17:41:10 <mchua> #startmeeting
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17:41:11 <spevack> mchua, sdziallas -- i recommend that you give this exercise some sort of time boundary
17:41:18 <mr_rogers> rprice: Yes.
17:41:23 <rprice> mr_rogers: Wonderful!
17:41:44 <Pushpa> hhutton: start with info you want on your wiki page
17:41:56 <apranger> dkahn: what sections do you want? most seem to have "about me," "contact info," "current projects," and "interests"
17:42:02 <Pushpa> hhutton: i will create yours first and then we can do mine
17:42:16 <dkahn> apranger: so current projects let's leave that for now, since I am not involved with any yet
17:42:22 <apranger> dkahn: k
17:42:22 <rprice> mr_rogers: My page is: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Rprice
17:42:23 <rprice> mr_rogers: Does this work for you?
17:42:25 <dkahn> apranger: let's do contact info first
17:42:31 <apranger> dkahn: shoot
17:42:48 <mr_rogers> rprice: Yes.
17:42:50 <dkahn> apranger: so Dana Kahn, irc nick dkahn, email address dkahn@redhat.com
17:42:54 <rprice> mr_rogers: Please report
17:43:11 <mr_rogers> rprice: I am editing my page
17:43:16 <apranger> dkahn: phone?
17:43:17 <dkahn> apranger: do I need anything else for contact info?
17:43:28 <dkahn> apranger: ahh yes, 919-890-8339 (office)
17:43:33 <dkahn> apranger: not sure I want to share my cell
17:43:39 <apranger> dkahn: don't blame you :)
17:43:42 <rprice> mr_rogers: Hello!  I have your page opened to edit.
17:43:58 <apranger> dkahn: k I will just get info then format a bit when done
17:43:59 <Pushpa> hhutton: i have your page open and reay to go as soon as u give e some info
17:44:07 <rrix> sirrinki: hi :)
17:44:08 <dkahn> apranger: kk
17:44:14 <rrix> sirrinki: Sorry about that
17:44:14 <mr_rogers> rprice: Please format it appropriately, much like the KCS we do LOL!
17:44:20 <dkahn> apranger: do we work on each others at the same time?
17:44:23 <apranger> dkahn: what "about you"...education? job at Red Hat?
17:44:28 <apranger> dkahn: I don't think so
17:44:30 <dkahn> apranger: ok
17:44:35 <rprice> mr_rogers: Lets start off about some basic things!
17:44:35 <mr_rogers> rprice: I will edit yours
17:44:46 <mr_rogers> rprice: Ok
17:44:47 <rrix> sirrinki: Shall we get started?
17:44:53 <apranger> dkahn: hobbies, anything else you want to share? hehe
17:44:55 <rprice> mr_rogers: Lets say we do, about me , contact info, what current projects, and your interests
17:44:58 <Pushpa> hhutton: where do we start?
17:45:02 <rprice> mr_rogers: please fill that information out
17:45:03 <dkahn> apranger: so "about you" - grew up in Buffalo, NY, went to University of RI, graduated with PR degree
17:45:07 <Pushpa> hhutton: lets do your page first
17:45:10 <mr_rogers> rprice: On the wiki page?
17:45:11 <hhutton> Pushpa: ok, perfect
17:45:13 <rprice> mr_rogers: and I will make you a bomb ass wiki page
17:45:24 <Pushpa> hhutton: give me the info you want to see when one visits ur page
17:45:27 <rprice> mr_rogers: please post that information into the channel.  We need to use IRC for this exercise.
17:45:41 <rprice> mr_rogers: if you need help, please use rprice: /help
17:45:41 <hhutton> Pushpa: ok, i'm going to go for a while.
17:45:47 <dkahn> apranger: relocated to Raleigh, NC, worked in the past in events planning, HR and currently working at Red Hat as the Global Support Training Manager
17:46:06 <cnoffsin> eacampion, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Cnoffsin
17:46:07 <dkahn> apranger: live in Cary with my husband, daughter and dog, avid movie watcher
17:46:13 <hhutton> Pushpa: born and raised in NC. grad from nc state.
17:46:17 <dkahn> apranger: is that enough to get started?
