13:07:21 <x3mboy> #startmeeting Fedora classroom
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13:07:37 <x3mboy> #meetingname "Fedora classroom - VIM 101"
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13:07:50 <x3mboy> #topic Hello!
13:08:18 <linuxEnthusiast> Hi
13:08:38 <aditya_r> Hi
13:08:45 <pany> .hellomynameis pany
13:08:46 <zodbot> pany: pany 'Pany' <geekpany@gmail.com>
13:09:35 <x3mboy> Hello everyone, my name is Eduard Lucena. I'm a contributor in the Fedora Project, working with Marketing, the Fedora Magazine, Ambassadors and other little things.
13:09:41 <nb> .hello2
13:09:42 <zodbot> nb: nb 'Nick Bebout' <nb@nb.zone>
13:09:45 <foxmean> Hello
13:10:00 <vanheckcz> hi
13:10:07 <x3mboy> We are here to have a little introduction to vim, IMHO the most powerfull cli editor ever
13:10:09 <x3mboy> :D
13:10:21 <mehdi> Really?
13:10:32 <x3mboy> #chair nb
13:10:32 <zodbot> Current chairs: nb x3mboy
13:10:38 <mehdi> the most powerful editor?
13:10:57 <x3mboy> For me, yes. And we will see why
13:11:06 <mehdi> Interesting
13:11:32 <mehdi> I always find it a bit hard to use, accessible though
13:11:57 <x3mboy> mehdi, Well, we are here to learn how to
13:12:14 <mehdi> Yes, we are
13:12:53 <x3mboy> linuxEnthusiast aditya_r pany foxmean vanheckcz mehdi nb welcome to this class
13:13:05 <x3mboy> I will give 2 more minutes to more people to join
13:13:26 <mehdi> Thanks Eduard
13:13:30 <x3mboy> In the meanwhile, please can somebody tell me, what version of vim do you have installed in your system?
13:13:49 <pany> Nice to meet you guys :D
13:13:54 <borg0> 8.0.885
13:14:06 <nmnbd[m]> 8.0 for me
13:14:22 <mehdi> Mine is Vi. Are they the same?
13:14:32 <nb> mehdi, vi is not the same as vim but similar
13:14:34 <pany> version 8.0.946
13:14:38 <nb> vim is a more enhanced version of vi
13:14:40 <linuxEnthusiast> 8.0.855
13:14:54 <linuxEnthusiast> sorry 8.0.885
13:15:00 <mech> 8.0.606
13:15:09 <mehdi> OK, let me install vim
13:15:23 <foxmean> Nice to meet you, I'm the first experience to join tutorial in IRC. Today, I'm plan to observe because of I'm in Job Time. My vim version is 8.0 in Debian 9.1
13:15:31 <nmnbd[m]> can i follow on vi?
13:15:44 <vanheckcz> vim 8.0.586
13:16:21 <mehdi> But, when I run `vi --help` it displays `VIM - Vi IMproved 8.0 (2016 Sep 12, compiled Aug  7 2017 13:21:18)`
13:16:45 <x3mboy> nmnbd[m], probably don't and I'm going to tell you why
13:16:45 <mehdi> So, I guess I have VIM 8.0 installed
13:17:18 <foxmean> mehdi, maybe try $ which vim?
13:17:20 <t-rey> 8.0.855
13:17:43 <foxmean> I guess you have Vim mehdi
13:18:06 <mehdi> foxmean, so which one should I have?
13:18:36 <foxmean> mehdi, try run $ vim --version
13:18:51 <bt0> Hi
13:18:52 <mehdi> When I run `vim` it tells me I need to install it. But, when I enter `vi --help` it shows Vi Improved`
13:19:14 <aditya_r> mine 8.0
13:19:14 <nmnbd[m]> same goes for me
13:19:31 <mehdi> Install package 'vim-enhanced' to provide command 'vim'? [N/y] y    * Waiting in queue...   * Loading list of packages....  The following packages have to be installed:  vim-common-2:8.0.885-1.fc26.x86_64	The common files needed by any version of the VIM editor  vim-enhanced-2:8.0.885-1.fc26.x86_64	A version of the VIM editor which includes recent enhancements  vim-filesystem-2:8.0.885-1.fc26.x86_64	VIM filesystem layout
13:19:49 <x3mboy> And that's what happens
13:19:55 <x3mboy> Let me explain this quickly
13:20:04 <mehdi> OK, thanks
13:20:07 <x3mboy> Fedora comes with vim-minimal
13:20:21 <x3mboy> That's more similar with the old vi
13:20:46 <x3mboy> vim it's just: VI iMproved
13:20:55 <x3mboy> A better and extended version
13:21:03 <mehdi> Yes
13:21:11 <x3mboy> So, in order to have vim, instead of vi, you need to install vim-enhanced
13:21:46 <x3mboy> So
13:21:55 <mehdi> So, what is vim-common?
