20:36:30 <nirik> #startmeeting How to monitor PR for a release
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20:36:32 <kschiltz> but thought this would also be a good time to open up the conversations for a general PR discussion
20:36:35 <nirik> #chair kschiltz
20:36:35 <zodbot> Current chairs: kschiltz nirik
20:36:53 <kschiltz> especially with the F12 launch just a week away!
20:36:55 <nirik> kcyou can use #topic to change the topic to some current topic area.
20:37:10 <rbergeron> .... which helps especially for those reading logs
20:37:32 * nirik nods. Tools would be great to start in with...
20:38:13 <wonderer> +1 for 1) tools 2) maybe some strategie 3) general PR discussion...
20:39:53 <kschiltz> I have access to some media monitoring tools which Red Hat subscribes to and I use to monitor for Fedora-related coverage. Unfortunately, it is a subscription service but I can send all of the coverage I see to the mktg-list and...
20:40:21 <kschiltz> while it's a great tool for monitoring for English language coverage in online outlets and blogs, there some shortcomings to this monitoring tool...
20:40:33 <kschiltz> including that it doesn't pick up coverage in non-English languages.
20:41:06 <mchua> So the media monitoring subscription that Red Hat has - is that a "send me all the articles from these publications that have these words in them" sort of thing?
20:41:18 <mchua> My current mental model is Google Alerts, or something similar.
20:41:29 <asamaras> maybe under strategy we could talk about local PR (in terms of regions or even countries)
20:41:29 <kschiltz> Fedora has a widespread global community and it would be great for those in non-English speaking parts of the world to keep their eyes peeled for coverage and to send it to the mktg-list with a rough translation recapping the main points of the article
20:41:56 <kschiltz> mchua: yes, it is via a word search
20:42:31 <kschiltz> Google alerts are also another simple but great tool to use...
20:42:47 <kschiltz> Especially to see news "as-it-happens"
20:42:59 <kschiltz> I have mine set for a couple of different searches...
20:43:10 <kschiltz> Some are obvious like "Fedora" but...
20:43:31 * mchua throws out http://melkjug.org/ as a potential open source tool to evaluate (later)
20:43:39 <kschiltz> I also have one set for "Paul Frields" as I've had Paul talking to various members of the press in advance of the final release
20:44:00 <kschiltz> If any of those journalists quote Paul in their articles then his name will pop up in Google alerts
20:44:08 <mchua> kschiltz: is there a list of those keywords somewhere we could also use for our searches?
20:44:19 <kschiltz> In addition, Paul is quoted in the press release Red Hat will put out over the wire on launch day next Tuesday
20:44:23 <mchua> kschiltz: I hadn't thought about looking for Paul's name, for instance.
20:44:54 <kschiltz> Several difference news outlets pick up the wire feeds so Paul's name is likely to appear in coverage resulting from the wire distribution of the F12 press release
20:45:18 <nirik> perhaps a wiki page could be made with them... so folks could update/see what are good to search for.
20:45:20 <kschiltz> Paul didn't know until now that he was famous on Google alerts w/ people tracking his name! :-)
20:45:43 <mchua> nirik +1
20:45:49 <kschiltz> nirik: I think that's a great idea.  We should definitely start a "terms" list
20:46:43 <rbergeron> and you can email out results, but you can't allow access to others to ... use / configure the tool, am i uunderstanding that correctly?
20:47:07 <wonderer> maybe its also a good idea to have a presscoverage over events fedora participates. Also in the wiki...
20:47:40 <kschiltz> rbergeron: yes, I can send results but can't open access to others
20:48:06 <mchua> #action start a "terms to search for" list that we can use in press search tools
20:48:33 <rbergeron> is it something you have to manually cut and paste or does it automagically email to you?
20:48:54 <mchua> kschiltz: would it help if we also looked for search terms and when new stuff (new features, etc.) come up we can add them to that "terms to search for" list so you will have them too?
20:49:03 <rbergeron> if it is automagic, maybe we could set up a mailing list for you to autoforward to, or have it post to a webpage, or some other type of sysadmin magic.
20:50:01 <kschiltz> It's a little of both.  I can set it to e-mail me but I also like to go in do deeper searches w/ more terms.  For instance...I can search for the word "Constantine" w/i five words of "Fedora."
