15:31:37 <jbair> #startmeeting Fedora CI SIG
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15:31:38 <jbair> .hello jimbair
15:31:39 <zodbot> jbair: jimbair 'Jim Bair' <jbair@redhat.com>
15:33:46 <bgoncalv> .hello2
15:33:47 <zodbot> bgoncalv: bgoncalv 'Bruno Goncalves' <bgoncalv@redhat.com>
15:34:01 <jbair> I know it's been awhile, so I'll ping folks directly ;) tflink astepano msrb bookwar siddharthvipul
15:34:22 <astepano> hi :-)
15:34:36 <siddharthvipul> .hello siddharthvipul1
15:34:37 <zodbot> siddharthvipul: siddharthvipul1 'Vipul Siddharth' <siddharthvipul1@gmail.com>
15:34:41 <siddharthvipul> jbair, heyy
15:34:50 <jbair> happy new year :)
15:34:56 <bgoncalv> we would need pingou in case we discuss simple-koji-ci
15:35:23 <jbair> I just pinged the people that came to mind; ping anyone that normally attends :) that may need a reminder
15:36:01 * pingou in another meeting
15:37:13 <jbair> i'll give everyone 3 more minutes then we can start with who we have
15:38:24 <jbair> #link https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/fedora-ci
15:38:45 <jbair> our agenda is in etherpad as always; we should post things we want to discuss there before the meeting starts, but during works too :)
15:40:18 <jbair> #topic IRC bot alerts from new jenkins
15:40:48 <jbair> so this is the only item I had; while I do find bot alerts here make the easy to see, I've seen quite a few alerts here that makes finding chat a bit harder than before
15:41:13 <jbair> I'm wondering if we should create a fedora-ci-infra or fedora-ci-alerts channel or something like that to send the alerts to?
15:44:04 <jbair> I'll take silence as acceptance? :)
15:44:13 <bgoncalv> should be easy to send alters to another channel, but that means another channel to monitor :)
15:44:32 <bgoncalv> I'm not sure if this channel has high traffic message that justifies it
15:45:14 <jbair> it is pretty quiet yes, but for me, it's reduced my response time to the channel
15:45:36 <jbair> if I saw this channel red before, I knew it was someone either asking for help or talking about fedora ci
15:45:55 <jbair> now most times I check, it's bot messages from our migration into jenkins (or infra problems) and I have to sort through the messages to see if a user was asking for help
15:46:09 <jbair> I still do it, but it certainly lowers the priority for me
15:46:31 <bgoncalv> no objection from my side to send alerts to another channel, but how to avoid those messages won't be ignored?
15:47:02 <jbair> I'm curious if they're being acted on or ignored currently
15:47:17 <jbair> I just add another channel to my auto join and check it periodically :)
15:47:19 <jbair> but that's just me
15:47:29 <bgoncalv> mvadkert: msrb I think your opinion would be important ^
15:48:33 <bgoncalv> jbair: as they are doing the most of the work would be better to know what they prefer
15:48:56 <jbair> bgoncalv: agreed
15:49:04 <bgoncalv> but I think this can continue after the meeting or offline
15:50:06 <jbair> okay
15:50:27 <jbair> #topic simple-koji-ci
15:50:43 <jbair> bgoncalv: I don't know if we have the people here necessary to proceed with this discussion, but I'll leave it up to you :)
15:50:56 <jbair> I may need to send a reminder email after this meeting for people to make time
15:51:10 <bgoncalv> context: simple-koji-ci exists for awhile, it is stable and runs for each PR
15:51:24 <bgoncalv> now we have Fedora CI that also creates an scratch build for each PR
15:51:50 <bgoncalv> to avoid duplicated scratch builds, should we deprecate simple-koji-ci?
15:52:17 <bgoncalv> Fedora CI needs the scratch builds it creates to run dist-git tests in case the component has tests
15:52:50 <bgoncalv> jbair: but yes, I don't think the people who can decide on need are in the meeting
15:53:05 <jbair> bgoncalv: agreed
15:54:51 <astepano> "now that Fedora CI pipeline creates an scratch build"
15:55:04 <astepano> What is URL for this this/that pipeline :-)
15:55:20 <bgoncalv> astepano: https://osci-jenkins-1.ci.fedoraproject.org/job/fedora-ci/job/dist-git-build-pipeline/job/master/
15:55:56 <astepano> is it part of STR? that you moved from the old jenkins (3.9)?
15:56:37 <bgoncalv> sort of, in the old pipeline we were creating scratch build only if dist-git tests existed and only for x86_64 arch
15:56:55 <bgoncalv> now is to every PR and to all supported arches
15:59:35 <astepano> does this pipeline use TFT? (I tried to look logs, didn't find from first sight)
16:00:43 <bgoncalv> no, it has a container image with the script to create the scratch build
16:01:32 <bgoncalv> astepano: this is the script https://github.com/fedora-ci/jenkins-pipeline-library-agent-image/blob/master/scripts/pullRequest2scratchBuild.sh
16:01:44 <bgoncalv> and pipeline code: https://github.com/fedora-ci/dist-git-build-pipeline/blob/master/Jenkinsfile
16:03:36 <astepano> I see, that pipeline runs without tft. Ok :-) Thank you!
16:03:55 <bgoncalv> yw :)
16:05:09 <bgoncalv> jbair: is that all for today? :D
16:05:20 <jbair> That's all for now :)
16:05:26 <jbair> #endmeeting