20:02:41 <rbergeron> #startmeeting
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20:02:53 <rbergeron> #topic Marketing meeting
20:03:03 <rbergeron> #topic roll call
20:03:07 <rbergeron> who's here........
20:03:15 * ke4qqq pretends to be present
20:03:42 * yn1v is here
20:03:47 <ke4qqq> ping ke4zvu31
20:04:07 <rbergeron> ke4qqq: mchua just sent mail saying she cancelled it?
20:04:25 <ke4qqq> thats what I read....I think
20:04:32 <yn1v> I just saw that
20:04:36 * rbergeron looks
20:04:37 <ke4qqq> but feel free to proceed
20:04:49 * rbergeron is here
20:05:10 <stickster> rbergeron: Oops, meeting on or off? I'm not caught up with email so I may have "missed the memo."
20:05:22 <rbergeron> yeah, i walked away for 5 minutes and i am not sure.
20:05:48 <ke4qqq> stickster: on apparently
20:06:00 <ke4qqq> lots of us here and rbergeron taking names
20:06:09 <rbergeron> hah
20:06:16 <rbergeron> okay - sooooo
20:06:21 <rbergeron> #agenda
20:06:41 <rbergeron> have a few things to discuss i guess - we can cover deliverables status at this point wrt F13 -
20:06:52 <rbergeron> beta announcement, one-page release notes, briefing ambassadors, feature profiles.
20:06:55 <rbergeron> so
20:06:59 <rbergeron> #beta announcement status
20:07:23 * rbergeron pulls up links... sorry :)
20:07:37 <stickster> rbergeron: sounds good
20:07:53 <rbergeron> where is the f13 beta announcement?
20:08:03 * rbergeron wonders why it's not in the marketing release-deliverables list on the wiki
20:08:14 <rbergeron> #action rbergeron add f13 beta announcement to release deliverables list on wiki
20:08:20 <stickster> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F13_Beta_announcement <-- at least it's on the wiki!
20:08:23 <rbergeron> rrix sent a mail to the list
20:08:25 <rbergeron> oh
20:08:41 * rbergeron types F13_beta_announcement and didn't get it
20:08:52 <stickster> It needs to be fleshed out, though, with talking points, plus other interesting stuff from the release notes
20:08:54 <rbergeron> anyway - rrix has been doing some work on this.
20:08:59 <rbergeron> #chair stickster
20:08:59 <zodbot> Current chairs: rbergeron stickster
20:08:59 <stickster> I sent an email this morning about it, I believe
20:09:18 <yn1v> I saw that email
20:09:19 <rbergeron> #info f13 beta announcement       other interesting stuff from the release notes
20:09:25 <rbergeron> oh, paste fail
20:09:26 <rbergeron> #undo
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20:09:38 <stickster> #info [[F13 Beta announcement]] needs to be completed with talking points and other feature information from the release notes
20:09:50 <rbergeron> hi mchua
20:09:53 <stickster> #info Current drafts of release notes are available at http://fedorapeople.org/groups/docs/
20:10:09 <mchua> ...oh, we're here anyway? ok!
20:10:13 * rbergeron was planning to work on that a bit tonight, if anyone wants to join in - we can work in gobby, otherwise i'll just plow away at the wiki page.
20:10:36 <rbergeron> #action rbergeron will work on beta announcement tonight
20:10:45 <rbergeron> anything else here?
20:10:59 <rbergeron> #topic one-page release notes
20:11:21 <rbergeron> mchua, can you talk a bit about the allegheny participation here
20:11:23 <rbergeron> #chair mchua
20:11:24 <zodbot> Current chairs: mchua rbergeron stickster
20:11:25 <stickster> #meetingname Fedora Marketing
20:11:25 <zodbot> The meeting name has been set to 'fedora_marketing'
20:11:31 <rbergeron> oh, thank you
20:11:33 <stickster> np
20:11:49 <rbergeron> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F13_one_page_release_notes
20:12:00 <rbergeron> mchua is in and out - i'll fill in as best i can
20:12:01 <stickster> Ah, our old buddy!
20:12:20 <rbergeron> as we all know - mchua has been working with students from allegheny, and there is a team of students who will be tackling one-page release notes.
20:12:39 <stickster> Gathering information for the Beta announcement is *also* a good time to gather the points we want to hit in the F13 GA one-page release notes
20:12:42 * mchua nods
20:12:50 <stickster> mchua: Awesome!
