18:02:24 <kital> #startmeeting
18:02:24 <lfoppiano> hi all
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18:02:34 <kital> #chair spevack
18:02:34 <zodbot> Current chairs: kital spevack
18:02:45 <kital> welcome to the famsco meeting
18:02:46 <tatica> susmit, lfoppiano hi!
18:02:51 <kital> our agenda for today
18:02:54 <spevack> are we missing anyone?
18:02:56 <lfoppiano> hola tatica :)
18:02:57 <kital> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_agenda#2010-01-25_agenda
18:03:08 <kital> ups roll call ;)
18:03:19 <kital> Joerg Simon
18:03:22 <spevack> Max Spevack
18:03:23 <ke4qqq> David Nalley
18:03:25 <tatica> MAria Leandro
18:03:32 <lfoppiano> LucaFoppiano
18:03:45 <susmit> Susmit Shannigrahi
18:04:11 <kital> RodrigoPadula ?
18:04:21 <RodrigoPadula> ROdrigo padula
18:04:33 <spevack> excellent, we have everyone!
18:04:43 <kital> 100%
18:05:20 <lfoppiano> :)
18:05:21 <kital> #topic Max -- Idea for how to combine the monthly report and the IRC town hall meetings.
18:05:41 <kital> Max you have the floor
18:05:43 <spevack> We can combine this topic a little bit with the action item review from last week, since susmit posted https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/ReportTemplate
18:06:39 <spevack> One of the things that we did *not* decide yet about the IRC town hall meetings was exactly how often we should have them.  But I think it might be a good idea to try to have them a few days after each monthly report is published, so that people can look at that monthly report and it will probably generate some questions for the meeting.
18:07:05 <spevack> That means that we need to be finishing up the January monthly report this week to send it out, and maybe we will have our first IRC town hall in early February
18:07:08 <spevack> EOF
18:07:32 <lfoppiano> +1
18:08:02 <tatica> +1
18:08:20 <kital> from what i could understand the town hal meetings where requested quarterly
18:08:35 <spevack> kital: i know, but I think quarterly is way too far apart.
18:09:04 <spevack> Ambassadors is too big, and too global, to only have the Big Meeting quarterly.
18:09:41 <kital> how sound 6 town hal per year?
18:09:43 <lfoppiano> I suggest to see how will do the first in February and then see if we should schedule on each month, twice or more...
18:10:19 <spevack> lfoppiano: +1
18:10:36 <kital> +1 lets make it so
18:10:48 * spevack sums up:
18:10:50 <tatica> monthly is reasonable, there are going to be months where obviously we won't have a huge agenda, but there are also months where ambassadors need a lot of help
18:11:09 <spevack> #agreed we'll schedule the first Town Hall IRC for early February, after the January monthly report.
18:11:15 <tatica> we could have each 2 months, but if a meeting is needed in between, I don't see the problem
18:11:16 <tatica> eof
18:11:23 <spevack> #agreed Future town halls depending on turnout, etc.  We will revisit this.
18:11:35 <kital> perfect thanks max
18:12:15 <kital> i have added a new topic to the agenda - all -- short regional reports/feedbacks
18:12:27 * spevack waits on creating the #actions for finishing the January report
18:12:41 <spevack> next topic?
18:12:55 <kital> moment confussion ;) sorry
18:13:11 <lfoppiano> mentoring?
18:13:15 <kital> should we speak about content of the Report Template first
18:13:24 <spevack> kital: sure
18:13:30 <lfoppiano> maybe is better
18:13:33 <spevack> everyone go here -- https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/ReportTemplate
18:13:49 <kital> we have this as topic as well and i think it is related to the current topic
18:14:03 <kital> #topic Susmit -- Template for monthly FAMSCO report.
18:14:23 <spevack> I think it looks like a really good start.  I think that as we actually build the first report, we'll see what tweaks happen.  But this is a great starting point, IMHO, and we should move ahead to build the January report.
18:15:26 <RodrigoPadula> !
18:15:29 <susmit> I have just one point, it is better to send a pdf/html aggregating all the reports to the community. The wiki does not look pretty for a report.
18:15:47 <kital> +1 susmit
18:15:50 <spevack> susmit: +1
18:15:50 <kital> RodrigoPadula:
18:16:07 <lfoppiano> ?