13:22:52 <bt0> libraries for vim
13:23:12 <x3mboy> vim-common is just the common files that are shared by all vim versions: vim-X11, vim-gtk and vim-enhanced
13:23:16 <x3mboy> bt0, +1
13:23:29 <x3mboy> Are the libraries that extend vi into vim
13:24:18 <mehdi> And the installation is a little weird, it does not show packages size, as compared to other packages I normally install via `dnf install`
13:25:51 <x3mboy> That's other issue. As you installed saying yes to that question, you use PackageKit to install it, no dnf
13:25:53 <mehdi> And that's because I did not install vim via `dnf install`, rather by responding 'yes' to Fedora's suggestion when I tried to run the missing `vim`
13:26:11 <mehdi> Yes x3mboy exactly
13:26:35 <x3mboy> But, continuing with the class
13:26:54 <mehdi> OK, now I have vim 8.0.885 installed
13:26:55 <x3mboy> #topic Quick review of the history of vim
13:29:05 <x3mboy> Vi was written for Unix, as an alternative of the line editors
13:29:16 <x3mboy> Someone knows what a line editor is?
13:29:23 <borg0> ed
13:29:39 <x3mboy> borg0, +1
13:29:52 <x3mboy> ed and sed are the most common
13:30:30 <x3mboy> line editors doesn't allow you to see the whole file while editing, they work by buffering each line and performing the commanded changes
13:30:31 <mehdi> What does it do?
13:30:36 <mehdi> It must be a boring editor
13:30:37 <mehdi> lol
13:30:51 <x3mboy> That means that you can't read the file in the screen
13:31:10 <mehdi> Oh that's terrible
13:31:14 <x3mboy> That why the idea of screen edirots comes out
13:31:32 <x3mboy> The most populars were/are emacs and vi
13:31:47 <x3mboy> vi, stands for VIsual editor
13:32:29 <x3mboy> And its main characteristic is that you can see the file and explore it by lines, by character, by page
13:32:34 <x3mboy> Or in any way you need
13:32:41 <x3mboy> #chair bt0
13:32:41 <zodbot> Current chairs: bt0 nb x3mboy
13:32:54 <x3mboy> bt0, sorry, just in case I need help ;)
13:32:58 <bt0> ok
13:33:30 <mehdi> This is good
13:33:49 <skamath> .hello skamath
13:33:52 <zodbot> skamath: skamath 'Sachin S Kamath ' <sskamath96@gmail.com>
13:34:30 <x3mboy> Then, when linux and the Free Software movement comes out, we found a hero called????
13:34:55 <borg0> tux
13:34:58 <x3mboy> LOL
13:35:18 <skamath> tux yes :P
13:35:23 <mehdi> Richard
13:35:24 <mehdi> Stallman
13:35:26 <x3mboy> Bram Moolenaar, comes in 1991 with his improved version of vi, and he called vim
13:35:51 <mehdi> Oh, I was mistaken :(
13:36:00 <x3mboy> Just because vii sounds aweful
13:36:11 <x3mboy> (vee-eye-eye)
13:36:21 <x3mboy> So, now we have this little editor here
13:36:29 <x3mboy> Let's explore it
13:36:38 <x3mboy> #topic Starting vim
13:36:43 <x3mboy> #chair skamath
13:36:43 <zodbot> Current chairs: bt0 nb skamath x3mboy
13:36:43 <skamath> (na-nn-oo) sounds worse
13:37:20 <mehdi> Sorry to be off-topic, can someone tell me what a chair is?
13:37:39 <skamath> mehdi, people who can control meetings.
13:38:08 <mehdi> Via IRC commands?
13:38:08 <skamath> chairs can do things like add more chairs, change topic, close meeting, etc
13:38:21 <x3mboy> bt0, nb and skamath are colaborators, that can manage the control of the meeting
13:38:32 <skamath> mehdi, no via zodbot commands.
13:38:39 <x3mboy> mehdi, exactly, via IRC commands, sent to the zodbot, the meet bot
13:38:44 <x3mboy> Ok, on-topic again
13:38:51 <mehdi> OK, thanks
13:38:59 <x3mboy> Please, if you can, download this file: https://github.com/X3MBoy/toolbox/blob/master/README.md
13:39:17 <mehdi> i think I need a zodbot class session!
13:39:25 <skamath> mehdi, https://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot
13:39:26 <x3mboy> And please, of you are a developer, don't judge my github, I'm a sysadmin, not a developer
13:39:33 <x3mboy> geek_cl, hello!
13:39:42 <geek_cl> hello x3mboy
13:40:11 <x3mboy> Do you download the file?
13:40:16 <x3mboy> geek_cl, https://github.com/X3MBoy/toolbox/blob/master/README.md
13:40:17 <dominicpg> +1
13:40:21 <skamath> +1
13:40:21 <x3mboy> Just a text file
13:40:33 <mehdi> x3mboy: so your toolbox is a collection of vim related software?