17:46:19 <rrix> sirrinki: Are you there?
17:46:37 <apranger> dkahn: sure...let me type that up a bit
17:46:38 <mchua> #info Exercise: pair up with a partner and create each other's userpages.
17:46:44 <mr_rogers> rprice: ok, I am from New Bern, NC. I worked at IBM in online media (youtube type) and I have been at Red Hat for a little over a year
17:46:53 <hhutton> Pushpa: started my own online community in 99, worked for Lulu from 01 to 08.
17:46:55 <dkahn> spevack: what is our time limit again?
17:46:58 <rprice> mr_rogers: that is most interesting.
17:47:02 <mchua> #info Restriction: You're not allowed to edit your own userpage, and you are only allowed to communicate with your partner over IRC (even thought you may be in the same room).
17:47:14 <mchua> dkahn: I think we were going for... was it 30 minutes before check-in? sdziallas ?
17:47:16 <mr_rogers> rprice: current projects is Openswan
17:47:19 <rprice> mr_rogers: what kind of contact information ?
17:47:22 <hhutton> Pushpa: now do oug for Red hat. married w/ 2 kids, 17 and 18
17:47:27 <rprice> mr_rogers: oh.  most awesome.
17:47:31 <mr_rogers> rprice: mrogers@redhat.com
17:47:37 <apranger> dkahn: k, interests? PR, events, running?
17:47:42 <mchua> dkahn: 15 minutes left, at the top of the hour
17:47:48 <cnoffsin> eacampion, I have 2 kids, RHCE RHCVA, I am in GSS at Red Hat
17:48:07 <mr_rogers> rprice: My interests are walking my 4 dogs and watching all types of movies!
17:48:10 <hhutton> purshpa: manage new online user groups, planning to grow customer participation and collab in FY 12.
17:48:11 <dkahn> apranger: so interests include movies, playing sports (not watching), reading and playing with my daughter
17:48:18 <spevack> dkahn: we're going to see where we are at 2:00
17:48:24 <spevack> dkahn: but if folks aren't done, we'll keep going
17:48:31 <mchua> #note Your login for the Fedora wiki is your FAS account
17:48:34 <dkahn> spevack: kk
17:48:34 <mr_rogers> rprice: Just kidding about the last one! LOL! I dont own any dog.
17:48:41 <hhutton> Pushpa: like playing music- guitar, bass, drums, and cycling.
17:48:41 <mr_rogers> rprice: I have 2 kids
17:48:41 <mchua> #note You'll have to sign the CLA (in FAS) before you can log into the wiki
17:48:56 <hhutton> puspha: that's it for me--anything more you need?
17:48:58 <Pushpa> hhutton: that should be good for now. give me your contact info now
17:49:03 <mr_rogers> rprice: now you tell me more about yourself
17:49:06 <apranger> dkahn: wonder how to change your name in the header
17:49:22 <dkahn> apranger: also I would like to note somewhere that I am interested in getting more involved in open source projects, specifically around events management
17:49:23 <hhutton> Pushpa: hhutton@redhat.com, 919-247-1832.
17:49:25 <dkahn> apranger: hmm
17:49:34 <rprice> mr_rogers: sure!  I have edited your page with that information.  Thank you!
17:49:35 <cnoffsin> eacampion, https://fedorahosted.org/comlink/
17:50:01 <hhutton> Pushpa: yeah, also add that I'm interested in being an ambassador and/or assisting in marketing for the fedora project.
17:50:01 <cnoffsin> eacampion, http://code.google.com/p/pygame-d20-mmo/
17:50:10 <cnoffsin> eacampion, those are my 2 projects I am involved in
17:50:18 <hhutton> Pushpa: now I need to find out how to create a page for you!
17:50:18 <cnoffsin> eacampion, 2 kids
17:50:23 <mr_rogers> rprice: Ok, now tell me about yourself
17:50:42 <mr_rogers> rprice: in IRC
17:50:51 <apranger> dkahn: so I did a quick first sentence, sorry it sounds stupid: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Dkahn
17:50:54 <apranger> dkahn: time limit!