20:50:12 <rbergeron> it's just something where you could potentially get overwhelmed with constant requests from people :)
20:50:23 <asamaras> rbergeron: it calls for a DB application to make it searcable and structured
20:51:15 <asamaras> kschiltz: since it is a subscription based service you have to make sure that the leagal agreement allows you to do so
20:51:32 * nirik has to step away for a bit... will re-read when he gets back.
20:51:34 <kschiltz> If anyone knows of other media monitoring tools please let me know -- we're always looking to evaluate new services at Red Hat
20:51:40 <rbergeron> does "it" have a name? maybe that would help some of us know what the capabilities are :)
20:51:54 <kschiltz> Yes -- it's called Biz360 :-)
20:52:05 <wonderer> kschlitz: for germany I know http://www.pressemonitor.de
20:52:06 <asamaras> maybe it would be easier if we asked Redhat's PR for some RSS sort of feed?
20:52:18 <wonderer> sorry, typo :-(
20:52:35 <rbergeron> awesome. maybe we can take this topic to the mailing list.
20:52:43 <mchua> #action If anyone knows of media monitoring tools, let Kara know - RH is always looking to evaluate new services. (Take this to mailing list.)
20:53:06 <kschiltz> I'll ask our global PR teams to also monitor for Fedora news -- I know they use different services that are more localized to their geos
20:53:31 <rbergeron> ...in the interest of "learning" rather than finding out about things and brainstorm. both are good, but kara has lots of things to teach us that we can brainstorm on :)
20:53:40 <mchua> #info Red Hat's PR team uses Biz360
20:54:00 <kschiltz> Should we move on to a discussion on how to best respond to news articles?
20:55:16 <kschiltz> Would love to share some advice on interacting with the media -- especially in the event that you read something you don't agree with
20:55:16 <rbergeron> yes :)
20:55:37 <asamaras> yes please
20:55:43 <kschiltz> PR is all about relationship building and it's definitely a two-way street
20:55:55 <kschiltz> 1) we need journalist to cover our news and spread the word about Fedora
20:56:17 <kschiltz> 2) Journalists are always looking for great story ideas and we can help them by proactively bringing ideas to the table
20:56:57 <kschiltz> That said, we need to be cautious and thoughtful on how we respond to articles we don't agree with...
20:57:32 <kschiltz> Here are some guidelines I would suggest following when interacting with the media:
20:58:35 <kschiltz> If something is factually incorrect then I think it's certainly okay to reach out to a journalists in a friendly manner to let them know that "x" should really be "y" and to be able to point that journalists to the source where they can read more
20:59:23 <kschiltz> If it's more a matter of not particularly liking a journalist's wording choice, disagreeing with the features they've chosen to highlight, wishing they would have highlighted more features, not liking the tone of their article, etc...
21:00:12 <kschiltz> then I would strongly suggest refraining from sending a note -- even though it can sometimes be tempting!
21:00:23 <kschiltz> It's all about relationship building with the journalists
21:00:38 <mchua> Is there an example we can walk through, of a response that someone wrote that's really good?
21:00:42 <mchua> (or bad?)
21:00:57 <mchua> (not necessarily about Fedora, but any response to any journalist on anything.)
21:01:00 <rbergeron> is it something we should be coordinating on-list to ensure we aren't bombarding the journalist with 45 emails?
21:01:06 <rbergeron> and ...
21:01:19 <rbergeron> do you have a list of journalists who require "special handling"?
21:01:27 <kschiltz> I can't think of one off the top of my head but could do a little digging and send something as a follow up
21:01:37 <rbergeron> and ...
21:01:54 <mchua> How should we present ourselves? "a member of the Fedora community," "a contributor to the Fedora Project,", "a volunteer..." etc?
21:02:09 <asamaras> well how do you apply all the above in an open community, the jurnalist may simply respond that "you do not represent anyone but your self" then what?
21:02:11 <rbergeron> what about situations where journalist X is speaking with analyst Y, or some interviewee, and interviewee states something incorrectly? is there a 2-pronged approach to that situation?
21:02:16 <kschiltz> rbergeron: yes, I think it would be helpful to have a coordinated effort in responding to a journalist who has factually incorrect info
21:02:49 <rbergeron> kschiltz: i figured. just wanted to make sure that was definitely pointed out if that is the case :)
21:03:14 <kschiltz> I'm also always happy to be the go-between w/ the media
21:04:06 <mchua> #info polite corrections to factual errors in articles are great, and should be coordinated on the mailing list so we all know what's going on and don't spam a journalist with 45 separate emails from different people.
