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14:40:04 <qubodup> sorry for being late
14:40:11 <qubodup> also video seems to be a problem
14:40:12 <qubodup> ...
14:40:26 <qubodup> Sometimes we need to patch wine if you want to play the latest games
14:40:35 <qubodup> it's a little bit hard but you need it
14:40:49 <qubodup> the other thing is we need to download the closed drivers
14:41:01 <qubodup> open source graphics drivers (nouveau) are not so good with wine
14:41:07 <qubodup> sometimes steam doesn't work
14:41:15 <qubodup> hw requirements
14:41:22 <qubodup> more money, more pleasure
14:41:29 <qubodup> that is true
14:41:54 <qubodup> ati vs nvidia: once I had an ati but had only problems, driver problems, sometimes it broke x, sometimes wine
14:41:57 <qubodup> i prefer now nvidia
14:42:17 <qubodup> I know if somebody uses a notebook, it's harder to change the video card but that's what I prefer and more games run with that
14:42:25 <qubodup> I always use the proprietary driver
14:42:43 <qubodup> yum install gamename (0ad smc) works great for native
14:42:53 <qubodup> native paid games will require you to check the websites
14:43:13 <qubodup> we can pay with credit card and download the game
14:43:32 <qubodup> for emulated games you need to get an emulator (dosbox, mame, pcsx2)
14:44:14 <qubodup> ./configure && make && make install are the basic commands you will need to run the ps emulator on fedora
14:44:28 <qubodup> dosbox uses standard dos commands and runs many games you might still remember
14:44:42 <qubodup> mame is an emulator
14:44:47 <qubodup> in old times there were arcade rooms
14:44:57 <qubodup> we just put coins into machines and plays for hours, just one game
14:45:02 <qubodup> for example metal slug
14:45:05 <qubodup> ,street fighter
14:45:13 <qubodup> mame has more than 400 games
14:45:17 <qubodup> 4000 games, sorry
14:45:36 <qubodup> pcsx2 as I said needs to be built from source
14:45:42 <qubodup> it needs many dependencies
14:45:47 <qubodup> runs ps2 games
14:46:05 <qubodup> . the basic wine command for running games is `wine gamename.exe`
14:46:10 <qubodup> that's the good side
14:46:18 <qubodup> the bad side starts when the game/program doesn't start
14:46:34 <qubodup> we might have to configure wine or copy some files to the windows directory. this takes hours
14:46:50 <qubodup> if somebody has programming knowledge, they can debug wine and run the games
14:46:56 <qubodup> winecfg is the first tool for wine
14:47:10 <qubodup> you can pick the environment, basic graphical options, drive mapping
14:47:17 <qubodup> and separate application setting
14:47:47 <qubodup> wine regedit.exe is the second tool
14:48:07 <qubodup> the most popular changes you make are direct3d settings
14:48:20 <qubodup> more handy tools are winetricks, a playonlinux, appdb
14:48:29 <qubodup> winetricks is a dll downloader and program installer
14:48:36 <qubodup> needs cabextract
14:48:46 <qubodup> playonlinux is a wine gui installer, capsuler
14:48:53 <qubodup> it's easy to use, like in windows
14:49:26 <qubodup> appdb is important, there you can check for bugs and patches for the games you want to run
14:49:39 <qubodup> next topic: humble bundle is pay what you want
14:49:47 <qubodup> and you get 6 or more games, which run on linux
14:50:00 <qubodup> Paypal paid.
14:50:33 <qubodup> Next: Steam for linux.
14:50:56 <qubodup> there are two installation options on fedora: setting up a yum repo or downloading .deb ile from steam page
14:51:00 <qubodup> ar vx steam_latest.db
14:51:07 <qubodup> tar xvf_data.tar.gz
14:52:04 <qubodup> Next: desura for linux is almost the same as steam but they have different games from different devs
14:52:10 <qubodup> the usability is the same
14:52:19 <qubodup> you can pay with paypal, download and play
14:52:37 <qubodup> kickstarter is a long term game source
14:52:53 <qubodup> if you pay for a developer, it's not sure the game will ship, it depends on the developer
14:52:58 <qubodup> but it's good
14:53:32 <qubodup> Cryengine 3 Linux - today morning I saw that cryengine 3 is looking for a linux programmer to port their engine
14:53:43 <qubodup> so I think one year we'll have farcry3 on linux
14:54:07 <qubodup> my youtube id is gerig0d
14:54:10 <qubodup> questions?
14:57:27 <qubodup> [no questions] - instead there is a demo
15:07:36 <qubodup> #endmeeting