18:16:16 <RodrigoPadula> I think we need to choose or develop urgently a system to manage events
18:16:26 <RodrigoPadula> We are creating many wiki pages
18:16:54 <RodrigoPadula> and now we will have to add all realized events in more one wiki page to generate reports
18:17:09 <kital> RodrigoPadula: can we discuss this as a separate topic?
18:17:17 <RodrigoPadula> sure
18:17:18 <RodrigoPadula> eof
18:17:32 <kital> i think it is related to another topic all -- short regional reports/feedbacks which i have added to the agenda
18:17:48 <RodrigoPadula> because it can help us with the reports
18:18:02 <RodrigoPadula> kital, ok
18:18:02 <kital> let us come back to this if we are done with the report template itself
18:18:20 <kital> lfoppiano:
18:18:23 <lfoppiano> just some questions, how can we divide the work on it? do we have to make a single report for each region? or shall we divided in regions? if we divided in regions  :) do we have to split ourself in our region?
18:18:49 <susmit> !
18:18:52 <lfoppiano> I mean I know only EMEA...
18:19:18 <kital> susmit:
18:19:22 <susmit> lfoppiano, you write for EMEA then, so does kital. :)
18:19:24 <spevack> !
18:19:28 <kital> spevack:
18:20:46 <spevack> I think that each person on FAMSCo needs to have an action item this week to spend 15 minutes adding anything that they can think of to the report for January.  Then at the end of the week, Susmit and I will do a final editorial pass, and susmit can make a pdf.
18:21:31 <susmit> +1
18:21:54 <kital> +1 we people from every region and we attend the regional meeting as well and i would say everyone can fill the report with their regional reports
18:22:05 <kital> we are**
18:22:07 <RodrigoPadula> +1
18:22:12 <lfoppiano> ok +1
18:22:14 <kital> i will take mentoring
18:22:23 <kital> i think max will do budget?
18:22:27 <spevack> yep
18:22:49 <susmit> right, lfoppiano and kital will have same events, but not the last four points
18:22:53 <spevack> #action EVERYONE spend 15 minutes adding January-related stuff to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/ReportTemplate
18:23:01 <kital> ok lets see what work we get done till monday 01.February
18:23:13 <lfoppiano> yeah
18:23:15 <spevack> #action spevack final editing of January report for publication.
18:23:20 <susmit> kital, no. 30th
18:23:21 <spevack> #action susmit turn January report into PDF
18:23:35 <susmit> we need time to edit and create the report
18:24:25 <susmit> #undo
18:24:26 <kital> #action every famsco member updates January report with regional status/decissions/event updates
18:24:41 <kital> #action update till 30th January
18:24:56 <susmit> #action Susmit create Publican/Latex template for FAmSCo report
18:25:01 <kital> #action kital updates Mentoring Status
18:25:49 <kital> points to add?
18:26:21 <kital> should we move on?
18:27:05 <susmit> yes
18:27:20 <kital> #topic - do we want short regional reports/feedbacks as a regular topic in the famsco agenda?
18:28:02 <RodrigoPadula> Sure
18:28:08 <spevack> sure
18:28:08 <kital> i think it is necessary to know what the most important things are in every region to have the big picture
18:28:15 <susmit> yes
18:28:42 <kital> the others? +1/-1
18:28:59 <ke4qqq> is this something that couldn't be garnered from meeting summaries already sent to the list?? admittedly that puts the onus of reading rather than being fed the information, but why duplicate the work
18:29:36 <lfoppiano> +1
18:29:47 <lfoppiano> (to kital point)
18:30:13 <spevack> I imagine simply spending 2 or 3 minutes and having people say what the most important things in each region are right now.  Not a huge task.  Especially since folks are attending the regional meetings
18:30:13 <kital> ke4qqq: it is not only meeting reports also decission in meetings interesting new swag decissions as example
18:30:32 <tatica> wait
18:30:34 <kital> it is not about meeting reviews
18:30:48 <tatica> question: this report will be made by each local leader?
18:31:41 <spevack> I think we are making this too complicated.
18:31:42 <kital> by each regional famsco member right
18:32:02 <spevack> I think we would take 10 minutes and we would just say a few things about each region.
18:32:07 <spevack> Let's try it. :)
18:32:11 <kital> spevack +1
18:32:37 <RodrigoPadula> +1
18:32:51 <spevack> the chair would ask "What does FAMSCO need to know about $REGION?"  Then we'd say a few things, have any necessary #actions, and move on
18:33:17 <kital> ok then ;)
18:33:31 <susmit> +1
18:33:35 <kital> #topic any regional updates for famsco
18:33:45 <RodrigoPadula> !
