14:34:30 <jimbair> #startmeeting Fedora CI SIG
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14:34:43 <jimbair> .hello2
14:34:44 <zodbot> jimbair: jimbair 'Jim Bair' <jbair@redhat.com>
14:34:47 <msrb> .hello2
14:34:48 <zodbot> msrb: msrb 'Michal Srb' <msrb@redhat.com>
14:35:41 <jimbair> I wonder if it's just us today :D
14:35:45 <msrb> :)
14:35:53 <msrb> looks like it
14:35:56 * jimbair sips coffee while giving people a few minutes
14:36:52 <msrb> I keep losing link to that Fedora CI etherpad
14:36:54 <jimbair> I guess we'll wait 2 more minutes and if so, we'll go over our one topic
14:36:55 <jimbair> Yeah, one sec
14:37:15 <jimbair> https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/fedora-ci
14:37:17 <jimbair> #link https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/fedora-ci
14:37:31 <msrb> thanks ;)
14:37:34 <jimbair> Assuming that's how that works =x
14:37:57 <msrb> no idea :D
14:38:03 <msrb> will see
14:38:09 <jimbair> #topic communishift migration
14:38:32 <jimbair> As I understand it, the migration is still happening. I heard bookwar make mention that it should be up this week pending no further surprises?
14:38:44 <jimbair> But as of now, not up yet.
14:39:18 <jimbair> I assume that's what you've heard as well msrb?
14:39:25 <msrb> yep :)
14:39:39 <jimbair> Cool, onto the next topic
14:39:40 <msrb> fingers crossed for having the cluster up and running this week
14:39:48 <jimbair> #topic installability pipeline
14:39:53 <jimbair> Seems it's almost working?
14:40:00 <msrb> :D
14:40:09 <msrb> so the first version is here: https://github.com/fedora-ci/installability-pipeline
14:40:21 <jimbair> #link https://github.com/fedora-ci/installability-pipeline
14:40:27 <msrb> it's basically rpmdeplint, but with installability bits
14:40:40 <msrb> what needs to be done:
14:41:18 <msrb> we need to opensource Andrei's mini-tps tool
14:41:26 <msrb> so we can build it in Fedora's COPR
14:41:31 <msrb> and use it in the pipeline
14:42:09 <jimbair> Okay - is that in progress or it just needs started by someone?
14:42:32 <msrb> not yet, but I will discuss it with Andrei tomorrow
14:43:33 <jimbair> Sounds good
14:43:37 <msrb> I expect that there will be bugs once testing farm is up and running
14:43:45 <msrb> but we will fix them as we go
14:43:49 <jimbair> Agreed
14:44:10 <jimbair> I still need to see if we can get an updated Jenkins image when the cluster is up, or try to build my own template =x Hoping for the former
14:44:26 <jimbair> Anything else on this item? Sounds like we're good :)
14:44:33 <msrb> I think we are good :)
14:44:37 <jimbair> alright
14:44:44 <jimbair> #topic fedora-ci general issues
14:44:54 <jimbair> This is mostly an FYI that I have been trying to groom our backlog of issues in pagure
14:45:28 <msrb> jimbair, thanks for going through all the issues ;)
14:45:28 <jimbair> Trying to ensure issues are still relevant, add any new context that may be missing (some bugs are 2 years+ old), and also try to update the titles/list any actions/etc. Basically, trying to get pointed in the asks so we can complete them. :)
14:45:45 <jimbair> msrb, you're welcome :) It seemed like a thing that needed done, so I just....did it.
14:45:55 <msrb> jimbair++
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14:46:13 <jimbair> I have one PR I plan to work on today, to update virt-customize a bit to make it more user friendly while not making it developer-unhelpful
14:46:25 <jimbair> Issue #43 in pagure if memory serves
14:47:04 <jimbair> But my ask for anyone reading is to take a look if I ping you in an issue, and in general sift through general issues so we can get the number down to a reasonable place :) Ideally they would be bugs, and new feature requests are tagged as RFE or something
14:47:30 <jimbair> #topic open discussion
14:47:40 <jimbair> That's it for etherpad; anything else we need to bring up, even if it's just you and me? :D
14:47:52 <msrb> why is nobody joining this cool meeting?
14:48:09 <jimbair> Dunno - I'd be real sad if I was alone hahaha
14:48:24 <msrb> people are losing interest when things are working
14:48:25 <jimbair> I could ping the SIG members but that feels a bit much
14:48:32 <msrb> we should deploy some chaos monkey
14:48:40 * tflink joined late but is here
14:48:40 <jimbair> I prefer chaos guerilla
14:48:45 <msrb> :D
14:48:49 <jimbair> Knock down entire zones baby
14:49:03 <jimbair> Missed opportunity for the name of the lab migration
14:49:10 <jimbair> tflink - hello :) Anything from your side?
14:49:26 <jimbair> We still have ~10 minutes
14:49:50 <jimbair> I know taskotron went EOL last Friday, which caused some confusion when I was trying to update/close out tickets. I saw some late night replies last night
14:52:12 <tflink> nothing more than that, really
14:52:43 <jimbair> tflink, well for what it's worth, it sounds like we're mostly okay, but I'm going to try and clarify what needs done (if anything) to make sure we didn't lose anything in the transision
14:52:54 <jimbair> I know dcantrell is working on tests in rpminspect this week to close the gap
14:54:58 <jimbair> Last call before closing it out! =)
14:56:02 <jimbair> #endmeeting