14:35:00 <jimbair> #startmeeting Fedora CI SIG
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14:35:10 <jimbair> .hello2
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14:35:13 <bookwar> .hello2
14:35:14 <msrb> .hello2
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14:35:17 <zodbot> msrb: msrb 'Michal Srb' <msrb@redhat.com>
14:35:19 <bgoncalv> .hello2
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14:36:44 <jimbair> I'm not sure how long we wait, but I guess we'll fire off the first topic :)
14:37:01 <jimbair> #topic TMT pipelines
14:37:22 <msrb> yeah
14:37:22 <jimbair> It looks like TFT is tied out from an outage and cannot join, but their updates in the etherpad are
14:37:29 <bookwar> msrb: i've put you on a frontline
14:37:38 <jimbair> we are boggled with downstream outages, so progress not as good as we would like to
14:37:38 <jimbair> hope to send API for review this week - https://testing-farm.gitlab.io/api/
14:37:38 <jimbair> infrastructure bootstrapping in Fedora still in progress :(
14:37:59 <msrb> tmt pipelines didn't move too much since the last time
14:38:10 <jimbair> Miro pinged me as I was starting this for handover of said outages, so that's not too surprising :)
14:38:34 <msrb> I wanted to do 2 things: docs and move to public Jenkins instance
14:38:57 <msrb> I started with the docs on Monday this week and I am far from finished
14:39:12 <jimbair> do you have links to the docs as they stand, or are they local for now?
14:39:18 <msrb> but it's all still running on internal osci-stage
14:39:26 <msrb> jimbair, local for now
14:39:30 <jimbair> msrb: ack
14:39:46 <jimbair> if you want eyes in it before / after you publish, I'd be happy to read them over :)
14:40:06 <msrb> jimbair, that would be great :)
14:40:21 <msrb> my english is perfect of course, but still... :D
14:40:24 <jimbair> haha
14:40:29 <jimbair> everyone on the team does very well
14:40:36 <jimbair> far better than anything I would come up with outside of English
14:40:55 <jimbair> even my wife is bilingual - me not so much
14:41:10 <jimbair> anything else on TMT? Otherwise we can move onto the next topic =)
14:41:40 <msrb> that's all from my side ;)
14:41:41 <msrb> thanks
14:41:52 <jimbair> #topic tflink's rpminspect jenkins instance
14:42:13 <jimbair> I know that it's up and running again, and we setup fedora-ci-admins in the config as admins, so everyone within that group should now have admin permissions into Tim's instance
14:42:13 <msrb> I think we don't have Tim here
14:42:25 <jimbair> yeah he didn't hello2 in :)
14:42:40 <jimbair> but everyone who joined the meeting should be able to login
14:42:53 <jimbair> http://fedora-build-checks.apps.ci.centos.org/
14:43:00 <jimbair> the new group should grant you admin access now
14:43:33 <bookwar> it works indeed
14:43:41 <jimbair> note: if you install SSL Everywhere like I do, it breaks openshift apps without SSL lol
14:43:56 <jimbair> I really need to disable that on my work laptop (or get SSL on that instance?)
14:44:48 <jimbair> I assume Tim is tied up, so we'll roll over to the next topic
14:44:57 <jimbair> #topic jimbair's Jenkins
14:45:26 <jimbair> much like Tim's instance, it is running and has auth setup, but it's still only deployed by the built-in template in openshift and then modified via the admin UI, but our new group works with admin
14:45:33 <jimbair> Two immediate things I am working on, are
14:45:58 <jimbair> 1. Trying to get the updated image; upstream updated the template to the newest LTS yesterday, but I'm unsure how long that takes to land into openshift. I asked yesterday but couldn't find out
14:46:29 <jimbair> There was someone bstinson had told me to talk to; I need to go back through my logs and reach out to that person and ask :) I need an internal openshift + jenkins SME to answer all of my silly questions
14:47:32 <jimbair> 2. I still need to get the jenkins code setup here https://github.com/fedora-ci/jenkins-deploy
14:47:32 <msrb> the instance is in communishift now, right?
14:47:41 <jimbair> yes, which goes away in a week.
