14:30:51 <jbair> #startmeeting Fedora CI SIG
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14:31:05 <jbair> .hello jimbair
14:31:05 <zodbot> jbair: jimbair 'Jim Bair' <jbair@redhat.com>
14:31:11 <siddharthvipul> .hello siddharthvipul1
14:31:14 <zodbot> siddharthvipul: siddharthvipul1 'Vipul Siddharth' <siddharthvipul1@gmail.com>
14:32:33 <jbair> quiet morning  :)
14:34:32 <jbair> #topic Jenkins on new cluster
14:34:52 <jbair> #link https://osci-jenkins-2.ci.fedoraproject.org/
14:35:25 <jbair> I deployed this with the instructions from astepano and all looks well currently :) He did a great job working on a helm config that works for aws as well as openshift
14:35:43 <jbair> I know we need to start testing with pipelines and we may have to re-deploy for testing possibly, but so far, so good
14:35:53 <jbair> siddharthvipul: how's the new cluster going so far?
14:36:37 <siddharthvipul> jbair: hey, cluster is A-ok.. we added 5 new compute nodes.. so I will say it's quite ready for the laod
14:36:39 <siddharthvipul> load*
14:36:55 <jbair> how many did the cluster have before the 5 were added?
14:37:33 <siddharthvipul> jbair: 4-5 compute iirc
14:37:51 <jbair> doubling capacity seems good :)
14:38:19 <jbair> well that's all I had - anything from your side since it's just the two of us? :)
14:38:24 <siddharthvipul> jbair: we can add more if we see any throttling.. but for now it seems fine enough
14:38:38 <jbair> Thanks :)
14:38:54 <siddharthvipul> jbair: ah, nothing here.. let me know if you need something from our side
14:39:21 <jbair> sounds good! Well I'll open it up in case anyone else is watching from the side and if not, I'll close it out early in about 5 minutes or so
14:39:25 <jbair> #topic open discussion
14:44:09 <jbair> #endmeeting