13:41:10 <x3mboy> No, a collection of scripts that I use regularly
13:41:20 <x3mboy> Just I have my vimrc file there
13:41:39 <skamath> x3mboy, should I clone the entire repo?
13:41:39 <x3mboy> But vimrc is advanced, we probably will see that in vim 102 session
13:41:50 <dominicpg> ok
13:41:58 <bt0> +1
13:42:01 <x3mboy> skamath, If you want. You can just download the md file for the session
13:42:10 <skamath> Ack.
13:42:16 <x3mboy> Ok, continuing
13:42:31 <x3mboy> Please invoke the command "vim README.md"
13:43:07 <dominicpg> +1
13:43:13 <nmnbd[m]> +1
13:43:17 <sver> +1
13:43:30 <skamath> +1
13:43:31 <pany> +1
13:43:32 <x3mboy> Ok, one the most common things that people face when using vim is how to exit vim
13:43:43 <bt0> +1
13:43:45 <x3mboy> Can you name at least 3 ways to exit vim?
13:43:48 <t-rey> +1
13:43:54 <borg0> timeout
13:43:55 <t-rey> :q
13:43:56 <dominicpg> save, exit - wq
13:44:03 <sver> :wq :q :q! :x
13:44:06 <t-rey> esc + :x
13:44:09 <skamath> #link https://stackoverflow.blog/2017/05/23/stack-overflow-helping-one-million-developers-exit-vim/
13:44:13 <skamath> Bonus read
13:44:15 <ramzay> ZZ
13:44:19 <x3mboy> skamath, +1
13:44:27 <x3mboy> ramzay, that's it!!!
13:44:33 <nmnbd[m]> closing the terminal :p
13:44:54 <x3mboy> nmnbd[m], that's other common one (even if you can't beleive it)
13:45:00 <x3mboy> Ok, let's see
13:45:07 <x3mboy> We have to different ways here
13:45:29 <x3mboy> One is sendind a :<command> and the other one is calling directly a command
13:46:26 <x3mboy> If you enter the file without pressing any other keys, you enter into a Command mode
13:46:35 <x3mboy> So any key pressed is just a command
13:46:52 <x3mboy> Please if you have the file close, open it again
13:47:03 <x3mboy> And see in the interface of vim
13:47:48 <skamath> !+1
13:47:55 <mehdi> Sorry, I missed a bit of the class. Which file do you mean?
13:47:57 <x3mboy> You can see in the bottom of the interface a line that says "1,1 All" at the end
13:48:04 <skamath> mehdi, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/X3MBoy/toolbox/master/README.md
13:48:51 <x3mboy> And nothng else
13:48:57 <mehdi> OK, I opened the link using vim
13:49:13 <dominicpg> I see  "  1,0-1   " at right bottom
13:49:18 <skamath> mehdi, opened link using vim?
13:49:30 <x3mboy> mehdi, No, please, download the file and then open it with vim README.md
13:49:42 <mehdi> OK
13:49:45 <skamath> wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/X3MBoy/toolbox/master/README.md; vim README.md
13:49:47 <bt0> try wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/X3MBoy/toolbox/master/README.md
13:50:12 <x3mboy> dominicpg, Ok, do you open the file README.md?
13:50:15 <skamath> I read everyone's mind :P
13:50:19 <x3mboy> Or you just execute vim
13:50:29 <x3mboy> skamath, mindmaster
13:50:29 <dominicpg> I opened file x3mboy
13:50:52 <x3mboy> dominicpg, ok, but do you actually see the file?
13:51:09 <mehdi> NOw I have downloaded README.md
13:51:14 <x3mboy> I'm going to explain a little bit what you are seeing
13:51:17 <mehdi> I have it open  in vim
13:51:36 <x3mboy> 1,1 means line 1 column 1
13:51:36 <dominicpg> yes I see the file content x3mboy
13:51:38 <dominicpg> ok
13:52:01 <x3mboy> When you see 0-1 in the column part, means you are in an empty line
13:52:28 <mehdi> Yes I see 0-1
13:52:33 <x3mboy> That's why I found weird to see 1,0-1 because the first line of the README.md file is not empty
13:52:46 <dominicpg> ah ok
13:53:07 <x3mboy> But ok, continuing
13:53:12 <x3mboy> #topic Basic movements
13:53:20 <dominicpg> make sense. I could move the cursor to a valid line and it displayed values as explained .
13:53:27 <dominicpg> ack
13:53:27 <x3mboy> In vim we can move with the arrows keys
13:53:48 <mehdi> x3mboy: can 0-1 be just 0?
13:54:02 <mehdi> I mean what does each part of 0-1 tell us?
13:54:17 <dominicpg> .:x3mboy:. 1,1 means line 1 column 1
13:54:24 <dominicpg> > When you see 0-1 in the column part, means you are in an empty line
13:54:26 <x3mboy> the 0 means that is not character in that position
13:54:27 <dominicpg> mehdi, ^
13:54:57 <x3mboy> But it says 0-1 becuase the empty line is there, so there is a carriage return
13:55:10 <x3mboy> Do you know what a carriage return means?