14:47:52 <jimbair> I really want to get it into git, and update it in git and have it trigger a re-deploy
14:47:55 <bstinson> jimbair: we're all kind of building up our expertise together. siddharthvipul is good at digging into silly questions :)
14:48:03 <jimbair> that's the one!
14:48:14 <jimbair> and yeah, I've got a never ending vault of silly questions
14:48:18 <bstinson> jimbair: iiuc you're looking for a new jenkins deployment based on an upstream push?
14:48:44 <jimbair> bstinson: yeah - we are doing a fresh deploy, and I'd like to get onto the newest LTS so we have the newest code base to start with
14:48:58 <bstinson> any idea if it's made it into openshift's project on quay.io?
14:48:59 <jimbair> which will migrate into the centos cluster post-migration
14:49:04 <jimbair> not sure
14:49:12 <jimbair> the code was merged into github yesterday
14:49:44 <jimbair> https://github.com/openshift/jenkins/commit/05681db5f9a4fbcf3aa7f2d4b22dc366068b0f77
14:50:16 <jimbair> https://quay.io/repository/openshift/origin-jenkins?tab=tags
14:50:30 <jimbair> most of the tags get updated a lot, which is one of my many silly questions :)
14:50:40 <bstinson> there are 2 things to check. 1.) that that commit got built/tagged in quay.io/openshift properly, and 2.) that communishift has periodic import turned on for that imagestream
14:51:16 <jimbair> bstinson: thanks - I can look into that
14:51:26 <bstinson> https://docs.openshift.com/container-platform/4.1/openshift_images/image-streams-manage.html#images-imagestreams-update-tag_image-streams-managing
14:51:38 <bstinson> ^docs for the periodic import feature
14:51:51 <jimbair> thanks!
14:53:20 <jimbair> any other questions around it? I tried to re-deploy a secondary test instance with more than 1Gi of persistent storage with the -e flag, but it didn't take it
14:53:21 <msrb> that will just import the latest image to the internal registry, but it won't trigger automatic deployment I hope (?)
14:53:41 <bookwar> jimbair: let's put tft status update as a topic here in the meeting too, for future references
14:54:05 <bookwar> copy-paste from agenda would work i think
14:54:06 <jimbair> I had it as TMT pipelines (our first topic) per the agenda
14:54:20 <bookwar> ah, missed that, sorry )
14:54:20 <jimbair> our first topic :)
14:54:36 <jimbair> no worries - I appreciate you checking in to make sure I don't burn it to the ground
14:54:57 <jimbair> msrb: I think it's configurable (the rebuild triggers)
14:55:19 <msrb> jimbair, cool, thanks :)
14:55:20 <jimbair> but I keep bouncing from 3.6 to 3.11 to 4.3 and I'm still pretty new so =\ don't listen to me! lol
14:55:28 <bgoncalv> who can change the chat topic? That issue has been fixed long time ago ;)
14:55:29 <jimbair> but I'm pretty sure it's configurable
14:55:43 <jimbair> #topic open discussion
14:55:49 <jimbair> bgoncalv: I don't =(
14:56:03 <bookwar> bgoncalv: i tried to get my ops rights back, but i forgot how to do it
14:56:06 <jimbair> not sure who has the ability to get operator status to make those changes, but I'll happily add those permissions to my freenode account
14:56:19 <bookwar> i need to dig into it again
14:56:29 <bgoncalv> ok
14:57:07 <msrb> \o/
14:57:12 <jimbair> oh man
14:57:17 <jimbair> we have an operator!
14:57:18 <bgoncalv> :)
14:57:27 <bookwar> it works!
14:57:27 <jimbair> Clean and concise
14:57:40 <bookwar> now to make it worse..
14:57:44 <jimbair> lol
14:57:53 <jimbair> I forgot to use the link hashtag; noted for next time
14:58:00 <jimbair> well if there's nothing else, we can close it out?
14:59:24 <bookwar> jimbair: thanks for chairing it!
14:59:43 <jimbair> happy to give you some help and free up time if you have a conflict :)
14:59:44 <jimbair> #stopmeeting
14:59:52 <jimbair> #stopmeeting Fedora CI SIG
15:00:06 <jimbair> hmm - maybe it doesn't like me? :)
15:00:20 <jimbair> oh wait
15:00:22 <jimbair> #endmeeting