18:33:50 <kital> RodrigoPadula:
18:34:05 <RodrigoPadula> We are talking in Latam to define the best option to realize our fudcon
18:34:18 <RodrigoPadula> and we have 2 final options
18:34:23 <RodrigoPadula> Cordoba - Argentina
18:34:28 <RodrigoPadula> and Santiago - Chile
18:34:52 <RodrigoPadula> the focus of this FUDCon will be the RPMDEV project
18:35:02 <RodrigoPadula> http://rpmdev.proyectofedora.org/
18:35:33 <spevack> And in the Events FAD this weekend, we will be doing a tremendous amount of planning for all FUDCons that will happen in 2010.
18:35:39 <RodrigoPadula> and the wiki page where we are adding information about the 2 FUDCon options is https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:LATAM_2010
18:35:48 <spevack> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events_FAD_2010
18:35:51 <spevack> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events_FAD_2010
18:36:00 <RodrigoPadula> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:LATAM_2010
18:36:27 <RodrigoPadula> Last week we had a meeting with the ambassadors from Chile
18:36:49 <RodrigoPadula> and probably this wekke I will have a meeting with the ambassadors from Argentina
18:37:11 * spevack thinks that is an appropriate amount of time to talk about one region in a FAMSCO meeting.
18:37:18 <RodrigoPadula> So, I would like to received comments from FAMSCO about these 2 possibiloites
18:37:19 <kital> ok thanks RodrigoPadula
18:37:26 <RodrigoPadula> eof
18:38:00 <spevack> I have a few regional-related updates:
18:38:03 <kital> RodrigoPadula: i suggest famsco members review the links and add comments on mailing list
18:38:06 <kital> spevack:
18:38:16 <RodrigoPadula> kital, +1
18:38:27 <spevack> * The case badges were delivered to Red Hat today, so they should appear at my desk sometime tomorrow, and I can ship them out to different folks, and bring a bunch to FOSDEM.
18:39:01 <spevack> * We are 90% done with getting a meeting room reserved for Friday February 5th for a Fedora EMEA ambassadors meeting before the FOSDEM social event.  More info on this will be on public lists soon.
18:39:06 <spevack> * FOSDEM is basically all ready to go.
18:39:46 <spevack> * I am working hard, and a little panicked, about getting LXDE and XFCE media for Christoph.  I think that we will end up having media that *works* but that doesn't *look pretty* -- the labels might not be very fancy, but we'll have Live CDs to distribute.
18:39:58 <spevack> That's about it for me, right now.
18:39:59 <spevack> EOF
18:40:02 <kital> * FOSDEM - we will produce Polo Shirts in the last minute for this Event
18:40:06 <kital> ;)
18:40:21 <susmit> * Here in India, we are getting ready for GNUNify '10. We are working on it.
18:40:53 <susmit> * For APAC, except fedora-my & fedora-india, almost all lists are silent right now
18:41:08 <spevack> susmit: what kind of budget do we need for GNUnify
18:42:24 <susmit> spevack, we are flying in a few people . I just asked people if we are going to need swags..Would it be fine if I calculate the breakups and let you know tomorrow?
18:42:38 <spevack> susmit: yeah
18:42:49 <susmit> spevack, thanks.
18:42:53 <lfoppiano> (about FOSDEM I just now sent an email about the banner I'm bringing for fedora)
18:43:32 <kital> NA updates?
18:43:35 <kital> ke4qqq: ?
18:43:43 <ke4qqq> window clings should arrive shortly
18:43:52 <ke4qqq> we are about to do a tshirt order
18:43:59 <ke4qqq> getting ready for SCaLE
18:44:10 <ke4qqq> we finally have media (and have for a week or so)
18:44:13 <ke4qqq> eof
18:44:16 <kital> cool
18:44:40 <kital> EMEA we have 1600 Media to distribute on FOSDEM to the regional AMbassadors
18:45:13 <kital> EMEA we have several hundred t-shirts for the same purpose
18:45:19 <spevack> sweet!
18:45:38 <kital> EMEA we struggle with a shipping account to ship stuff across emea
18:45:40 <susmit> oh.. spevack , Are you sending some case badges to India? That would be cool.
18:45:44 <kital> especially africa
18:45:46 <spevack> susmit: sure
18:45:48 <kital> eof
18:46:06 <spevack> anyone else, or shall we move on?
18:46:08 <kital> ok 12 minutes for this topic seems enough!