20:13:07 <mchua> They asked me for a sprint on Thursday evening; I'm replying that I'll gladly make any sprint that's announced on the mktg list. ;)
20:13:19 <rbergeron> #info group of allegheny students will be sending mail (hopefully) to mktg-list - for a thursday evening sprint
20:13:52 <rbergeron> so - we should be able to crank that out on time.
20:14:05 * ke4zvu31 has been here
20:14:20 <rbergeron> #topic Briefing ambassadors
20:14:33 <rbergeron> #info this is a line item from the mktg deliverables
20:14:50 <rbergeron> ke4qqq - i didn't see any responses on the famsco list on what they want out of marketing, unless i'm blind
20:15:04 <stickster> Does someone have a vision of what that briefing would entail?
20:15:07 <ke4qqq> rbergeron: I received zero feedback
20:15:07 * rbergeron hasn't mailed the amb-list yet, because she failed
20:15:12 <rbergeron> stickster: no.
20:15:19 <rbergeron> stickster: nobody has any idea why it's on the list. :)
20:15:39 <rbergeron> 13. Brief Ambassadors on upcoming release Tue 2010-03-30 Tue 2010-04-06
20:15:55 <stickster> It would be interesting to track this down and find out how it originated.
20:15:59 <stickster> If it came from me, I'll be mortified.
20:16:11 <rbergeron> maybe it's just a simple email saying, "yo, we have stuff you might consider looking at."
20:16:18 <stickster> It could very well be.
20:16:18 <rbergeron> "link, link, link."
20:16:23 <mchua> I think it /is/ a simple email like that.
20:16:32 <yn1v> We probably should point to ambassadors at large to point to good stuff
20:16:34 <stickster> Here's a *DING!* idea
20:16:47 <stickster> What about having Ambassadors help us *gather the photos* that we want to use for the one-page release notes?
20:16:56 * rbergeron gets a shiny penny ready for stickster
20:16:56 <stickster> After all, they both use, and interact with a lot of people who use, Fedora.
20:17:16 <yn1v> sounds great, and will gave us diversity
20:17:27 <mchua> +1
20:17:28 <stickster> yn1v: PRECISELY! You win
20:17:46 <rbergeron> stickster: do you mean photo photos, or pictures of desktops and such (aka screenshots)
20:17:50 <stickster> If we can flesh out the list of *pictures we need* by next week, we could then ask Ambassadors to get those pictures taken and posted somewhere we can download them, and with a CC BY-SA license attached.
20:17:52 <yn1v> it will also help to create localizations
20:17:54 <stickster> rbergeron: Photos of people.
20:18:02 <stickster> Pictures of desktops can be created quickly by anyone
20:18:17 * rbergeron nods
20:18:22 <stickster> Finding people who are happily using Fedora on an instantaneous basis is harder, especially if it's late at night and you're by yourself!
20:18:23 <stickster> :-)
20:18:45 <stickster> Finding people *in general* who are happily using Fedora, thankfully, is pretty easy ;-)
20:18:47 <rbergeron> so - would anyone like to volunteer to do the following
20:18:52 <ke4qqq> hmmmmm /me thinks allegheny students could help here.
20:19:19 <rbergeron> #info need an email / template for future use on "dear ambassadors, here's some marketing deliverable stuff, links to [feature_lists], etc that could be useful.
20:19:25 <rbergeron> ke4qqq - i agree
20:19:27 <stickster> Sure, I don't see why anyone couldn't participate
20:19:50 <rbergeron> stickster: where would we put these photos?
20:19:52 <stickster> Got a camera? Got Fedora? Take a picture of someone using ____ or even just smiling over their laptop
20:19:57 <rbergeron> dump them in a wiki page somewhere?
20:20:09 * rbergeron wants to buy a model rocket and slap a fedora sticker on it... for the record
20:20:11 <stickster> rbergeron: Flickr would be easy, or the wiki
20:20:14 <stickster> We just need links,.
20:20:18 <stickster> And a CC BY-SA license.
20:20:23 <stickster> Or CC BY
20:20:26 <stickster> That's key.
20:20:51 <stickster> We cannot use NC or ND clauses in photo licensing, and it cannot be "all rights reserved."
20:20:51 <rbergeron> #info Idea - have ambassadors and/or allegheny students collect photos for use in one-page-release notes.
20:20:57 <stickster> #undo
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20:21:06 <stickster> #idea have ambassadors and/or allegheny students collect photos for use in one-page-release notes.