13:55:37 <mehdi> Yes, a new line?
13:55:44 <x3mboy> mehdi, exactly
13:56:26 <x3mboy> A new line is not a character, but it needs to be represented, so, 0-1 means that there is a character, but is not visible, just a new line indicator
13:56:35 <x3mboy> Also, the All, sorry I skip that. "All" means that you are seeing the complete file in one screen
13:57:06 <x3mboy> If you open a larger file, you will see a percentage, indicating what percentage of the file you are seeing
13:57:34 <pany> 3%
13:58:01 <x3mboy> pany, you're seing 3 %???
13:58:13 <mehdi> x3mboy: Sorry but I do not see 'All'
13:58:40 <x3mboy> mehdi, what do you see after 1,1 or line, column indicator???
13:58:47 <pany> Yeah
13:59:18 <mehdi> I see Top
13:59:23 <x3mboy> pany, that means that you are in the 3% of the file. It's just vim making math about how many lines are and where are you seeing
13:59:25 <mehdi> 'Top'
13:59:44 <x3mboy> Top means that you are in the top of the file, but it's not calculated the percentage yet
13:59:53 <x3mboy> So, it basically the header of the file
14:00:08 <pany> OK
14:00:09 <x3mboy> Also, you can see 'Bot'
14:00:17 <mehdi> x3mboy: Sometimes I see percentage and sometimes I see Bot
14:00:20 <x3mboy> Meaning that you are at the end of the file
14:00:30 <x3mboy> mehdi, I read your mind
14:00:37 <mehdi> lol
14:00:50 <pany> Oh sorry, I installed powerline for vim
14:00:52 <x3mboy> Maybe too many time working with skamath :P
14:01:06 <x3mboy> pany, that's ok. We are covering the basic
14:01:10 <x3mboy> pany, no problem
14:01:14 <x3mboy> SO lets start moving
14:01:21 <pany> :D
14:01:26 <vanheckcz> Will a record be made from this class? I have to go
14:01:38 <x3mboy> vanheckcz, yes, zodbot is recording
14:01:57 <x3mboy> And the log will be share in the wiki page, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Classroom
14:02:19 <vanheckcz> thx
14:02:25 <x3mboy> vanheckcz, stay tuned with the magazine we will publish the next session and the logs and files used in passed sessions
14:02:58 <x3mboy> Ok, as you can see, you can use the arrows, and PgUp and PgDn keys to read the file
14:03:16 <x3mboy> But that wasn't always the way to move
14:04:02 <x3mboy> How can you move through the file without the arrow keys???
14:04:09 <mehdi> x3mboy: I know there are shortcuts to move
14:04:14 <mehdi> with W, E
14:04:17 <pany> j k h l
14:04:17 <geek_cl> hjkl
14:04:23 <x3mboy> +1
14:04:24 <mehdi> Sorry
14:04:32 <x3mboy> You're on fire!
14:04:48 <x3mboy> Ok, just hjkl
14:04:58 <mehdi> hjkl
14:05:12 <x3mboy> There are no special meaning on those keys AFAIK, but w and e have a meaining
14:05:21 <x3mboy> What do they mean?
14:05:38 <dominicpg> w: save ?
14:05:49 <mehdi> I do not know
14:05:57 <skamath> x3mboy, hahah
14:06:05 <x3mboy> Nope, in command mode
14:06:10 <x3mboy> W means word
14:06:10 <mehdi> dominicpg: I think that's `:w'
14:06:25 <dominicpg> yeah, I meant :w
14:06:31 <dominicpg> ack
14:06:33 <mehdi> x3mboy: What is it good for?
14:06:37 <x3mboy> If you use just the W ( without the : ) you will move a complete word
14:06:38 <geek_cl> jump by Words
14:06:49 <nmnbd[m]> how i can enter insert mode
14:06:50 <x3mboy> E means end of word
14:06:56 <nmnbd[m]> so i can navigate with hjkl
14:07:04 <x3mboy> nmnbd[m], just a little bit
14:07:10 <x3mboy> ;)
14:07:24 <x3mboy> Just the other shortcut is b
14:07:30 <geek_cl> hjkl is a replacement for arrow keys.
14:07:46 <x3mboy> B is to go backwards word by word
14:07:48 <geek_cl> b is for backward by word.