18:46:14 <susmit> none from me.
18:46:27 <spevack> kital: what's next?
18:46:32 <kital> i would suggest to move on with Rodrigo's topic
18:46:43 <kital> moment
18:47:09 <kital> #topic develop urgently a system to manage events
18:47:18 <kital> RodrigoPadula: you have the floor
18:47:36 <RodrigoPadula> The community is growing very fast
18:47:42 <RodrigoPadula> the the number of FLOSS events too
18:48:10 <RodrigoPadula> so, to increase our participation and improve the information about in our pages
18:48:22 <RodrigoPadula> we need to develop or choose an events system
18:48:34 <RodrigoPadula> it will help us a lot to spread our activities
18:48:41 <RodrigoPadula> and to generate reports
18:49:00 <RodrigoPadula> I had a meeting with melchua about it today
18:49:07 <kital> susmit: was this not one of the goals of the calendering project?
18:49:20 <RodrigoPadula> and we need to improve our participation on the web
18:49:40 <RodrigoPadula> not only relationed with events, but with all fedora's relationed information
18:49:41 <susmit> kital, yes. But I am not doing anything more until someone volunteers to test it.
18:50:12 <susmit> kital, it is lying there for 3 months..nobody's interested.
18:50:35 <RodrigoPadula> if we compare our site with all communities site we will conclude that our web representation isn't good enought compared with our strong community
18:51:05 * kital remembers a post about a related thing
18:51:06 <kital> http://kitall.blogspot.com/2009/08/ambassadors-on-fedora-community.html
18:51:19 <ke4qqq> susmit: aside from volunteers to test, what do you need?
18:51:19 <kital> As example, the workflow for the Event-Workflow from event calender -> cfp -> event staffing -> Event-Space -> event material&logistic ...and so on... -> finally reports, could all be accessed over one interface
18:51:30 <susmit> ke4qqq, nothing else
18:51:32 <susmit> :)
18:51:37 <susmit> RodrigoPadula, https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/1197
18:51:46 <RodrigoPadula> mizmo did some mockups for a new community site, but I didn't see news about it
18:52:22 <RodrigoPadula> eof
18:52:22 <kital> RodrigoPadula: https://admin.fedoraproject.org/community/ could fill this gap if we have the right interfaces?
18:52:29 <susmit> ke4qqq, the problem is I don't use calender on my phone..so I won;t be the best person to test it.
18:52:52 <ke4qqq> susmit: I do, and can make that happen
18:53:04 <susmit> ke4qqq, that would be nice
18:53:07 <susmit> thank you
18:53:22 <RodrigoPadula> kital, sure
18:53:43 <kital> RodrigoPadula: can you define the workflow a bit better which is listed here http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/Organization
18:53:55 <kital> overwork it till next week?
18:54:31 <kital> make a mindmap for us so we can see what interface we have to consider ?
18:54:32 <RodrigoPadula> :-)
18:54:37 <RodrigoPadula> Ok
18:54:55 <kital> event calender is just on step in a workflow
18:55:06 <RodrigoPadula> I will work on it
18:55:14 <kital> event calender -> cfp -> event staffing -> Event-Space -> event material&logistic -> accomodation - report ...
18:55:50 <RodrigoPadula> we have to think in that system integrated in our portal
18:56:03 <kital> #action RodrigoPadula create a workflow for Event Organisation along the Interfaces used in Fedora Community and FAS2
18:56:31 <kital> more points on this topic?
18:56:35 <RodrigoPadula> nops
18:56:37 <RodrigoPadula> eof
18:57:02 * spevack has a hard stop at :00
18:57:06 <spevack> today
18:57:19 <kital> ok we have 4 minutes left
18:57:33 <kital> i think mentoring can be discussed next week
18:57:35 <kital> np
18:57:36 <spevack> We reviewed all action items from last week
18:57:38 <spevack> so that's good!
18:57:40 <susmit> I guess we don't have much to discuss either..do we?
18:57:53 <spevack> and the "open tickets review" is always there for if we run out of everything else :)
18:58:03 <kital> ok open floor
18:58:16 * susmit has nothing to add
18:58:42 * lfoppiano nothing more to add
18:59:07 <kital> perfect - great meeting from my pov
18:59:17 <kital> and enough topics left for next meeting
18:59:34 <kital> that is it for today?
18:59:35 <kital> 3
18:59:39 <kital> 2
18:59:43 <kital> 1
18:59:52 <kital> #endmeeting