20:21:10 <rbergeron> oh
20:21:12 <stickster> :-)
20:21:13 * rbergeron is slooow
20:21:15 <rbergeron> today
20:21:23 * stickster playing janitor, don't worry 'bout it none :-)
20:21:39 <yn1v> We also can use group of people... happy, better if they are using fedora logos... that worked well for las one-page
20:22:34 <yn1v> sorry: last  one-page release notes
20:22:36 <rbergeron> #idea photos need to be CC BY-SA or CC BY - can't use NC or ND clauses in photo licensing, and cannot be "all rights reserved"
20:23:02 * stickster would make that an #info, but meh :-D
20:23:07 <stickster> So...
20:23:12 <rbergeron> lol
20:23:20 <rbergeron> <--- can't win today :)
20:23:25 <wonderer> :)
20:23:38 <stickster> <--- being too Type A today :-)
20:23:46 <rbergeron> so who wants to write / take care of both those items
20:23:53 <rbergeron> we probably need to make a decision on wiki vs. flickr
20:23:56 <rbergeron> get it set up
20:23:59 <rbergeron> and -then- send the mail out
20:24:03 <mchua> If it's got something to do with Allegheny class, give it to me.
20:24:05 <stickster> mchua: How can we reach all Allegheny students, or the right subset, in one fell swoop?
20:24:08 <rbergeron> to f-a and/or f-m
20:24:27 <stickster> mchua: Shall I draft a letter for everyone that you could just send?
20:24:30 <stickster> That way you don't have to do all the work
20:24:41 <mchua> stickster: If you like - I'm also happy to write stuff up tonight.
20:24:56 <stickster> mchua: I'm on it
20:25:05 <mchua> Thanks, stickster - I'll make sure things hit students appropriately.
20:25:10 <stickster> #action stickster Draft letter for students + Amb's on how to make photos for us
20:25:30 * mchua has to pop out for a bit, will come back later (and read logs if I've missed the end)
20:25:34 <rbergeron> stickster - are you doing the mail to ambassadors also about "here's the briefing of stuff we think we're supposed to brief you on"
20:25:37 <rbergeron> ?
20:25:38 <rbergeron> :)
20:25:45 <rbergeron> or was that not on your list
20:26:19 <yn1v> I can make a draft on the email to ambassadors
20:26:30 * rrix sneaks in and sits at the back row
20:26:48 <rbergeron> yn1v: awesome, thank you
20:26:54 * wonderer gives rrix some Poppcorn...
20:26:57 <stickster> yn1v: Awesome. I would think the talking points, feature profiles, and one-page release notes very likely should be there. We should also note that it is *not* meant to limit Ambassadors, but to serve as a good starting point.
20:27:09 <rbergeron> #action yn1v to draft email to ambassadors
20:27:16 <stickster> It's basically an email to point them to the links.
20:27:50 * rbergeron nods
20:28:14 <yn1v> yeap, that's what I have on mind
20:28:57 <rbergeron> okay, that's wrapped up then?
20:28:59 <rbergeron> mooooooooving on
20:29:04 <rbergeron> #topic Feature profiles!
20:29:23 <rbergeron> mel is still working on hers. i'm still working on my questions, because i've had a crap week, but i'm almost done. :\
20:29:40 <rbergeron> nelson has updated the list on his networkmanager stuff onlist.
20:29:45 <rbergeron> stickster, ke4qqq?
20:30:26 <ke4qqq> so btrfsrollback is 100% but lost palimpest for f13 - so we're moving forward I think.
20:30:31 * ke4qqq is way behind though
20:31:02 <stickster> rbergeron: I didn't see Nelson's email -- what point was he at?
20:31:07 <rbergeron> palimpest?
20:31:20 <rbergeron> is that some technical thing i can skip :)
20:31:26 <rbergeron> stickster: hang on
20:31:28 <stickster> palimpsest is a disk tool
20:31:33 <stickster> Sorry, didn't mean to butt in :-)
20:31:37 <rbergeron> ah
20:31:58 <stickster> It's also known as Applications > System Tools > Disk Utility
20:32:01 <ke4qqq> thats ok - I missed the question
20:32:08 <rbergeron> ahhh
20:32:24 <rbergeron> he said he got a reply,
20:32:35 <stickster> Oh, great, from Dan?
20:32:43 <rbergeron> he's sending him mail with questions, though he (dan) said he had worked out on the wiki most of the topics on features pages.
20:32:57 <stickster> Well, hopefully moving forward then.
20:32:58 <rbergeron> yes
20:33:06 * stickster has a completed interview with mmcgrath on boot.fp.o.