14:08:00 <x3mboy> geek_cl, exactly
14:08:03 <x3mboy> +1
14:08:12 <x3mboy> So, now we are going to write :D
14:08:30 <x3mboy> There are 3 types of "Insert modes"
14:08:37 <x3mboy> Insert, replace and add
14:09:02 <x3mboy> i, s and a
14:09:14 <mehdi> Oh I thought i and s are the same
14:09:52 <x3mboy> i is insert from the current place, s is replace the current character and start from the current place, and a is add after the current place
14:09:59 <x3mboy> Just easy like that
14:10:09 <x3mboy> In Insert mode, the commands are not available
14:10:23 <x3mboy> To go back into command mode we need to press the ESC key
14:10:27 <skamath> x3mboy, o for newline :D
14:10:38 <x3mboy> skamath, +1
14:10:48 <geek_cl> o insert in a newline
14:10:48 <x3mboy> o is for insert text into a new line
14:11:06 <x3mboy> (Sorry, i always forgot that one)
14:11:24 <x3mboy> Anyone knows why there are so many keyboard shorcuts in vim?
14:11:45 <skamath> Coz vim is awesome?
14:11:50 <x3mboy> skamath, LOL
14:12:00 <ramzay> to keep admins busy
14:12:02 <borg0> slow terminal
14:12:12 <pany> there was no mouse that time?
14:12:16 <dominicpg> O is for insert a new line above present position
14:12:22 <x3mboy> pany, +1
14:12:25 <x3mboy> dominicpg, +1
14:12:32 <geek_cl> to emulate old terminals, and keep the compatibility
14:12:46 <x3mboy> geek_cl, +1
14:12:51 <pany> :)
14:12:52 <x3mboy> You are all good
14:13:00 <mehdi> Because it is convenient for keyboardists
14:13:02 <skamath> :(
14:13:21 <x3mboy> vim was created as a clone of vi, and vi was intended to use in all computers, that doesn't have graphical interfaces
14:13:27 <x3mboy> So, we only have keyboards
14:13:42 <x3mboy> And really old computers doesn't have arrow keys
14:14:04 <mehdi> Wow
14:14:16 <x3mboy> Remember that the first keyboards were emulating typewritters keyboards
14:14:31 <x3mboy> typewritters? Is that word right?
14:14:49 <bt0> yeah
14:14:52 <mehdi> I think it's typewriter
14:15:10 <x3mboy> There weren't arrow keys there, so first keyboards doesn't have those ine
14:15:14 <x3mboy> ones*
14:15:33 <mehdi> Yes
14:15:42 <x3mboy> dominicpg found another shortcut, O (capital o) insert text in the line above the current position
14:16:37 <dominicpg> :)
14:16:59 <mehdi> x3mboy: intersting how O and o do inserts
14:17:00 <x3mboy> Please, make a new line at the end of the file, and write: Fedora Classroom vim 101
14:17:31 <x3mboy> Of you feel we are going too slow, please say it
14:17:55 <mehdi> No, I think we're fine
14:18:07 <bt0> for me is fine
14:18:20 <x3mboy> Now, after inserting this new line at the end just put your cursor at the end of the line (in the last 1 of 101)
14:18:41 <dominicpg> e :D
14:18:55 <x3mboy> Goes out of Insert mode and enter command mode
14:18:58 <x3mboy> How do you do that?
14:19:19 <geek_cl> Esc
14:19:32 <geek_cl> Well . Esc :
14:19:39 <mehdi> No it does not
14:19:39 <x3mboy> geek_cl, +1
14:19:56 <mehdi> I have to press Esc to do that
14:20:14 <x3mboy> mehdi, +1
14:20:26 <x3mboy> In command mode, please press 2b
14:20:38 <x3mboy> Actually the 2 key and the b key
14:20:42 <x3mboy> What happens?
14:20:49 <mehdi> invalid range
14:21:09 <x3mboy> mehdi, O.O
14:21:13 <ramzay> moves back 2 words
14:21:25 <x3mboy> ramzay, +1
14:21:27 <geek_cl> +1 ramzay
14:21:31 <bt0> right ramzay +1
14:21:42 <mehdi> But for me it does not
14:21:46 <x3mboy> IF you use one command with a number before the command, the command is executed that number of times
14:22:18 <x3mboy> mehdi, Please goes into insert mode and then just press ESC
14:22:21 <x3mboy> And try again
14:22:33 <mehdi> Oh, I thought I had to enter it with `:2b`
14:22:34 <skamath> +1
14:22:50 <dominicpg> +1
14:22:51 <mehdi> but just '2b' works cool!
14:23:00 <x3mboy> No, we are still out of the :<command> part
14:23:04 <x3mboy> ;)
14:23:18 <mehdi> Such a complex editor lol!
14:23:39 <x3mboy> mehdi, it will get easier when you use it
14:23:40 <mehdi> Or let's say huge editor
14:23:58 <x3mboy> I can bet that geek_cl can't live without vim
14:24:00 <x3mboy> :D
14:24:07 <geek_cl> :)
14:24:18 <x3mboy> Ok
14:24:21 <geek_cl> many of us.
