14:31:02 <jbair> #startmeeting Fedora CI SIG
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14:31:15 <jbair> .hello jimbair
14:31:15 <bgoncalv> pingou: abompard regarding the message that our jenkins didn't trigger ^^ I've provided some info, but I don't know who can help debug this
14:31:15 <zodbot> jbair: jimbair 'Jim Bair' <jbair@redhat.com>
14:31:25 <bgoncalv> oops :)
14:31:26 <msrb> .hello
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14:31:27 <siddharthvipul> .hello siddharthvipul1
14:31:29 <zodbot> siddharthvipul: siddharthvipul1 'Vipul Siddharth' <siddharthvipul1@gmail.com>
14:31:32 <msrb> .hello msrb
14:31:33 <zodbot> msrb: msrb 'Michal Srb' <msrb@redhat.com>
14:31:37 <bgoncalv> .hello2
14:31:38 <zodbot> bgoncalv: bgoncalv 'Bruno Goncalves' <bgoncalv@redhat.com>
14:32:06 <jbair> it's okay - agenda is empty so it may be short :)
14:32:23 <jbair> https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/fedora-ci
14:33:26 <tflink> .hello2
14:33:26 <zodbot> tflink: tflink 'Tim Flink' <tflink@redhat.com>
14:33:38 <msrb> yeah, it looks like this is going to be quick :)
14:33:53 <jbair> #topic infra
14:34:14 <jbair> siddharthvipul: any updates on the new cluster and/or the fedora-ci infra migration (if you know about it)?
14:34:31 <siddharthvipul> jbair: I am actually waiting for your ACO username :)
14:34:49 <jbair> noted :) I'll make a note to setup that user and give it to yo :)
14:34:51 <jbair> you8
14:35:19 <siddharthvipul> we will create a playground for you once it's ready..do let me know if you want more admins there :)
14:35:38 <jbair> oh I'm sure we'll want msrb / bgoncalv / tflink and others in there :)
14:35:59 <siddharthvipul> jbair: great.. so aco username and email used there is what I would need
14:36:16 <jbair> Thanks!
14:36:29 <msrb> yep, cluster admin privileges ideally
14:36:40 <msrb> (just kidding :P)
14:36:46 <jbair> lol I was about to reply to that
14:36:50 <siddharthvipul> msrb: hehe, you got me
14:37:13 <jbair> In the past, I've run into funny issues with communishift where things didn't work in our project due to odd cluster setup so
14:37:20 <jbair> mostly we can just use feedback when we find issues like that
14:37:42 <siddharthvipul> jbair: msrb if you have some crds that you need applied (that needs cluster privilages), you can ping me anytime :)
14:38:23 <msrb> siddharthvipul, thanks! I don't have any :)
14:38:40 <jbair> okay, nothing added to our agenda so I'll move to
14:38:43 <jbair> #topic open discussion
14:38:51 <jbair> anything we need to talk about that isn't on etherpad?
14:38:55 <jbair> we've got 20 minutes :)
14:39:07 <jbair> done!
14:39:09 <siddharthvipul> jbair: do we have a doc for *newcomers* to help with CI?
14:39:16 <tflink> just to make sure I'm understanding - are we looking to start moving stuff over to the new ci.centos.org openshift?
14:39:18 <bgoncalv> it looks like our Fedora CI pipeline might be missing FedMsg messages
14:39:24 <jbair> tflink: correct
14:39:26 <siddharthvipul> well,actually I will just check docs.fp.o link in topic
14:39:36 <jbair> siddharthvipul: the fedora CI docs are where I would start
14:39:42 <tflink> do we have any timeline for getting things migrated?
14:39:46 <jbair> bgoncalv: that's a topic =( I saw the issue this morning
14:39:49 <jbair> can you link to it?
14:39:59 <bgoncalv> https://pagure.io/fedora-ci/general/issue/118
14:41:15 <jbair> So I assume we either try to fix this, or go back to trying to move to FedoraMessaging, as I see that discussion coming up again when trying to fix the old thing they want to decomm :)
14:42:19 <bgoncalv> msrb: any opinion here? :)
14:43:00 <bgoncalv> I personally don't like the way we have to use the queue for FedoraMessaging
14:43:19 <jbair> bgoncalv: well, my concern is that fedmsg will at some point go away; I don't know if a date has been set yet.
14:43:23 <msrb> we will have to move to FedoraMessaging sooner or later
14:43:35 <msrb> and I think astepano already requested those queues for us
14:44:00 <astepano> yes, it is all set
14:44:10 <astepano> we have 16 queues
14:44:40 <bgoncalv> okay
14:44:49 <jbair> astepano thanks for doing that! It sounds a bit annoying
14:45:48 <astepano> jbair: :-D I will write email with info
14:46:24 <jbair> astepano: thank you :)
14:46:52 <tflink> jbair: is there any timeline we're shooting for WRT migration to the new cluster?
14:47:14 <jbair> tflink: not that I know of - I need to get siddharthvipul my credentials and then start testing
14:47:59 <jbair> tflink: do pass siddharthvipul your ACO creds as well to get admin access - I think we can all use the fedora-ci project together and test
14:48:02 <jbair> instead of just waiting on me
14:48:06 <jbair> same for bgoncalv and msrb
14:48:07 <astepano> jbair: + we have our own cluster
14:48:29 <jbair> astepano: the cluster we're getting isn't shared? Or is there another cluster?
14:48:33 <bgoncalv> how do we create ACO cred?
14:48:45 <astepano> jbair: our own
14:48:47 <tflink> siddharthvipul: do you want me to file a ticket on bugs.centos.org, email you or some other method?
14:48:53 <astepano> not shared
14:49:18 <jbair> bgoncalv: https://wiki.centos.org/SIGGuide#HowTos.2FCentosPackager.Step_1:_Signing_up_for_an_account_.28ACO.29
14:49:28 <siddharthvipul> tflink: just send me your aco email address and I will add you as the namesapce admin.. you can share it here (in dm if you prefer) or you can send it to my FAS/redhat email id
14:49:53 <siddharthvipul> bgoncalv: https://accounts.centos.org/
14:49:58 <bgoncalv> thanks
14:50:39 <jbair> one thing I wanted to highlight was msrb's document here https://github.com/fedora-ci/docs/blob/master/docs/how_to_create_pipeline.md
14:50:57 <jbair> it outlines how to create a generic pipeline for fedora-ci; thanks msrb for writing that up!
14:51:28 <bookwar> jbair: i think it is worth mentioning that we consider adding more genetic tests to fedora ci, and i know some people had ideas about verification scripts before
14:52:02 <bookwar> so we actually can transform any such scripts into generic test easily
14:53:44 <jbair> what kind of verification scripts?
14:53:55 <jbair> was it against builds or something?
14:55:48 <msrb> yep, against artifacts (koji builds only now)
14:56:25 <msrb> if you can run your verification script in a container, you should be able to add it as a new generic test to Fedora easily
14:57:54 <jbair> got it
14:58:22 <jbair> we've got 2 minutes left :) anything else we want to cover?
15:00:00 <jbair> #endmeeting