20:33:16 <rbergeron> stickster, vn. :)
20:33:31 <rbergeron> #info stickster is awesome.
20:33:33 <ke4qqq> showing us all up :)
20:33:48 <rbergeron> ke4qqq: do you have ppl to interview yet?
20:33:53 <ke4qqq> yes
20:33:55 <rbergeron> sweet
20:34:03 <ke4qqq> just need to do the work
20:34:22 <rbergeron> #info boot.fp.o interview done; nwmgr, hw enablements, python, btrfs all rolling along.
20:34:37 <rbergeron> so - that ends deliverables "stuff"
20:34:56 <stickster> So... I'm working with kschiltz to figure out at what points we have openings where we could build e.g. a RH press blog around any of these
20:35:21 <rbergeron> feature profiles?
20:35:26 * rbergeron nods
20:35:28 <stickster> correct
20:35:33 * stickster bad with pronoun overuse
20:35:39 <rbergeron> by openings you mean not booked time-slots on the rh blog
20:35:40 <rbergeron> ?
20:35:57 <stickster> yes, openings in the blog and the overall RH PR schedule
20:36:03 <rbergeron> okay
20:36:04 <stickster> because all posts there have to go through an approval chain
20:36:16 <stickster> Another possibility occurred to me, which is that -- depending on how FI schedule and completion works out -- we could use feature profiles as content around the release too.
20:36:21 * rbergeron notes this would be awesome info to have on a wiki page somewhere as far as the PR chain magic goes
20:36:29 <rbergeron> :D
20:37:05 <rbergeron> although i guess some of the Rh stuff probably can't be just "out there"
20:37:11 * rbergeron scratches her chin
20:37:17 <stickster> IOW, if we get Insight to a usable state, we could present feature profiles there as general marketing content.
20:37:22 * rbergeron nods
20:37:52 <rbergeron> okay
20:38:09 <rbergeron> we'll keep an eye on things, i guess, as far as places for us to funnel our awesome content to.
20:38:46 <rbergeron> anything else here?
20:38:47 <rbergeron> nada?
20:38:53 <rbergeron> #topic Press Kit Update
20:38:56 <rbergeron> wonderer, are you around?
20:40:02 <rbergeron> .... :)
20:40:08 <rbergeron> okay, stickster: have a question for you here
20:40:13 <rbergeron> you know we're going all the press kit stuff
20:40:24 <rbergeron> at one point we had discussed "this is what stickster absolutely has to have" for f13
20:40:35 <rbergeron> is that just the piece of paper that goes with the USB key?
20:40:38 <rbergeron> as far as press-kit
20:40:45 <stickster> Well, let's be careful about how we state that
20:40:57 <stickster> I'm very leery of making it look like the FPL is *demanding* that volunteers create stuff.
20:41:07 <stickster> It's just not the right tone to set :-)
20:41:18 <stickster> It would be *great* and *helpful* to have...
20:41:25 <rbergeron> what is the most important thing that we could concentrate on for the FPL? :)
20:41:30 <stickster> heh
20:41:41 <stickster> I talked with Kara about the press kit material today
20:41:47 <stickster> She is planning to pipe up on list with some input
20:41:48 <stickster> But
20:42:10 <wonderer> here...
20:42:35 <stickster> One of the things she mentioned was that wonderer's point about EPK (electronic press kit) was a very good one
20:42:53 <stickster> i.e. lots of people want or will look for electronic versions
20:42:59 * rbergeron nods
20:43:01 <wonderer> oh, good to hear
20:43:30 <rbergeron> wonderer: is it possible you could put the press kit somewhere on the wiki where people could actually contribute to the individual pieces of the press kit?
20:43:42 <stickster> I think there's a page for that now, right?
20:43:45 <stickster> [[F13 press kit]]
20:43:55 <stickster> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F13_press_kit
20:44:43 <stickster> wonderer: rbergeron: ^^ did I get that right?
20:44:58 <rbergeron> stickster: i'm talking about the press kit that wonderer has at....
20:45:01 <wonderer> rbergeron: hmm, the content of the EPK is more for some fedorapsace thing, but I could "transform" it to the wiki. But that would implement to have twice the work: once for the wiki and twice for the EPK itself to burn it to CD / ISO / RPM / USB-Key / whatever.