14:24:29 <bt0> yeah
14:24:32 <x3mboy> #topic Search and replace
14:24:34 <mehdi> I use gedit often
14:24:59 <x3mboy> mehdi, the first thing I do when I open my session is open my terminal
14:25:02 <x3mboy> :D
14:25:15 <mehdi> :)
14:25:30 <x3mboy> Ok, now, how do you look for a word (we called string) into a text file?
14:25:42 <skamath> x3mboy edits with cat > filename. That's his secret ;)
14:25:52 <borg0> '/<string>'
14:25:58 <mehdi> x3mboy: I use `? word`
14:26:02 <x3mboy> skamath, ssshhhh nobody else now
14:26:31 <x3mboy> borg0, +1
14:26:33 <x3mboy> mehdi, +1
14:26:42 <x3mboy> Those 2 are search methods
14:26:52 <dominicpg> that's bottom-up search mehdi
14:27:11 <x3mboy> The difference? / looks Top to bottom and ? looks Botton to top
14:27:12 <mehdi> So what is the other method?
14:27:13 <x3mboy> dominicpg, +1
14:27:24 <borg0> *
14:27:41 <mehdi> +1
14:27:43 <x3mboy> Just search forward and backward
14:28:03 <x3mboy> So, how do you look the next ocurrence of the string?
14:28:06 <mehdi> x3mboy: Are there any shortcuts for fast navigations to first and end of file?
14:28:16 <geek_cl> n N
14:28:17 <borg0> n & N
14:28:25 <ramzay> gg and G
14:28:50 <x3mboy> mehdi, ramzay answer you
14:28:51 <mehdi> Cool
14:28:52 <x3mboy> gg and G
14:28:57 <x3mboy> geek_cl, borg0 +1
14:28:57 <mehdi> ramzay: +1
14:29:09 <x3mboy> n and N are to go to next and previuos ocurrence
14:29:35 <mehdi> That's nice
14:29:56 <mehdi> I have a big problem with vim, though I kind of liked it since 2009
14:30:15 <x3mboy> mehdi, what's the problem???
14:30:20 <x3mboy> Ok, replace???
14:30:24 <mehdi> x3mboy: Can you tell me how to copy and paste lines and words in vim?
14:30:25 <x3mboy> Anyone?
14:30:38 <x3mboy> mehdi, that will be the end of this session
14:30:41 <ramzay> .,$s/word1/word2/g
14:30:45 <mehdi> I used mouse for that :((
14:30:48 <borg0> :%s/a/b/g
14:31:04 <mehdi> OK, sorry. I can wait for that
14:31:23 <mehdi> ramzay: I did not understand it
14:31:33 <x3mboy> ramzay, borg0 +1
14:31:56 <x3mboy> It looks realy weird but to search and replace we need to use a little hard command
14:32:42 <mehdi> What is the %s part?
14:32:49 <borg0> whole file
14:32:59 <borg0> search
14:33:32 <x3mboy> It's weird, nobody ask how to unhighlight the searched words
14:33:33 <x3mboy> :D
14:33:41 <mehdi> ramzay: what is .,$s?
14:34:03 <ramzay> current line to end of file search
14:34:10 <nmnbd[m]> thats because we re still fighting :p
14:34:17 <borg0> :noh
14:34:24 <x3mboy> nmnbd[m], LOL
14:34:35 <x3mboy> Ok, do you need to ask something???
14:34:57 <x3mboy> Ok, lets search zsh
14:35:10 <bt0> OMG, x3mboy please tel us how to unhighlight
14:35:11 <x3mboy> Please type /zsh into the command mode
14:35:16 <x3mboy> :nohl
14:35:25 <x3mboy> OR :noh
14:35:30 <bt0> x3mboy++
14:35:32 <pany> unhighlight search a string that doesn't exist
14:35:54 <x3mboy> pany, that's an engineer solution!
14:36:07 <pany> haha
14:36:16 <x3mboy> But the real way should be to use :nohl or :noh command
14:36:27 <x3mboy> That means "no highlight"
14:36:36 <x3mboy> Do yuou search for zsh string?
14:36:39 <bt0> by example i can highlight any occurrence with #
14:36:54 <mehdi> I did
14:37:08 <mehdi> zshrc is selected
14:37:25 <mehdi> zshrc is highlighted
14:38:01 <x3mboy> Beatiful
14:38:12 <x3mboy> mehdi, +1
14:38:16 <mehdi> How?
14:38:19 <mehdi> How so?
14:39:11 <x3mboy> Now, move to the next ocurrence
14:39:44 <mehdi> How should I do that?
14:39:46 <borg0> n
14:40:04 <mehdi> Oh sorry I forgot to hit Enter
14:40:23 <x3mboy> Now, press c
14:40:39 <mehdi> Ok nothing happens
14:40:46 <mehdi> c appears at the bottom
14:41:41 <bt0> mehdi: +1
14:41:41 <mehdi> Does that copy the pattern?
14:42:14 <mehdi> And can we paste it with p ?
