20:05:03 <mchua> #startmeeting
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20:05:05 <rbergeron> HAI!
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20:05:09 <mchua> Sorry about that, folks. My clock... is off.
20:05:38 <mchua> #link https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/query?status=new&status=assigned&status=reopened&keywords=%7Emeeting&order=priority
20:05:42 <mchua> Agenda!
20:05:43 <mchua> Mmm, tickets.
20:05:51 <mchua> Who's around?
20:06:00 * hiemanshu is kinda here
20:06:01 * rbergeron is here.
20:06:14 <mchua> What I'd like to do is use this time to go DELIVERABLES DELIVERABLES DELIVERABLES. As little time talking as possible, as much time breaking up and actually sprinting on getting stuff done as possible.
20:06:14 <rbergeron> wonderer is possibly unavailable.
20:06:19 * ke4qqq is sorta here
20:06:48 <mchua> We've had a lot of discussions lately (good!) but also have some deadlines coming up, so... I know I'm going to be in heads-down work mode for the next week or two on that, myself.
20:07:03 <mchua> First, deadlines coming up:
20:07:05 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_meetings#Agenda
20:07:06 <rbergeron> rrix has some sort of illness and i expect he isn't here either.
20:07:13 <mchua> Aw.
20:07:16 <mchua> #action rrix get better
20:07:22 <mchua> #link http://poelstra.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-13/f-13-marketing-tasks.html
20:07:26 <mchua> is the full deadline dump.
20:07:39 <mchua> Our big things are:
20:07:55 <mchua> #info: BIG THING: Finish feature profiles (hypothetically, today)
20:08:08 <mchua> #info: BIG THING: One-page release notes (this coming week)
20:08:20 <rbergeron> that's the beta version of one page release notes, riht?
20:08:29 <mchua> #info: BIG THING: Beta announcement (with docs, this week)
20:08:40 * rbergeron notes that that means not one-page release notes for the beta, but the .9 version of release notes.... right?
20:08:46 <rbergeron> start working on what to send to design and stuff
20:08:49 * rbergeron thinks
20:08:51 <mchua> #info: "Brief Ambassadors" (which... I don't think we yet know what that means exactly, but "this week" as well)
20:08:59 <mchua> rbergeron: Yes yes yes, 0.9 version of release notes.
20:09:07 <mchua> No screenshots, no layout, rough stubs o' content mostly.
20:09:15 <mchua> Those are the four things we are working on right now.
20:09:25 <mchua> Everything else is nice, but secondary. ;)
20:09:42 <mchua> from a "what deliverables is this team responsible to the rest of Fedora for, for F13?" point of view.
20:10:11 * rbergeron nods
20:10:16 <mchua> Before we go all ninja on deliverables, would anyone like to chime in on any of the agenda items in https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/query?status=new&status=assigned&status=reopened&keywords=%7Emeeting&order=priority that *aren't* deliverables (press kit, research timeline?)
20:10:21 * ke4qqq wonders who owns each of those??? and hopes it isn't mchua
20:10:49 <mchua> rbergeron: I saw you sent a bunch of Limesurvey stuff to list - you and ke4qqq have been doing awesometastical at driving this forward (thankyouthankyou) so... are we feeling ok on that front?
20:11:17 * ke4qqq notes there have been no cookies to date - and that we are now on backburner
20:11:25 <mchua> ke4qqq: feature profiles all have owners now, so that's good. one-page is potentially being taken on by Allegheny students during a sprint; we'll find out Thursday. Otherwise I'm going to schedule one.
20:11:35 <mchua> Announcement and ambassador-briefing have *no* owners atm.
20:11:37 * rbergeron pouts at ke4qqq
20:12:15 <rbergeron> yes, limesurvey is backburner - nice people who don't have cookies yet are still working on packaging, slowly but surely
20:12:22 <mchua> Since wonderer is here, we're skipping press kit too - but that was a popular topic in today's class, so I'm hoping that some students will come in and perhaps take a bit of that load. We'll see.
20:12:28 <mchua> It's one of those "if it happens, yay - if not, all right" things.
20:12:29 <mchua> imo.
20:12:33 * rbergeron nods
20:12:48 <rbergeron> we do need the basic press kit stuff for stickster though - the USB key / pdf that goes with it.
20:12:53 <rbergeron> IIRC.
20:13:03 <mchua> Right - do we feel like the work for that is well spec'd out?
20:13:11 * rbergeron doesn't know, will look into it.
20:13:13 <mchua> (because if it is, then we hand it to the class as a student project and say "here, concrete deliverable, go.")
20:13:28 <mchua> #action rbergeron look into whether the press kit stickster needs is a concrete deliverable
20:13:31 <mchua> thanks!
20:13:54 <mchua> Ok. Moving quickly through the others: briefing ambassadors is the fuzziest one in my mind.