17:51:06 <Pushpa> hhutton: let me finish yours and we can start mine
17:51:12 * dkahn is reading
17:51:14 <hhutton> Pushpa: cool.
17:51:45 <dkahn> apranger: looks great!
17:51:52 <apranger> dkahn: cool!
17:52:02 <dkahn> apranger: shall we move on to yours?
17:52:13 <apranger> dkahn: sure thing...and you can probably just copy and paste your page to get a template to start with
17:52:20 <dkahn> apranger: good idea
17:52:34 <rprice> mr_rogers: I have been at RH for 5 years. I work in GSS.  I am a TAM.
17:52:37 <spevack> anyone stuck, needing help that they are not getting from their partner or others in the channel?
17:52:41 <apranger> dkahn: user is apranger, and you have to be logged in to edit (if you're not already)
17:52:41 <Pushpa> hhutton: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Hhutton
17:52:56 <Pushpa> hhutton: take a peak and let me know
17:53:02 <dkahn> apranger: yep - just trying to figure out how you did headings
17:53:06 <apranger> ==heading==
17:53:15 <hhutton> Pushpa: looks great!
17:53:16 <Pushpa> hhutton: of any changes
17:53:19 <apranger> dkahn: ==heading==
17:53:25 <dkahn> apranger: ah hah
17:53:33 <apranger> dkahn: * is a bullet
17:53:35 <rprice> how do you post external img?
17:53:44 <hhutton> Pushpa: ok, I'm ready for you--you're user: Pushpa?
17:53:46 <rrix> sirrinki: All set up on FAS?
17:53:53 <Pushpa> hhutton: yes pls
17:53:53 <mr_rogers> rprice: Great! What projects are you involved with??
17:53:57 <hhutton> Pushpa: shoot
17:54:10 <apranger> dkahn: what do you need help with?
17:54:18 <apranger> dkahn: you looked confused ;)
17:54:19 <rprice> mr_rogers: I am currently not involved in any project but making cream.
17:54:27 <dkahn> apranger: so I put ==heading== and then type the heading title?
17:54:33 <Pushpa> hhutton: pushpa chinnappa, originally from India, but US is my my homw now. Married with 2 kids 8 & 2.
17:54:34 <apranger> dkahn: no...go to your page and hit edit
17:54:35 <mr_rogers> rprice: Interesting.. Ice cream?
17:54:42 <apranger> dkahn: you can see code...so ==contact info== is one, etc.
17:54:56 <rprice> mr_rogers: HA!!! No.  Silly.  Big faces on paper.
17:54:59 <dkahn> apranger: ahh ok
17:55:21 <mr_rogers> rprice:
17:55:24 <apranger> dkahn: that's actually what I would copy...go into your page, get into edit, then copy that over to the other page
17:55:26 <mr_rogers> rprice: cool.
17:55:33 <Pushpa> hhutton: have a engineering undergrad background and MBA. Have been a jack of all and mastering the management arena now.
17:55:36 <rprice> mr_rogers: my contact info is rprice@redhat.com
17:55:47 <dkahn> apranger: ok done
17:55:52 <Pushpa> hhutton: Program manager at redhat GSS subscriber platform team
17:55:57 <dkahn> apranger: lets start with your "about me"
17:56:25 <Pushpa> hhutton: pushpa@redhat.com, irc nick: pushpa, 919890 8044
17:56:29 <rprice> mr_rogers: I am interested in Bird Seeing.  Every weekend I go into the woods and marvel at the many beautiful animals.  esp birds.  I am also interested in becoming the best there was, the best their is, and the best there ever will be.
17:56:30 <apranger> dkahn: k...I'm a native of Raleigh, NC, but have spent time in Lesotho, Southern Africa (with the Peace Corps), and in West Virginia (which is about as remote)
17:57:00 <apranger> dkahn: I graduated in 2005 with a degree in Honors English from Appalachian State University, and I hope to graduate in December 2011 with my M.A. in Professional Writing and Editing from West Virginia University
17:57:09 <apranger> dkahn: I am currently working as a technical writer/editor at Red Hat. :)
17:57:28 <hhutton> Pushpa: hobbies and how you'd like to contribute?