14:42:25 <x3mboy> w
14:42:31 <x3mboy> Sorry
14:42:45 <x3mboy> The idea was, search, press c and then press w
14:42:59 <x3mboy> Remember what w means???
14:43:09 <linuxEnthusiast> word ?
14:43:11 <borg0> word
14:43:15 <x3mboy> =1
14:43:16 <mehdi> word
14:43:16 <x3mboy> +1
14:43:18 <x3mboy> Word
14:43:21 <x3mboy> C means change
14:43:30 <x3mboy> So, c+w means change word
14:43:32 <mehdi> It deletes one word
14:43:58 <x3mboy> So, search: / and ?
14:44:05 <x3mboy> n and N next and previous
14:44:32 <x3mboy> :%s/WordToSearch/WordToReplace/g search and replace
14:44:42 <x3mboy> And c+w change a word
14:45:00 <x3mboy> #topic deletion
14:45:04 <x3mboy> To delete characters in command mode we use x
14:45:11 <x3mboy> And d command
14:45:13 <mehdi> Cool
14:45:15 <x3mboy> d means delete
14:45:25 <x3mboy> So if we use d+w that will mean???
14:45:48 <borg0> delete word
14:45:56 <x3mboy> +1
14:46:02 <x3mboy> d+b????
14:46:20 <borg0> dekete back
14:46:23 <x3mboy> +1
14:46:27 <x3mboy> dd
14:46:30 <x3mboy> ???
14:46:34 <borg0> delete line
14:46:52 <x3mboy> dG???
14:47:27 <ramzay> delete all below current line
14:47:32 <bt0> (u undo :P )
14:47:32 <mehdi> the whole file?
14:47:46 <x3mboy> mehdi, if you are in the first character, yes
14:47:57 <x3mboy> It means delete from current position until the end of file
14:48:17 <x3mboy> dgg means delete from current position until the beggining of the file
14:48:21 <x3mboy> Ok
14:48:25 <x3mboy> That was easy
14:48:31 <x3mboy> Now, the Yank
14:48:36 <x3mboy> #topic Yank
14:49:26 <mehdi> +1
14:49:29 <x3mboy> Do you know what yank (y) means???
14:49:30 <mehdi> never heard of it
14:49:34 <mehdi> lol
14:49:35 <borg0> copy
14:50:26 <x3mboy> borg0, +1
14:50:27 <x3mboy> Copy
14:50:39 <mehdi> How is that used?
14:51:06 <x3mboy> Move into line 9 column 9
14:51:09 <x3mboy> And press y
14:51:44 <x3mboy> And then w
14:51:58 <x3mboy> Nothing seems to happens, right?
14:52:10 <linuxEnthusiast> it just skips a word
14:52:11 <mehdi> yes
14:52:12 <mehdi> nothing
14:52:22 <x3mboy> Everyone less borg0 or any of the chairmans, what we did???
14:52:50 <x3mboy> Nothing???
14:52:57 <mehdi> No way
14:53:02 <x3mboy> What I just said that y means???
14:53:07 <linuxEnthusiast> copying
14:53:13 <x3mboy> And w?
14:53:19 <linuxEnthusiast> word ???
14:53:20 <mehdi> word
14:53:22 <x3mboy> Ok
14:53:24 <mehdi> copy one word
14:53:28 <x3mboy> mehdi, +1
14:53:33 <x3mboy> But we need to paste it
14:53:39 <mehdi> :D
14:53:51 <x3mboy> Because now is in the "Clipboard"
14:53:59 <x3mboy> In vim is called buffer
14:54:11 <x3mboy> now goes to the line bellow and press p
14:54:20 <x3mboy> Into line 11
14:54:24 <x3mboy> That should be empty
14:54:35 <mehdi> Good, that pastes the word
14:54:57 <x3mboy> Now, we can combine our knowledge
14:55:12 <x3mboy> y+b, y+G, y+gg???
14:55:22 <borg0> why did it copy the space at the end?
14:55:34 <mehdi> y+b: copy one word back
14:55:44 <x3mboy> borg0, becuase the delimiter of a "word" is a space
14:55:51 <mehdi> y+G copy to the end of the file
14:55:57 <mehdi> y+gg: copy to the beginning of the file
14:56:17 <x3mboy> mehdi, +1
14:56:22 <x3mboy> You are on fire right now
14:56:35 <x3mboy> But how to select what I need???
14:56:36 <mehdi> :D
14:56:40 <x3mboy> For exampe 2 words?
14:56:57 <mehdi> :y+2w?
14:56:58 <borg0> 2yw
14:57:03 <x3mboy> borg0, +1
14:57:09 <x3mboy> mehdi, without the :
14:57:20 <x3mboy> Another shortcut, $
14:57:21 <mehdi> ok sorry
14:57:25 <x3mboy> $ meanse end of line
14:57:37 <x3mboy> :%s/meanse/means/g
14:58:24 <x3mboy> Now, let's see 5yy???
