19:12:55 <jsmith> #startmeeting Docs + SEO"
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19:14:02 <jsmith> #chair randomuser nb
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19:14:20 <zoglesby> #chair zoglesby
19:14:26 <zoglesby> :(
19:14:30 <jsmith> #chair zoglesby pkovar jhradilek
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19:14:50 <nb> zoglesby, only zodbot admins can make themself chairs, otherwise a current chair has to add you like jared just did
19:15:01 <jsmith> #topic lnovich to introduce us to SEO on the Docs stuff
19:15:06 <zoglesby> nb: I know...
19:15:47 <jhradilek> How come I can't get the IRC-related badges?
19:16:04 <nb> .fasinfo jhradilek
19:16:08 <randomuser> jhradilek, try /nick jhradile for a while
19:16:09 <jsmith> jhradilek: Do you have your IRC nick correctly set in FAS?
19:16:19 <nb> jsmith, i think he may be set to private
19:16:20 <jhradilek> I should have.
19:16:21 <nb> #chair lnovich
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19:16:26 <jhradilek> .fasinfo jhradile
19:16:27 * pkovar 
19:16:31 <nb> jhradilek, are you set to private in FAS?
19:16:41 <lnovich> http://www.docbook.org/tdg/en/html/chapterinfo.html
19:16:45 <jhradilek> nb: That's a very good question, let me check.
19:16:52 <randomuser> hopefully disruptive bot spam is unwelcome here
19:18:37 <jhradilek> nb: I was. I no longer am.
19:19:33 <nb> jhradilek, ok, i think you will receive the badges now
19:19:42 <jjmcd> Shouldn't lnovich be a chair?
19:19:51 <nb> i think the problem was that zodbot could not look up what the FAS username was for jhradilek on irc
19:19:52 <randomuser> #chair jhradilek
19:19:52 <zodbot> Current chairs: jhradilek jsmith lnovich nb pkovar randomuser zoglesby
19:24:11 <randomuser> welcome, mayorga
19:24:12 <randomuser> we are experimenting with metadata docbook tags for SEO purposes
19:26:26 <jsmith> #info Sample <bookinfo> tag for SEO goodness: http://paste.fedoraproject.org/87895/13956027/
19:27:03 <jsmith> Sample HTML output:
19:27:06 <jsmith> <meta name="description" content="I had a bacon-provole-guacamole sandwich with a large bowl of melon on the side. I paid for this meal with spare change I found under the pool table." /><meta name="keywords" content="bacon, provolone, guacamole, melon" />
19:29:09 <randomuser> #info metadata improves SEOP ranking
19:29:23 <jsmith> #info having a good XML sitemap and robots.txt files help as well
19:29:23 <randomuser> #undo
19:29:23 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: INFO by jsmith at 19:29:23 : having a good XML sitemap and robots.txt files help as well
19:29:27 <randomuser> #info metadata improves SEO ranking
19:29:27 <jsmith> #undu
19:29:35 <jsmith> #info having a good XML sitemap and robots.txt files help as well
19:29:51 <randomuser> #info updating content will improve ranking
19:30:06 <randomuser> #info linking to a site improves ranking
19:33:46 <jsmith> #action lnovich to chat with her SEO-minded friends about what else we can do
19:33:59 <jsmith> #info looks like we're limited to bookinfo/articleinfo tags for now
19:34:11 <jsmith> #topic open floor
19:34:12 <lnovich> # action lnovich to write a procedure / template
19:34:31 <jsmith> #action lnovich to write wiki page outlining standard template
19:35:22 <jsmith> #action Sparks To create a tracker bug to make sure we get metadata into all the guides
19:35:31 <Sparks> +1
19:36:55 <jjmcd> jsmith, do we want thosw #'s to be in #fedora-docs so we don't loose them?
19:37:23 <jsmith> DTD Validation failed for '/tmp/seo/tmp/en-US/xml/seo.xml':
19:37:24 <jsmith> Chapter.xml:10: validity error : Element abstract content does not follow the DTD, expecting (title? , (formalpara | para | simpara)+), got (CDATA)
19:37:34 <jsmith> jjmcd: We'll get them from the meeting notes :-)
19:43:35 <jsmith> #info chapterinfo/sectioninfo tags do work -- jsmith was just an idiot
19:48:45 <jsmith> #endmeeting