no duplication so far :)
15:56:14 <bookwar> tflink: that's how the iteration process goes, I think, you had some problems solved which Jim has only started to look at, like Jenkins auth for example. We don't completely remove whatever you did, we make a lift to next level
15:56:18 <bookwar> and we just starting
15:56:44 <tflink> some more communication on that would be helpful
15:56:50 <bookwar> #action msrb sync with tflink on sharing tasks
15:57:10 <bookwar> yes, point taken
15:57:15 <tflink> so I don't get surprised by an announcement that other people are doing the work
15:57:30 <bookwar> Anyone has anything else for discussion?
15:58:38 <bookwar> tflink: i think we talked about the work we are going to do in January, I was just late to summarize it in a this way. Sorry it took so long.
15:58:47 <bookwar> #topic Open floor
15:59:56 <bookwar> ok, closing in a minute
16:00:44 <tflink> oh one thing
16:00:55 <bookwar> sure
16:01:03 <tflink> just to post it here, communishift will be down from 2020-04-10 to 2020-05-01 for the datacenter move
16:01:27 <tflink> not sure how widely that's been posted, figured that I would mention it here
16:01:32 <bookwar> #info communishift will be down from 2020-04-10 to 2020-05-01 for the datacenter move
16:01:32 <jimbair> ty for the heads up
16:02:22 <bookwar> ok, thank you Tim, and thanks everyone else for coming. Let's make our work more open :)
16:02:27 <bookwar> #endmeeting