14:28:08 <lnovich> #startmeeting
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14:28:28 <lnovich> Ok Kirsti - we are going to cover some basic git commands
14:29:16 * kirsti pays close attention
14:29:26 <lnovich> the first thing you need to do is understand that anything you do on your local computer / drive does not change the remote repo unless you perfrom a git command
14:29:55 <kirsti> yes grok
14:30:24 <lnovich> ok so I am assuming you are familiar with using a terminal?
14:30:33 <kirsti> yes
14:30:50 <lnovich> so please cd into the directory you created for your local fedora work
14:30:51 <kirsti> mostly very basic stuff, but I do recognize commands
14:31:29 <lnovich> can you tell me what is in that folder at the moment?
14:31:34 <lnovich> run a ls command?
14:31:38 <kirsti> I'm there
14:31:45 <kirsti> nothing
14:31:50 <lnovich> ok great
14:32:01 <lnovich> do you know your FAS password?
14:32:14 <kirsti> yes
14:32:22 <lnovich> ok
14:34:56 <lnovich> so if you run git clone https://git.fedorahosted.org/git/docs/virtualization-getting-started-guide.git
14:35:16 <lnovich> this will create a repo on your local computer for the getting started guide
14:36:07 <lnovich> have you installed publican and the publican fedora brand files?
14:36:31 <kirsti> receiving objects
14:36:40 <lnovich> it shouldn't take long
14:36:42 <kirsti> and yes I think I did install publican
14:36:48 <lnovich> which version?
14:37:00 <kirsti> I followed the procedure on the wiki for that
14:37:02 <lnovich> if you run publican -v it will tell you
14:37:06 <lnovich> ok
14:37:47 <kirsti> v4.2.6
14:38:23 <lnovich> hmm I seem to remember you needed a 2.x version for publishing purposes - I'll check on that for you
14:39:04 <lnovich> this is why I haven't been publishing lately on Fedora -as my computer is no longer compatible and I need to run a virtual machine in order to do the doc work
14:39:40 <lnovich> but by now you should have  folder with all the files downloaded
14:40:31 <kirsti> I have used this: http://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/Fedora_Contributor_Documentation/1/html/Users_Guide/chap-Users_Guide-Installing_Publican.html
14:40:54 <lnovich> i'll check into the publican part for you
14:41:19 <kirsti> I see, and yes
14:41:34 <lnovich> if you run ls in the folder
14:41:54 <lnovich> you should have a folder that reads virtualization-getting-started-guide
14:42:27 <lnovich> and inside that folder are all the source files for the book
14:42:52 <lnovich> before you send any change back to the repo just check with me
14:43:04 <lnovich> so we can make sure you're doing the right thing
14:43:14 <lnovich> so if you want we can make a basic change right now
14:43:58 <kirsti> ok like changing  fedora 19 in 22 in ch 2?
14:46:51 <lnovich> yes something like that
14:48:27 <lnovich> which file did you see that issue in?
14:49:03 <kirsti> I recorded it in the planning wiki: http://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/Fedora/22/html/Virtualization_Getting_Started_Guide/sec-migration.html
14:50:20 <lnovich> yes but that section was commented out
14:50:30 <kirsti> grin
14:50:31 <kirsti> true
14:50:48 <lnovich> this is what grundbom was talking about yesterday
14:51:51 <kirsti> in the what is it I suggested adding a link to the Virtualization Deployment and Administration Guide
15:06:41 <lnovich> ok kirsti
15:07:02 <lnovich> what I think we will do is make a task list of things for you to take care of
15:08:35 <kirsti> sounds like a plan, then get back to it when I have that done locally
15:09:14 <lnovich> we'll keep it simple and then build up to something more complex
15:09:50 <lnovich> unfortunately I am traveling to raleigh on sunday
15:10:53 <kirsti> gives me some time to read up more, and use my sandbox for experimenting
15:11:14 <lnovich> ok so feel free to experiment
15:11:29 <lnovich> I will be back on Thursday late
15:12:19 <kirsti> next week Friday afternoon I could free up some time
15:12:40 <lnovich> so we can talk on Monday about it
15:12:50 <kirsti> yup
15:13:46 <lnovich> great so I will catch up with you a week from monday - we can chat following the fedora docs meeting
15:14:20 <kirsti> will do :)
15:14:29 <lnovich> excellent!
15:15:28 <lnovich> ok so kirsti if you want to clone the VDAG - the command is the same
15:16:00 <kirsti> Is it wise to do that in a different dir?
15:16:53 <lnovich> when you run the git clone command inside the same Fedora directory a new folder will be added called virtualization-deployment-and-administration-guide
15:17:09 <kirsti> ok
15:18:17 <lnovich> git clone https://git.fedorahosted.org/git/docs/virtualization-deployment-and-administration-guide.git
15:18:25 <lnovich> is the command you need
15:18:48 * kirsti nods
15:20:04 <lnovich> ok so that is about all we can do for now - we'll pick up next week?
15:20:14 <kirsti> yes. lets
15:20:23 <lnovich> ok ending the meeting
15:20:28 <lnovich> #endmeeting