17:57:38 <apranger> dkhan: let me know when you're ready to continue
17:57:42 <dkahn> apranger: I am good
17:57:46 <dkahn> apranger: interests?
17:57:53 <Pushpa> hhutton: cooking, reading and spending every spare minute with my kids
17:57:54 <hhutton> Pushpa: who has time for hobbies with 2 kids?
17:58:02 <Pushpa> hhutton: good one!
17:58:13 <apranger> dkahn: k...Interests are reading, learning about new things...I'm boring
17:58:21 <hhutton> Pushpa: and how you'd like to contribute?
17:58:23 <dkahn> apranger: I can relate
17:58:23 <apranger> dkahn: um, finishing my thesis?
17:58:48 <rprice> mr_rogers: are you there?
17:58:55 <Pushpa> hhutton: new to communities, willing to learn and organize and help in any way. mostly interested to shadow an experienced fello fedora person
17:58:59 <dkahn> apranger: thesis on what topic?
17:59:01 <apranger> dkahn: also interested in HIV/AIDS behavior change communication, and I'm interested in figuring out how my writing/editing skills can be of use to the FOSS community
17:59:11 <apranger> dkahn: thesis is on how rhetoric can influence behavior change
17:59:12 <mr_rogers> rprice: yes. i am formatting your Wi Ki
17:59:13 <Pushpa> hhutton: and help being an Ambassador
17:59:18 <rprice> mr_rogers: I am as well.
17:59:28 <mr_rogers> rprice: you can view your first draft now
17:59:43 <mr_rogers> rprice: I thik we should now go back and do the formatting
17:59:54 <apranger> dkahn: good?
18:00:05 <cnoffsin> meatwad: numquote 4179
18:00:09 <dkahn> apranger: yep, now just need contact info - I just need your phone
18:00:10 <cnoffsin> mr_rogers, rprice ^
18:00:19 <Pushpa> hhutton: r we good? need anything else?
18:00:24 <apranger> dkahn: apranger, apranger@redhat.com, and I think it's 919-890-8992? let me check the phone
18:00:38 <hhutton> Pushpa: how's it look- https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Pushpa
18:00:43 <apranger> 8829
18:00:51 <apranger> dkahn: 890-8829
18:01:00 <hhutton> Pushpa: oops, gotta capitalize your name.
18:01:04 <mr_rogers> rprice: Try Again
18:01:13 <dkahn> apranger: kk
18:01:18 <hhutton> Pushpa: any other changes?
18:01:28 <Pushpa> hhutton: reading now
18:01:41 <dkahn> apranger: just finishing up
18:01:44 <Pushpa> hhutton: looks good
18:01:48 <apranger> dkahn: np
18:01:50 <hhutton> Pushpa: capitalized Subscriber Platform Team.
18:01:56 <Pushpa> hhutton: we did great for beginners
18:02:10 <hhutton> Pushpa: yep- you're a champ!
18:02:14 <apranger> dkahn: oh yeah, you should probably put Customer Portal in there too...writer/editor at Red Hat for the Customer Portal?
18:02:21 <Pushpa> hhutton: team work :D!
18:02:45 <dkahn> apranger: d'oh, I have my intro instead of yours in the beginning part...
18:03:02 <apranger> dkahn: I was going to start out by saying that my name is not Dana Kahn. ;)
18:03:13 <dkahn> apranger: how do I fix that?
18:03:24 <mr_rogers> rprice: did you page come up yet?
18:03:25 <apranger> dkahn: what do you mean? can just type over
18:03:41 <rprice> mr_rogers: Thanks!  It did.  Thank you for capturing that needed informatio.
18:03:43 <dkahn> apranger: it isn't showing up when I click edit
18:03:46 <rprice> mr_rogers: I have finished your page.  Thanks!
18:03:47 <apranger> dkahn: go back into edit?
18:03:55 <hhutton> Pushpa: ok, all done!
18:03:58 <dkahn> apranger: nm I got it
18:04:15 <Pushpa> hhutton: good job!
18:04:34 <dkahn> apranger: k done
18:05:07 <jlaska_class> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Eriwilli
18:06:21 <jlaska_class> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Sirrinki
18:14:52 <mchua> #endmeeting