21:04:26 <wonderer> regional coordinating seem to be a good point, too.
21:04:30 <mchua> #action We're looking for examples of good (and bad) responses to an article.
21:07:02 <kschiltz> The Red Hat PR team works with these journalists on a regular basis and they know our names.  Might be more effective if there's a problem w/ info in articles for me to contact them directly.  I'm sure they get frustrated when there are multiple responses coming in to ask for a correction.
21:07:29 <kschiltz> We definitely need to have a coordinated effort w/ how to respond on the mailing lists.
21:08:37 <mchua> kschiltz: is this something we should designate a point person for, have a HOWTO for... what would be the ideal way, in your mind, of handling it?
21:08:45 <mchua> (and we can try out different things and see what might work, I suppose.)
21:10:23 <kschiltz> Yes, I think that's a great suggestion to designate a couple of point people.
21:11:10 <mchua> One of the things I've admired about the way Infrastructure runs is that they have both howtos and officers.
21:11:16 <kschiltz> I'm happy to work with you to develop a "how to" style guide for requesting a correction.
21:11:32 <mchua> so there are people ultimately responsible for oversight of a particular domain, but anyone can do the work
21:11:40 <mchua> kschiltz: that would be great!
21:12:08 <mchua> kschiltz: do you want to do that for the F12 cycle, or wait until F13?
21:12:34 <kschiltz> mchua: it would probably be more realistic to start during the F13 cycle.
21:13:14 <kschiltz> I didn't really have a set agenda so I'm happy to answer any other PR-related questions.
21:13:17 <asamaras> I think we can start building the HOWTO and test it with F13
21:13:54 <asamaras> events and presentations
21:13:54 <mchua> #action build a "how to" style guide for requesting a correction (to an article) for the F13 cycle
21:13:55 <wonderer> mchua: I think we better should analyze what we are actual doing for F12, build on that stuff, mix it together with the new learned and get a better F13 PR...
21:14:12 <asamaras> :)
21:14:32 <mchua> Yep. Every release, we'll get a little better.
21:14:47 <mchua> Any questions for kschiltz? (I think we had a bunch up at the top if people want to restate some of their questions.)
21:15:24 * nirik had one, but needs to re-read now and see if it was already answered.
21:16:40 <asamaras> I think wonderer mentioned something about strategy (on global and regional basis)
21:17:57 <mchua> What's the most useful thing we as a community marketing team can do to help you over in RH PR?
21:18:28 <mchua> I'm also wondering about the workflow for press releases that you and Max brought up on the mailing list, but that's also something we can discuss on-list, or for the next release cycle.
21:19:05 <mchua> kschiltz: but take wonderer's question first. :)
21:19:06 <kschiltz> Please just keep bringing ideas to the table for news items.  Even if it's something minor that you don't think is necessarily news worthy.
21:19:11 <nirik> Q: this cycle are we submitting digg/slashdot/cnet/whatever announcements about our release? I know in the past random people have done so, and sometimes the article/whatever was not perhaps what we would like to present about our new release.
21:19:43 <kschiltz> nirik: good point -- I had meant to bring that up
21:21:09 <wonderer> what releas cycle do we have right now would also be a question. Also for RH. and then what is out of that our "now" strategy and what should it be for the future (PR Plan).
21:23:20 <kschiltz> What about if we send articles to the mktg-list and then have a few people designated to determine if it's digg worthy?  Have a more coordinated effort for who submits articles to Digg, etc?
21:23:45 <kschiltz> Would that work okay or just be too cumbersome and annoying?
21:24:09 <mchua> Does anybody here want to be the Digg/Social-Media Czar for F12?
21:24:36 <mchua> I would guess that's a job that would start now and end... perhaps 4 weeks from now.
21:24:50 <mchua> actually, I'll ask on list.
21:25:06 <mchua> #action mchua ask for Social Media F12 Czar volunteers on-list
21:25:09 * nirik nods. Best it's someone who follows those sites/knows their setup/has an account, etc.