14:58:40 <borg0> copy 5 lines
14:58:49 <mehdi> x3mboy: and what is beginning of the line?
14:59:00 <mehdi> shortcut I mean as opposed to $
14:59:15 <x3mboy> ^
14:59:48 <x3mboy> So ^ beggining of line, $ end of line
15:00:02 <x3mboy> Nyy where N is any number, meanse N lines
15:00:07 <x3mboy> And to paste just p or P
15:00:45 <x3mboy> The difference between p and P is paste after current position and before position
15:00:47 <mehdi> So it copies 10 lines forward?
15:01:45 <x3mboy> +1
15:01:53 <x3mboy> mehdi, for select text to copy we need to use visual mode, but we will do that in vim 102
15:02:02 <x3mboy> Now just how to close?
15:02:11 <x3mboy> Saving, and without save the changes????
15:02:27 <mehdi> :w
15:02:29 <pany> ZZ ZQ
15:02:30 <mehdi> :q!
15:02:32 <x3mboy> :wq saving :q! without saving
15:02:54 <x3mboy> ZZ saving ZQ without saving
15:02:54 <mehdi> :wq save and quit
15:03:06 <x3mboy> :w alone, just save
15:03:18 <mehdi> what is ZZ? never used it
15:03:29 <x3mboy> mehdi, Save and exit
15:03:41 <x3mboy> Well my people, that's all
15:03:43 <borg0> ;qa!
15:03:52 <pany> and :x
15:03:58 <mehdi> That's really cool
15:04:00 <bt0> .thanks x3mboy
15:04:09 <x3mboy> We learn how to move, insert, search, replace, copy and paste test
15:04:11 <mehdi> Thanks Eduard
15:04:19 <mehdi> It really helped
15:04:38 <x3mboy> s/test/text/g
15:04:57 <linuxEnthusiast> Thank you x3mboy
15:05:04 <x3mboy> Any question???
15:05:13 <mehdi> one
15:05:26 <x3mboy> Please, go ahead
15:05:29 <mehdi> beginning of search/replace what can we use?
15:05:35 <mehdi> s, $, %S
15:05:36 <mehdi> ?
15:05:43 <mehdi> I am a bit confused
15:06:02 <x3mboy> :%s/meanse/means/g
15:06:39 <mehdi> Is that it?
15:07:02 <mehdi> Thanks
15:07:38 <x3mboy> The first one is the word to search, and the second one the one to replace
15:08:08 <mehdi> Thank you sir
15:08:16 <x3mboy> Anything else???
15:08:18 <linuxEnthusiast> and g is ?
15:08:28 <x3mboy> #topic Q&A
15:08:44 <x3mboy> g in the search command is just to apply
15:08:51 <mehdi> Just a small recap on insert if possible please?
15:09:36 <mehdi> We have three ways to insert: i s and o and O ?
15:12:00 <bt0> i insert in the current position
15:12:13 <pany> mehdi: i and a and o
15:12:28 <bt0> s replace the actual character and insert
15:13:07 <mehdi> thanks
15:13:11 <bt0> o insert one line down
15:13:12 <mehdi> pany: +1
15:13:21 <mehdi> bt0: +1
15:13:23 <bt0> O insert one line up
15:14:00 <mehdi> Is there a way to go a number of words forward or backward?
15:14:42 <mehdi> Oh sorry it was Nw and Nb
15:14:48 <mehdi> Forgot it
15:14:56 <bt0> yeah
15:15:43 <x3mboy> Maybe another guy can help me here, (about the g means in the search and replace commands)
15:16:22 <mehdi> ?
15:16:56 <mech> x3mboy, I think it's "global" from regex?
15:17:15 <x3mboy> mech, probably
15:17:59 <x3mboy> linuxEnthusiast, the problem with search and replace is that is being done by a regular expression or regex, that is a quite advance term
15:18:20 <x3mboy> Just we need to know that we use s/word1/word2/g to search and replace all ocurrences
15:18:27 <bt0> yeah, that come from the sed command
15:18:44 <linuxEnthusiast> got it, thnx
15:19:35 <bt0> means global
15:20:00 <x3mboy> Ok, now we are done
15:20:13 <linuxEnthusiast> thanks a lot
15:20:16 <x3mboy> Thanks for assist and I hope you can find it usefull
15:20:20 <linuxEnthusiast> great session
15:20:30 <mehdi> Great class
15:20:39 <mehdi> Really useful thanks
15:20:40 <bt0> many thanks x3mboy
15:20:41 <x3mboy> Logs will be published in the wiki: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Classroom
15:21:03 <x3mboy> And please stay tuned with the magazine, where we will publish the incoming sessions
15:21:37 <linuxEnthusiast> looking forward to join the next one
15:21:39 <x3mboy> Also, I will try to put some material (Just need to check the licence of the material), but some useful books and guidelines to use vim
15:21:40 <linuxEnthusiast> goodbye
15:21:44 <x3mboy> #endmeeting