20:14:06 <rbergeron> yes, that's a "mystery deliverable"
20:14:25 <rbergeron> ke4qqq - any thoughts here? is this needed, or if so, what exactly is needed or whathas been done in the past?
20:14:25 <mchua> that could be anything from "email the Ambassadors list 2-3x over the next week with links and explanations to all the marketing deliverables we've made so far, and explanations of the ones we're making.
20:14:46 <mchua> all the way to "musical revue and tapdance on f13 feature profiles, featuring lutter-on-skates explaining python3."
20:15:49 * rbergeron will ping ambassadors-list on that too
20:15:51 * mchua looks for threethirty, but he isn't around
20:15:58 <mchua> I was going to ask if he'd be willing to do the announcement again, and template that.
20:16:13 <mchua> It should be fairly similar - it's not a Huge Deal, and once we have a good template it becomes a trivial 5min job in the future.
20:16:19 <rbergeron> mchua: he might be, but talking to him yesterday he was pretty swamped with $reallife things
20:16:29 <mchua> #action mchua ask threethirty if he can take on and SOP the beta announcement; if not, find someone else
20:16:37 <rbergeron> action me on pinging ambassadors list
20:16:42 <rbergeron> plz
20:16:59 <mchua> #action rbergeron ping Ambassadors list on what they need in a briefing (an overview of available marketing deliverables? a q&a townhall? etc)
20:17:11 <mchua> rbergeron: feel free to rephrase and I'll #undo and re-#action
20:17:23 <rbergeron> that works for me
20:17:25 <mchua> nmarques: Would you be interested in helping out with the Beta announcement?
20:17:28 <ke4qqq> sorry - honestly - no idea - no one has done it in my recollection
20:17:50 <mchua> ke4qqq: Good, then we have a relatively clean slate to start from. :) Thoughts/braindumps on what would make a good briefing == superwelcome.
20:18:06 <mchua> (oh, actually - ke4qqq, when is the next FAMSCo meeting? Is this a good question to ask? Or should we just hit up the lists?)
20:18:09 <rbergeron> (or if it's needed, or if it's a better time to ask what ambassadors need from us)
20:18:09 <ke4qqq> I am a bad person to ask - I know the feature list etc.
20:18:12 <ke4qqq> next monday
20:18:22 <ke4qqq> I'll ping the famsco list though and ask for feedback
20:18:38 <ke4qqq> #action ke4qqq to ping famsco list for feedback on mktg briefing
20:18:48 <mchua> ke4qqq: okay, so we should have an initial, say, wikipage up with "here's how we want to brief ambassadors" draft by... say... friday or whatever.
20:18:49 <rbergeron> okauy, so my action there can probably be undone then
20:18:53 * mchua saying "say" a lot
20:19:03 <mchua> rbergeron: nah, hitting ambassadors-list and famsco are two different things, we should do both
20:19:07 * rbergeron thinking of paul mccartney now
20:19:31 <mchua> #action mchua make sure "how to brief ambassadors" SOP draft (for commenting-on and fixing by ambassadors) is up by Friday
20:19:39 * rbergeron also trying to not think of michael jackson
20:19:40 <rbergeron> lol
20:19:41 <mchua> Okay. That leaves us with the feature profiles.
20:20:09 <mchua> And... unless someone has blockers they're hitting on feature profiles that they'd like to bring up, I would actually like to use the rest of today's time to just work on those
20:20:25 * ke4qqq is blocking on the feature actually being a feature
20:20:28 <rbergeron> okay, so my status is - i've heard back from 2 of my 3 potential interviewees, i'm giong to send both of them some questions and wait a bit on the third
20:20:40 <rbergeron> do we want to have a backup 4th feature profile?
20:20:43 <rbergeron> or just let it go at three
20:20:51 <mchua> I haven't heard back from either of my 2 interviewees yet, so I'm just going to hit the fedora python list, and start getting background info on the features in general.
20:21:00 <mchua> rbergeron: Backup is never bad. I thought we did have 4, though.
20:21:06 <mchua> oh right, stickster is doing one, iirc.
20:21:17 <rbergeron> right - i'm saying a 4th in lieu of btrfs
20:21:29 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:F13_in-depth_features
20:21:31 <ke4qqq> btrfs isn't for sure
20:21:35 <mchua> threethirty just volunteered to do networkmanager
20:21:37 <rbergeron> we were up to 5 - threethirty was going to do something on network manager
20:21:42 <mchua> so that can, maybe, be our backup, if he's not too hosed.
20:21:45 <rbergeron> but said yesterday he doesn't have time
20:21:53 * mchua nods.
20:21:55 <rbergeron> so i think he's hosed, but someone else could pick that up.
20:21:57 * mchua should check in on that
20:22:07 <mchua> #action mchua check in on threethirty re: networkmanager feature (do we need to pass it on to someone else?)
