15:29:08 <jbair> #startmeeting Fedora CI SIG
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15:29:08 <jbair> .hello jimbair
15:29:08 <zodbot> jbair: jimbair 'Jim Bair' <jbair@redhat.com>
15:32:35 <bgoncalv> .hello2
15:32:36 <zodbot> bgoncalv: bgoncalv 'Bruno Goncalves' <bgoncalv@redhat.com>
15:33:15 <tflink> .hello2
15:33:16 <zodbot> tflink: tflink 'Tim Flink' <tflink@redhat.com>
15:33:29 <jbair> msrb, I know we have a thing to ask you :) not sure if you're tied up or available
15:34:16 <msrb> .hello2
15:34:17 <zodbot> msrb: msrb 'Michal Srb' <msrb@redhat.com>
15:34:51 <jbair> #topic move dist-git tests to testing farm
15:35:04 <jbair> msrb: how's the move to testing farm going?
15:36:37 <tflink> jbair: he's in another meeting ATM
15:36:56 <tflink> so may be delayed
15:37:05 <jbair> tflink: thanks :)
15:37:22 <jbair> I know he's the main point of contact for that, so we can wait until that wraps (hopefully)
15:37:43 <jbair> tflink:, bgoncalv - anything else worth bringing up around fedora CI? I know the migration is the big one
15:37:50 <tflink> it's scheduled until the top of the hour, no idea how long they'll be talking
15:38:01 <tflink> nothing I know of
15:38:24 <bgoncalv> nothing else from me
15:38:41 <jbair> okay - nothing else that I know of either unless someone comes in with another agenda item :)
15:38:54 <jbair> I have a meeting @ the top of the hour as well so I can hang around for another 20 minutes or so
15:39:03 <bgoncalv> I'd just provide a +1 to migrate, despite few corner cases and the lack of logs while tests are running
15:39:26 <bgoncalv> hopefully these issues can be fixed soon, but I think we should stop running the tests in the old cluster
15:39:52 <jbair> bgoncalv: I agree
15:40:00 <jbair> I assume most people would agree with that :)
15:42:15 <bgoncalv> jbair: plan be would be to run on new cluster using https://osci-jenkins-2.ci.fedoraproject.org/job/fedora-build-pipeline/
15:42:59 <bgoncalv> it is not testing-farm, similar to old cluster, running privileged container on new cluster
15:43:08 <bgoncalv> plan b* :)
15:43:23 <bgoncalv> that would be my suggestion
15:43:54 <jbair> we also have -1 and -2
15:44:22 <jbair> I'm not sure if andrei (not pinging as he's on PTO and I don't want to bother him) has setup JCasC across them yet
15:44:23 <bgoncalv> -2 is on openshift with support to privileged container (allowed for now)
15:44:28 <bgoncalv> -1 doesn't support this
15:44:30 <jbair> ah
15:46:20 <bgoncalv> jbair: oops, about plan b, it seems it would require some work on jenkins instance
15:46:28 <bgoncalv> it seems jms plugin stopped to work there
15:46:43 <jbair> Most work has been done on -1 (that I've seen)
15:46:52 <jbair> not sure why JMS stopped working; that's interesting
15:46:54 <bgoncalv> and few others
15:47:03 <bgoncalv> I'm not sure why, but this used to work
15:47:14 <jbair> yeah, it did
15:47:19 <bgoncalv> https://osci-jenkins-2.ci.fedoraproject.org/pluginManager/installed
15:47:42 <jbair> - Failed to load: Matrix Project Plugin (1.18)
15:47:43 <jbair> huh
15:48:11 <bgoncalv> - Failed to load: JUnit Plugin (1.43)
15:48:13 <bgoncalv> ...
15:48:56 <jbair> Matrix Project plugin is listed under available
15:49:10 <jbair> Why would it not be installed? Maybe an update that somehow didn't check deps?
15:49:12 <jbair> that's......weird
15:49:21 <bgoncalv> yes weird
15:49:29 <bgoncalv> maybe we can try to update all plugins and see what happens
15:49:41 <bgoncalv> nothing is currently running there anyway
15:50:01 <jbair> I assume JCasC isn't running yet - I would be curious to compare versions against -1
15:50:04 <jbair> to see if they match or not
15:50:26 <bgoncalv> no, I don't think JCasC was configured to either instances
15:51:18 <jbair> msrb: not sure if you've heard anything (no worries if you're still in your meeting)
15:55:39 <msrb> jbair, reading the log... :)
15:57:59 <msrb> nope, no jcasc anywhere yet
15:59:39 <jbair> okay so we can just try to fix then :)
15:59:47 <jbair> msrb: as far as the migration, how's that going?
15:59:56 <jbair> and I'm gonna hop into my next meeting but I'll keep this going
16:32:47 <msrb> jbair, as we discussed yesterday - I need to collect a list of things that we know won't work on the new cluster, share the list and flip the switch
16:42:35 <jbair> msrb: ack
16:42:50 <jbair> msrb: can we check back in the next time we have this meeting in 2 weeks?
16:43:32 <msrb> jbair, absolutely ;)
16:43:40 <jbair> okay, consider it on the agenda :)
16:43:55 <jbair> Unless anyone has something else to discuss, I can wrap the meeting...
16:48:45 <jbair> #endmeeting