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14:29:37 <jbair> .hello jimbair
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14:29:59 <tflink> .hello2
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14:30:12 <siddharthvipul> .hello siddharthvipul1
14:30:12 <zodbot> siddharthvipul: siddharthvipul1 'Vipul Siddharth' <siddharthvipul1@gmail.com>
14:31:28 <bookwar> .hello2
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14:32:36 <jbair> #topic kubevirt discussion
14:32:44 <msrb> .hello2
14:32:45 <zodbot> msrb: msrb 'Michal Srb' <msrb@redhat.com>
14:33:04 <jbair> siddharthvipul: so I see a lot of info in the ticket :) how are things progressing from your side?
14:33:15 <jbair> I see a few replies from mvadkert in the ticket
14:34:31 <siddharthvipul> jbair: things are pretty stable IMO here.. we are just waiting to have more workload migrated :)
14:34:46 <siddharthvipul> Saffronique|w: did we have something pending?
14:35:00 <Saffronique|w> Hi jbair I spoke with mvadkert in the ticket, they mentioned that TMT would be available this week.
14:35:28 <Saffronique|w> I think that is something which will allow you folks to migrate away from requring privileged containers
14:35:52 <jbair> bookwar: I assume you're okay with this as well :) I know you usually let us know if something sounds like it may be missing a requirement
14:36:29 <bookwar> we would like to keep using privileged containers during the TMT testing phase
14:36:56 <bookwar> TMT will become available this week, but we expect some stabilization period until we are sure it actually works
14:37:29 <bookwar> so ideally the privileged mode should be preserved for about a month at least, giving us the time to work and test the TMT backend
14:37:31 <jbair> bookwar: ack - though it sounds like we've still got time to do both while we transition :)
14:37:44 <jbair> siddharthvipul: Saffronique|w - does that sound about right?
14:38:32 <Saffronique|w> Yeah that sounds fine, if we have some sort of timeframes we're happy to continue with providing privileged access there
14:38:38 <siddharthvipul> :)
14:39:19 <jbair> okay, so I think things are moving along well - we can check in again when we have the next meeting
14:39:52 <jbair> That's all we had on the agenda today, so I'll open it up to any other topics we want to discuss, otherwise we close it out early today :)
14:39:56 <jbair> #topic open discussion
14:42:07 <bookwar> how the rpmdeplint test is going?
14:42:40 <mvadkert> .hello2
14:42:41 <zodbot> mvadkert: mvadkert 'None' <mvadkert@redhat.com>
14:42:45 <bookwar> can we advertise it for a wider audience?
14:42:50 <bookwar> for fedora-devel?
14:42:56 <mvadkert> bookwar: we have one thing there to fix
14:43:03 <mvadkert> bookwar: otherwise looks quite stable
14:43:09 <mvadkert> bookwar: it is related to skip tests
14:43:16 <mvadkert> tft flags them as failed afaik
14:43:19 <mvadkert> msrb: right?
14:43:20 <bookwar> is there a ticket?
14:43:53 <msrb> mvadkert, yes, pretty much
14:43:57 <mvadkert> I believe so but internal, let's put it in taiga
14:44:12 <bookwar> i think we need to prepare some announcement about the test
14:44:13 <mvadkert> msrb: can you create a taiga issue for me pls? maybe let's default to that :)
14:44:21 <mvadkert> bookwar: and some documentation
14:44:26 <bookwar> indeed
14:44:38 <msrb> mvadkert, sure
14:44:53 <msrb> the internal ticket is TFT-397
14:44:56 <mvadkert> msrb: and link the docs from the jenkins job
14:44:58 <mvadkert> msrb: ty
14:45:02 <mvadkert> msrb: let me copy it over to taiga
14:45:40 <bookwar> mvadkert: and what do you see as the next step for TFT? rpminspect, installability or dist-git test?
14:46:19 <mvadkert> bookwar: rpminspect is basically done once you enable the pipeline
14:46:25 <mvadkert> it is the same story as rpmdeplint
14:46:48 <mvadkert> bookwar: installabilit and dist-git tests comming this week, we are adding the pipelines on our side now
14:47:06 <mvadkert> bookwar: msrb is creating osci pipelines for tomorrow which will call us
14:47:11 <mvadkert> so we can try to connect it together
14:47:23 <mvadkert> artemis is ready, I provisioned latest fedora rawhide \o/
14:47:45 <mvadkert> bookwar: only thing for us to solve there is the artifact installation on the test system, but it is like few hours job
14:47:51 <bookwar> so how about we do rpmdeplint and rpminspect announcement of Monday? is it a reasonable expectation?
14:47:59 <mvadkert> msrb: ?
14:48:02 <mvadkert> msrb: rpminspect?
14:48:06 <mvadkert> msrb: is that real?
14:48:21 <bookwar> or just let's stick to rpmdeplint for now?
14:48:27 <mvadkert> msrb: I did not even see yet even that container
14:48:42 <msrb> running the container is real, but I haven't seen the output yet
14:49:16 <mvadkert> msrb: I believe you will need to parse and generate xunit yourself
14:49:37 <mvadkert> msrb: or run each rpminspect test in separate tmt test
14:50:00 <mvadkert> msrb: we can discuss tmrw if you want
14:50:16 <msrb> if that is even possible (no idea)
14:50:41 <msrb> (to run each test as a separate tmt test)
14:51:02 <bookwar> ok, then let's focus the communication on rpmdeplint first, and work on rpminspect implementation in parallel
14:51:19 <mvadkert> msrb: it is
14:51:26 <mvadkert> msrb: rpminspect -T TEST
14:51:39 <mvadkert> msrb: so a possiblity
14:51:42 <mvadkert> msrb: maybe a nice one
14:51:51 <msrb> I know previously rpminspect results were provided by Tim's Jenkins
14:52:05 <msrb> it's not the case anymore?
14:53:10 <bookwar> msrb: it needs to be migrated to TFT as well, as old centos cluster will be deprecated
14:54:07 <bookwar> we need to take the tim's implementation of rpminspect and transfer it to testing farm, i think
14:54:41 <mvadkert> sounds fine, let me know if you need any input from me on that, from our side it is ready
14:54:54 <bookwar> ok
14:55:05 <jbair> tflink just a heads up :) in case you alt tabbed away
14:56:13 <bookwar> fedora-build-checks reports 504 Gateway Time-out again :(
14:56:21 <tflink> fun
14:56:36 <bookwar> but we can discuss that outside of the meeting i guess
14:57:11 <jbair> sounds good
14:57:16 <jbair> #endmeeting