21:25:17 <nirik> #chair mchua
21:25:17 <zodbot> Current chairs: kschiltz mchua nirik
21:25:58 <mchua> recruitment email being sent out, carry on :)
21:26:14 <mchua> (awesome idea)
21:27:56 <mchua> Anything else? By my clock, we have about 5 minutes left.
21:28:01 <mchua> kschiltz: do you have any questoins for us?
21:28:16 <mchua> er, questions. My typing is off...
21:30:38 <mchua> Does anyone else have anything before we wrap up for the day?
21:30:38 <kschiltz> I'd like your input on how to be more coordinated globally and regionally.  Would love to hear feedback on what the press is asking for in other geographies.
21:30:39 * nirik isn't sure he has anything else.
21:31:34 <asamaras> I think we can keep you updated with this
21:31:41 <asamaras> :)
21:32:04 <asamaras> I know it would seem Greek to you (but on the other hand that's our lang)
21:32:19 <wonderer> I think PR is a bit different from country to country so it will be good to work also more regional. and globaly (as allways ;-) ).
21:32:31 <kschiltz> Maybe we should use F12 as a guide and see if different geos focus in on different aspects of Fedora.  Maybe some regions are all about features and others are focused in more on community growth.
21:32:57 <wonderer> 2 minds - 1 thought ;-)
21:34:01 <asamaras> can you advice on how to set-up an event
21:34:05 <mchua> #action Kara looking for input on how to be more coordinated globally/regionally,  and what the press is asking for in other geos.
21:34:30 <asamaras> surely it has to involve ambassadors
21:34:50 <mchua> asamaras: we have howtos for FUDCons and FADs, what other kinds of events would you like to se?
21:35:30 <asamaras> actually I was thinking more an event targeted at universities
21:35:33 <mchua> asamaras: i think this may be more of an Ambassadors topic, though Marketing can certainly help with material and such.
21:36:19 <asamaras> ok then I will ask them
21:36:29 <wonderer> also a good startingpoint: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/NA/Draft/NewsMedia_HowTo
21:36:45 <asamaras> rhanks
21:36:46 <kschiltz> Gotta run to a 4:30 call!  Thanks to all for your questions.  Please feel free to e-mail me at any time: kschiltz@redhat.com.  I'm very excited for F12 and think we'll get some good press interest next week!
21:37:08 <asamaras> thanks that is
21:37:09 <wonderer> big thanks!
21:38:33 <mchua> asamaras: ooh - we should look into how Marketing can help Campus Ambassadors again... it's something that would be excellent to bring up
21:38:42 * mchua belated thank you to Kara!
21:38:48 * mchua will send thank you email
21:38:56 * mchua shakes fist at network lag
21:39:06 <mchua> nirik: how do we wrap up?
21:39:27 <nirik> just '#endmeeting'
21:39:27 <wonderer> mchua: I know that will be almost impossible, but I allways have the idea to have (regional/global) meetings (e.g. on a FUDCON or FAD) with some PR & Marketing guys here in person. maybe to have that on the list for next events ... :)
21:40:05 <wonderer> IRC is Ok, but face-to-face is much more efficient.
21:40:10 <wonderer> :)
21:40:14 <mchua> wonderer: well, this coming FUDCon in Toronto, we'll have a Marketing-focused sprint for the first time (around Fedora Insight)
21:40:36 <mchua> wonderer: and I'd *love* to have a Marketing FAD (or FADs) during the F13 cycle
21:40:49 <wonderer> mchua: good one. I would be in.
21:40:53 <asamaras> yep
21:41:10 * mchua wonders how much plane ticket budget we can ask for ;)
21:41:22 <mchua> hopefully we can get everyone in for one, we'll have to see :)
21:41:31 <mchua> #action plan F13 Marketing FAD
21:41:32 <wonderer> mchua: THAT would be the biggest part ;-)
21:41:42 <mchua> I'll ask spevack.
21:41:56 <mchua> Anything else for the classroom?
21:42:00 <mchua> I think we're about ready to wrap up.
21:42:00 <mchua> thank y
21:42:15 <mchua> thank you again to nirik and the classroom crew for hosting us here today!
21:42:31 <mchua> The end-of-class bell rings in 5...
21:42:33 <mchua> 4...
21:42:34 <mchua> 3...
21:42:37 <mchua> 2...
21:42:39 <mchua> 1...
21:42:40 <mchua> *ding*
21:42:44 <mchua> #endmeeting