20:45:09 <rbergeron> http://wonderer.fedorapeople.org/presskit%20CD/
20:45:31 <rbergeron> wonderer: so if we have changes we'd like to make in that case -
20:45:34 <rbergeron> how do we go about that
20:45:54 <rbergeron> overview
20:45:59 <rbergeron> the project sheets
20:46:00 <rbergeron> etc
20:46:42 <rbergeron> i like what we're doing here, but keepign it all in your directory and not linked to the wiki where people can find it or change it doesn't help people out
20:47:31 <rbergeron> and also i'm wondering if this particular article is something we really want to include in a press kit
20:47:32 <wonderer> stickster rbergeron: you do not have to mix it up. The [[F13 press kit]] is the working area. The http://wonderer.fedorapeople.org/presskit%20CD/ is the place where I can fill all in and where stickster, RH Press  staff or whoever can find that and pack it up for ... whatever. Changes will be made in the wiki. After a "go" I (or whoever wants) updates the Files and Templates and put it all together.
20:47:34 <rbergeron> http://wonderer.fedorapeople.org/presskit%20CD/pressreleases/Fedora%2013%20alpha%20arrives.pdf
20:48:10 <stickster> wonderer: Right, you take the content from the wiki -> format -> export (if needed)
20:48:13 <stickster> correct?
20:48:45 <wonderer> we can use any kind of directory where many people can have access to it, but the wiki is not workable for the EPK I think.
20:49:04 <stickster> wonderer: Yes, we can't really produce anything camera-ready from the wiki itself
20:49:14 <stickster> It's much the same problem as any formal documentation
20:49:27 <wonderer> stickster: correct. If we are all clear how the template should look like (Design) than also every other can do the work and put it together.
20:49:33 <stickster> The wiki is well suited for us to collaborate on the content. At some point we snapshot it, format it, and put it together with something more powerful like OO.o.
20:49:36 <rbergeron> okay but -
20:49:37 <rbergeron> http://wonderer.fedorapeople.org/presskit%20CD/projects/Security%20Spin.pdf
20:49:43 <rbergeron> where is that coming from on the wiki
20:49:46 <rbergeron> i'm not seeing this
20:50:10 <wonderer> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/presskit/securityspin
20:50:10 <rbergeron> just https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/presskit/securityspin
20:50:11 <rbergeron> ?
20:50:12 <rbergeron> ok
20:50:26 * rbergeron has edits to make there, so
20:51:19 <rbergeron> can we add a link or something to the wiki to reflect how this stuff is getting into the CD?
20:52:04 <wonderer> rbergeron: the workflos is: colaborate in the wiki. Theen someone (at this point me, later also others) put the content, fill the Template, put the source (odt, etc.) into the folder-hirachy, make the PDFs, e.g. update the pictures and put all the files in the folders "wherever" to be burned on CD / USB-Key / wherever.
20:52:40 <wonderer> The EPK is WIP. I will write some wikipage.
20:52:53 <rbergeron> wonderer: can we document the workflow, etc so we know things like (a) things must be done by $date, (b) etc?
20:52:56 <rbergeron> okay
20:52:58 <rbergeron> thank you :)
20:53:11 * rbergeron had no idea all that was coming from somewhere, so this is why documentizing rules :)
20:53:53 <stickster> rbergeron: Right, we need to have a way of reviewing the content that's going in and making sure that all of it is sensible and supports our themes
20:54:12 <stickster> i.e. on-message
20:54:43 <stickster> And a way of telling when the content on the wiki is *done* and ready to go to a new format.
20:55:06 <stickster> Essentially, an editorial review process -- no different than we'd use for other content
20:55:23 <wonderer> we also make shure that there would be no changes after some kind of approvement. If we do editings AFTER some kind of end-date before printing the content differs from the printed version ... that would be bad ;-)
20:55:39 <stickster> For instance, there seems to be a PDF in the web directory right now that's probably not one we want to put in our official kit.
20:56:41 <stickster> It would be good to have the additions echoed out to the list somehow, good opportunity for transparency.
20:56:50 * rbergeron notes we have 4 minutes :)
20:56:54 * stickster eof
20:57:49 <rbergeron> #info wonderer is working on adding more info to the [press_kit] page on the EPK
20:57:52 <rbergeron> anything else?
20:58:46 <rbergeron> anyone? :)
20:58:57 * rbergeron will start the countdown then..... :)
20:59:00 <rbergeron> 5
20:59:02 <rbergeron> 4
20:59:03 <rbergeron> 3
20:59:05 <rbergeron> 2
20:59:08 <rbergeron> 1
20:59:10 <rbergeron> #endmeeting