20:22:19 <rbergeron> mchua: he told me he can't do it
20:22:22 <mchua> nmarques: we could use a hand on feature profiles if you'd like a quick first deliverable to complete
20:22:25 <mchua> #undo
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20:22:59 <mchua> #action find alternate for NetworkManager feature profile
20:23:03 <mchua> thar we go
20:23:14 <mchua> Anything else? Should we break and Do Work?
20:23:15 <nmarques> mchua, sec plz
20:23:20 <mchua> nmarques: sure thing
20:23:21 <nmarques> web interface is slow
20:24:06 <nmarques> mchua, what do you need exactly ?
20:24:16 <rbergeron> mchua: what are we working on exactly? i think we're all waiting on answers / yes's from interviewees
20:24:31 <rbergeron> i can help you sprint on yours a bit - if you want help diggig on info, etc.
20:24:33 <mchua> nmarques: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:F13_in-depth_features - we're looking for someone to write one on NetworkManager (improvements in F13)
20:24:55 <mchua> rbergeron: Yeah, if we're mostly blocking on interviewees, there's not much we can do, huh...
20:25:00 <nmarques> mchua, ok, I can take that, how many words ?
20:25:04 <mchua> #info for F14, start feature profiles earlier
20:25:25 <ke4qqq> mchua: that's hard - we run into situations like btrfs where a feature isn't guaranteed
20:25:31 <rbergeron> nmarques: it needs to be an interview
20:25:31 <mchua> nmarques: ~500? rbergeron, how long were they last time? *pulls old article for word count*
20:25:34 <rbergeron> not just a writeup
20:25:47 <mchua> nmarques: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:F12_in-depth_features are the ones for F12, for example
20:26:05 <mchua> nmarques: we're going for investigative-journalism-esque "how did this cool feature come into being, how did it get made?" stuff
20:26:15 <mchua> talking with the developers and finding out that story.
20:26:19 <rbergeron> or "what's new about it" ...
20:26:37 <nmarques> mchua, I've translated a document from ambassadors which has cool information
20:27:00 <mchua> Oh wow, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Desktop_Enhancements_in_Fedora_12 has 1692 words. That... that is longer than I thought it would be.
20:27:06 <nmarques> mchua, so there should be no problem, and if I find one, I'll try to get some help from the develops
20:27:20 <nmarques> mchua, but the release notes from network manager should be ok
20:27:49 <nmarques> mchua, also, to whom should this be adressed ? general public ?
20:27:59 <mchua> nmarques: Ok - if you look at the talking points for the NetworkManager features, you can see the contact information for the developers working on it, so you can contact them for an (email, phone, IRC) interview.
20:28:04 <mchua> nmarques: Yep, general public.
20:28:06 <ke4qqq> nmarques: [[User_base]]
20:28:09 <mchua> or "general public fedora users."
20:28:28 <mchua> nmarques: I'll gladly work with you in #fedora-mktg to get started on this right after this meeting, if you'd like
20:28:46 * mchua may have to do so after a ~20m hiatus depending on laptop battery life - should get home, where there are power outlets
20:29:16 <mchua> ke4qqq, rbergeron: it sounds like the two of you are all set, though - just waiting on interviewees
20:29:23 <rbergeron> mchua: yes, but desktop_enhancements_in_F12 was awesome
20:29:30 * rbergeron grins
20:29:50 <mchua> any last questions? if not, I'd like to wind down this meeting so we can all do $otherstuff, then I'll be in #fedora-mktg working with nmarques on figuring out NetworkManager: The Feature Profile! (if nmarques would like)
20:29:51 * rbergeron nods
20:29:59 <rbergeron> and stickster said he was close to complete on his
20:30:05 <nmarques> mchua, my class is over ;) After this meeting I'm heading home, but in a 2 hours frame from now, I'll be around
20:30:09 <mchua> rbergeron: oh, the desktop enhancements profile was most excellent, yes.
20:30:18 <mchua> nmarques: Ok, I can do ~2h as well. ping me when you get back? I'll be online.
20:30:40 <nmarques> mchua, 10 4!
20:30:40 <mchua> rbergeron: stickster is magical.
20:30:45 <mchua> nmarques: awesome! thank you!
20:30:51 * rbergeron notes that virt improvements and systemtap were also awesome
20:31:03 <mchua> albeit long, for the virt one. ;)
20:31:09 <mchua> anyhoo, I do believe that's i.
20:31:10 <mchua> er, it.
20:31:14 <mchua> Anyone else?
20:31:17 * mchua looks around
20:31:24 <mchua> (thanks for showing up during a busy-as-hell week, folks)
20:31:36 <mchua> Aaaand... it is the week of sprintingness! Hooray!
20:31:38 <mchua> 5...
20:31:40 <mchua> 4...
20:31:41 <mchua> 3...
20:31:42 <mchua> 2...
20:31:45 <mchua> 1...
20:31:47 <mchua> (thank you!)
20:31:50 <mchua> #endmeeting